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How to draw a squirrel with a pencil in stages for children

How to easily draw a squirrel with a pencil in stages for children and adults. We learn to draw a beautiful squirrel with a child in stages with a pencil. Learn how to quickly and easily learn how to draw a beautiful squirrel.

Everyone in their life wants to learn how to paint beautifully, children especially love to paint and want to learn how to paint beautifully, they are interested in learning to draw not only nature, the sun, flowers, houses, people, but also different animals.

Today we’ll see how you can easily and quickly learn how to draw a squirrel. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, look carefully at the picture where the squirrel is drawn. Look at the location of the squirrel, how and where different parts of the body are located.

In the center of the picture is the body of a squirrel, the head of a squirrel on top, the tail of a squirrel on the right, the legs of a squirrel on the left, and the branch on which the squirrel sits.

Now, in the same way, mentally, divide your sheet of paper for different parts of the squirrel's body.

First, start drawing a squirrel from the head, draw the squirrel's head in a circle. Down from the circle, draw a slightly curved line - this will be the back of a squirrel.

Now, under the head of the squirrel, first draw a small circle, then a larger circle - this will be the body of the squirrel. Separate the squirrel’s head with a slightly curved line, leave less space on the left to the curved line, and more on the right, because the squirrel’s head is slightly rotated in the picture.

Draw the eyes of the squirrel, they should be drawn in the form of ovals, draw a foot of the squirrel at the bottom.

Now draw the pupils in black. Draw ears on the squirrel's head, they should be drawn in the form of small triangles, draw a muzzle in the form of a small oval. Draw the bottom of the foot of the squirrel. On the right side, draw a squirrel with a large and fluffy tail, the tip of the tail is slightly pointed.

Draw a squirrel eyebrows in the form of small arcs, a nose in the form of a small circle, a mouth and a muzzle. Draw the upper foot of the squirrel, it should be drawn, from the second small circle down and slightly curved. On the lower foot, draw fingers on the squirrel.

Now draw a mustache for a squirrel, draw a mouth. Draw the tail, breast and muzzle of the squirrel in small strokes - this will give the squirrel fluffiness. Look at how beautiful squirrel you got. Squirrel can be painted, can be left in black and white.

Now let's draw with you another squirrel with a fungus.

Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, look carefully at the picture where the squirrel is drawn. Look at the location of the squirrel, how and where different parts of the body are located.

In the center of the picture is drawn the body of a squirrel, the head of a squirrel and ears on top, the large, fluffy tail of a squirrel on the right, the legs of a squirrel on the left.

Now, in the same way, mentally, divide your sheet of paper for different parts of the squirrel's body.

First, start drawing a squirrel from the head, draw the squirrel's head in a circle. Below the circle is the body of the squirrel, in the form of an oval, the oval is slightly curved and uneven. On the right is a large, fluffy tail of a squirrel, the tip of the tail is slightly pointed. Below, under the oval, draw another small oval, it is drawn horizontally - this is the lower foot of a squirrel. Draw the upper foot of a squirrel in the form of an oval, slightly curved.

Now draw the squirrel ears, they are erect, long and slightly pointed, draw a squirrel nose and paint it black. Draw the upper foot of the squirrel, draw fingers on the foot and draw the mushroom that holds the squirrel. Draw the bottom of the foot of the squirrel and connect the upper foot and lower foot with a line.

At the tips of the ears, draw brushes; in the picture they are drawn in the form of small circles. Draw the eyes of the squirrel, in the form of a circle and a black pupil, below draw the mouth of the squirrel. On the bottom foot of a squirrel, draw fingers. Put a small touch on the tail and breast of the squirrel, it will add fluffiness to the squirrel.

Erase excess lines and circle the outline of the squirrel. Look at how beautiful squirrel you got. Color the squirrel in orange, the tummy and the muzzle color in white, the lower paw and mushroom color in brown, the leg of the mushroom in white.

Drawing squirrels for beginners

Drawing the next squirrel will be even easier than the previous one. We will prepare paper for drawing, a pencil. We carry out the work, focusing on the following steps:

  1. We draw a head. We depict it in the form of an oval. At the top add a triangular eyelet. Divide it in half with one line.
  2. On the ear you need to depict a brush. Draw a triangle. We shade it with stripes. In the background we finish the second eye.
  3. We add an eye to the muzzle. It should be elongated and pointed at the ends. Inside we draw a circle for the pupil and one more for the highlight. Paint the pupil. From above to an eye it is possible to add eyelashes.
  4. Add a semicircular nose to the tip of the muzzle. Shade it in black. Near the nose, put a few points and draw lines from them. This is a mustache. Add them and, on the other hand.
  5. We pass to the body. From the head we draw two lines down. Expand them below.
  6. We draw the hind legs starting from the lower part of the body. Draw a line below and draw small paw brushes. Draw them black.
  7. Draw the front legs. They will be in the upper torso. We draw one foot in the center of the body. Paint the paw brush. The second foot is starting to be displayed on the side.
  8. It remains to draw a tail. The upper part of the tail should begin to be removed from the ear. We draw the lower part from the back foot. We make the end of the tail round and pointed at the end.

