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The item is optional, because you can introduce the audience to your person at any time. But it seems to me that you yourself will be easier if you have some kind of reference point by the end of the story.

So, for example, I was going to do DML last year. Like, anniversary: ​​look what I managed to make money in 20 years. But in all areas of life, all the processes at that time were in full swing: study, creativity, personal life, family relationships - everywhere there was a continuous culmination. A lot has settled down over the year, and now I have successfully managed to draw a logical line by the end of the university. In the context of the whole story, it looks good.

A cool ending is one in which there is a logical conclusion to a large stage, and ahead is an open ending or plans for the future.

1 1. Format

It is believed that the “true” format is the speedpoint of drawing on a white marker board, as it was originally. But today, DML has gone far beyond this framework, so I think that you need to do as you want, without regard to the old school.

I wanted to make a visually pleasing and high-quality product, and I saw the opportunity to achieve this in CG format. There you can make animation, and cmd + Z in the drawing process to click endlessly. My speedpoint on the board would be just a long, boring, ugly mess.

Next, it was necessary to determine the style. I went to review my favorite Draw My Life videos:

1) Anya Conservi - I really like it when one frame is drawn several times a little differently, and the outline jumps. This adds dynamics even to the most static scenes, and the viewer is not bored to look at the picture.

2) Maya Everydayidraw - also thought about speedpoint at first, but in my case this is unrealistic. Firstly, I put pictures of my sketches under my layer, I rotate the canvas, get distracted by VK, etc. Secondly, I moved on smooth lines, always zoom to pixels, and you would just not see anything). But I took note of the degree of simplification of the picture with the preservation of cool details.

3) I also watched the vidos nixelpixel * our stories are even similar in some ways * - cool voice acting and it's great that there are a lot of drawings - this must be remembered!

Now I’m reviewing and I see that, having seen enough and inspired, I directly cut some individual frames. Ladies, do not hold evil, this is done completely unconsciously!

The format should be chosen based on your desire, the ability to draw it and the content of the text.

Several times I already rearrange the text and format in places - I can’t remember what appeared before. Everything took shape somehow at the same time) I began to write text in a notebook, and on another page immediately draw storyboards to it, in order to understand what I want it to be painted. Well, somehow it was immediately clear that this would be done in Photoshop and with animated pieces)

There is such a story with the text - at first it will seem to you that there is really nothing to tell you about yourself. Then you dig deeper into the bins of memory, remember a bunch of small stories and realize that there is too much material - half must be reduced!

At first I wrote out in detail, because there is really nothing to tell about birth and childhood. But, the closer I got by now, the less I understood how to fit everything that I want to share into a coherent story.

Here is a video in which I poison non-DML bikes: (will appear a bit later)

Of the two diaries, the unfinished text moved to “Notes” on the computer and was appended in a single piece. In the future, it will almost not be edited. Then I broke the text into small paragraphs, making a list out of it: to represent what picture will be on each of the paragraphs and how many “scenes” I have. It turned out 48.

FORTY-EIGHT, CARL. That is, at least 48 sketches + 96 drawings in Photoshop + the movement of individual parts like a road dash. Meanwhile, the deadline was two and a half weeks ...

In the text, it is important to keep the harmony of the main narrative and small funny stories. Some pranks have to sacrifice for a coherent story.

3 3. Sketches

This part was great because I just took an album for drawing, a pencil, an eraser, a felt-tip pen, and with an exclamation “Let's go!” I let the process happen on its own.

I mean that style, manner, degree of detail - all these issues were decided by themselves. As simpler and more understandable to do - it was done. The thickness of the felt-tip pen made me simplify, and the small stickers came up with a couple of cool ideas regarding animation.

The content was more complicated, because I saw individual scenes from complex perspectives and from a complex perspective, and this did not fit into the general concept. They remained unfinished to the very very end, became the last and were generally nasty ahah: D

After the sketches were ready, I flipped through an album under the text to be read to the camera to finally confirm the structure, see if I had forgotten anything, etc.

Make sketches as detailed as possible. The more questions you decide at the sketching stage, the less hemorrhoids will be at the final rendering stage


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