Fill the squirrel with an orange pencil and the drawing is ready.

How to draw a squirrel with a pencil

In the next lesson, we will examine in detail the technique of drawing squirrels with pencils. The work will differ in complexity from previous examples, if you follow the briefing, you will surely cope with the task. For work, we need:

  • drawing sheet,
  • soft pencil HB
  • eraser.

So, how can I draw a squirrel with a pencil in stages for children:

  1. First of all, you need to make sketches of the future squirrel. We draw a head. It will be in the shape of a droplet. The end should be pointing down.
  2. From the head we draw the silhouette of the torso. Draw two lines and round them at the end. Add two thin ovals for future paws at the bottom and top.
  3. In the upper part of the head we draw two ears of a triangular shape. We place one in the foreground, the other behind it.
  4. To sketch the tail, draw an oval in the back of the torso and a circle at its end. This will help to convey a complex curved shape in the future.
  5. We proceed to refinement and drawing details. Start outlining the animal. Add zigzags to highlight areas with wool. Draw the fingers on the paws.
    The front legs of the squirrel are very similar to human hands. Give them the shape of two ovals. You can add a triangle to the top of the brush. It will resemble a nut in its paws.
  6. Erase all auxiliary lines. Some contours can also be erased and wool added to these areas.
  7. Make the tip of the tail of the squirrel. Here you need to draw long hairs, because the tail of the animal is very fluffy.
  8. Let’s take care of the head. Move your profile with sharper lines. Add a line to the mouth and mark the nose. Draw the middle of the ears, add wool along their contours. Shade the far ear immediately.
  9. An eye will be located under the front ear. Give it a round shape. Place its features and draw a corner below. Shade the eye, do not forget that it needs to add a highlight.
  10. If you succeeded in drawing the contours of the squirrel with a pencil, you can proceed to the design of the picture. Add the shadows at the bottom of the head and mustache. The back contour needs to be made more lively, add lines that will emit the growing wool.
  11. Paint the paw nut. Shade the hind leg with a pencil. Add shadows to the bottom of the front paw. With wide strokes, shape the central part of the body and the hind paw. Add a few details to the tail and neatly paint the rest of the space gray.

The drawing is ready. You learned how to draw a squirrel with one simple pencil. But recommends not to stop there and try to paint the next picture.

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Squirrel in watercolor paints

How to draw a squirrel with pencils, we figured out. And to get a bright, fluffy squirrel in the next lesson, we suggest you use watercolor paints. So what we need:

  • paints,
  • a simple pencil
  • eraser,
  • brushes of different sizes
  • drawing paper
  • water.

Before starting work, we remind you once again that the saturated color of watercolor paints can be obtained with the help of a sufficient amount of water. The brush should not be dry. And now, step by step instructions for drawing a fluffy little animals:

  1. First, make a sketch with a pencil. Let's start with the center line. It should be oblique. Starting from this line, draw a circle for the future head and an oval for the body.
  2. At the bottom of the oval, draw two curved lines. They will help us portray a twig.
  3. We turn to drawing the most prominent part of the animal - the tail. The tail should be above the squirrel. It is enough to sketch the contours of this curved part, we will detail later.
  4. Add triangular ears on your head and move on to drawing the muzzle. Draw curved lines from the eye area to the nose. The lower part should have a triangular shape. Mark the area of ​​the cheeks. Make sketches accurate so that the squirrel later turns out to be realistic.
  5. Add a triangular nose and mouth. The eyes will have a rounded shape with ends pointed to the nose. Inside, we draw the pupils and highlights.
  6. Draw the contours of the front and hind legs. The lower ones will have a rounded shape at the top and end with ovals. We make the front paws very small, but the squirrel should hold the nut tight in them. Draw fingers and claws on the paws. Add a few leaves and nuts to the twig.

We remove the excess auxiliary lines with the eraser. Try not to erase the working contours.

How to draw a sketch of a squirrel in stages for the children you learned. We pass to coloring. You can use markers, pencils for this.

We draw our watercolor drawing:

  1. Prepare the primary colors. It is orange, yellow and brown. Fill the background with subtle yellow.
  2. To paint over the body of a squirrel, mix orange and brown. Add strokes to the ears to get tassels. Fill the tail with bright orange. To make it fluffy, use thin, long strokes.
  3. We turn to the painstaking part. To make the squirrel fur stand out, take a thin brush and with careful strokes begin to point the muzzle and trunk of the squirrel. Color your eyes and nose with a dark brown color. Add antennae.
  4. We detail the tail with strokes of different sizes. In the same way we do with the body. Make the lower part of the tail darker.
  5. We make a tummy. Use a combination of white and blue paint for this. Paint this part with strokes.
  6. It remains to color the branch on which the squirrel sits. We will arrange it in brown and green.

Done. A real squirrel appeared in the picture. You can draw such a squirrel on the Christmas tree. And how to draw a Christmas tree, you can learn from our other article.

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Squirrel with mushroom

The initial experience in how to draw a squirrel in stages will consist of three steps.

№1. Designate the silhouette:

  • the future face is depicted as an oval,
  • draw the body like an ellipse,
  • then it’s tail
  • and finally, we derive the front and hind limbs.

The resulting shape does not at all resemble a beauty jumping in trees and photographs that we used to admire. But do not worry, a little more work and it will become a real work of art.

№2. Now we are faced with the task of highlighting those small details that will allow our silhouette to become exactly what we expect to see.

Add fluffiness to her in the tail, display the missing ears. Draw a muzzle, paws. And now, she cannot be confused with anyone else.

№3. What is missing from the wondrous rodent? Of course, an eye, a cheerful smile. And we will not forget at our squirrel to draw a fungus in the paws, which she prepared for her stocks.

We remove excess lines. We finish the finishing touches and proceed to the bright colors. Shade the body with beautiful orange, make the edges of the tail white or black, give the fungus a brown tint. The drawing of the charming squirrel is ready, and you can be congratulated on the first artistic masterpiece.

Geometry in Pictures

What is a rectangle and an oval is known to everyone. On the course, they will be very useful to us. The figures will become the basis for the image of the squirrel. With their help, you can sketch the outline in 5 minutes, and then complete the illustration in color.

And here is another cute little squirrel.

Scheme for experienced students

When you train in simpler ways and understand how to draw a squirrel with a pencil in stages, you can safely take on more complex work options. The main thing is not to be afraid, be confident and always accompany any business with an excellent mood.

We offer to try your hand at the image of a fluffy with a cunning look, settled on a tree. All that is needed - a little attention, patience, diligence and a painted animal will mischievously watch you from the picture.

The base is built on three circles, from which then the muzzle, body and legs appear. Add sharp ears, like a chanterelle, chubby cheeks with teeth and a chic tail. Put on a branch and brightly color.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a squirrel will bring you only positive emotions. You yourself will notice how after class you will feel rested, relaxed and distracted from all problems.

And most importantly, no depression, boredom or sadness. And the resulting picture, set in a prominent place, will always delight the eye, and cause delight.

How to draw a Squirrel with a pencil in stages for beginners

First draw the base line at an angle. Draw a circle above it - for the body. Draw one more circle to it at the top left - for the head. Draw an arc of the thigh and straight lines of the legs. The paws should be at a certain angle to the base line, then the squirrel will be drawn correctly.

Step 2

Draw the contours of the squirrel carefully. Mark the neck on both sides and the nose with a wedge. Draw a circle of eyes and triangular ears. Outline the smooth contours of the front foot. Connect the “rectangular” legs by drawing a nut between them. Draw the upper lines of the hind legs. The tail should be drawn starting from the bottom line and ending with the top.

Step 3

Use a clean eraser to erase the auxiliary lines inside the squirrel contour. Detail the legs and the inside of the ear. Слегка заштрихуй область под щекой и уголок глаза. Нарисуй нос, рот и ноздрю.

Шаг 4

Более чёрной и плавной обводкой определи контур белки. Изобрази текстуру шерстки (как показано в окошке рядом). Закрась глаз и ухо. Нанеси штрихи на шею, лапки и орех. Нарисуй тонкие усы и другие детали.

Как красиво нарисовать белку карандашами и ручкой поэтапно

Draw the contour of the squirrel with a hard pencil.

Step 2

We darken the eye with a black pen, leaving room for glare, the bottom of the muzzle, where the light does not fall, and the lower part of the paw. With long strokes we draw the hair on the tail, darkening more strongly in the place where the tail is in contact with the back. Draw the ears with shorter strokes.

Step 3

Use a soft pencil (B3) to darken the ears, the area around the eye, paws and tail. The tail needs to be darkened more strongly in that place where it borders on a back. Then darken the ground.

Step 4

With a hard pencil, shade the squirrel, applying the main tone. Now the strokes should be short and almost imperceptible, since we outlined the main texture of the wool in the previous paragraph.