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We clean and tidy the monitor at home

Oh, oh trouble! There are spots on your monitor!
Those who work with a computer will sooner or later face this problem.

How to resolve it? Of course, now there are various tools for cleaning monitors, and you can take them to the workshop - let the specialists work. But if you do not have the opportunity to buy special equipment, and you can’t get to the workshop, then you should not be discouraged. Let's try to solve this problem at home with improvised means.

As you know, there are two types of monitors: CRT monitors having a kinescope with a cathode cathode ray tube and LCD monitors, or liquid crystal by another name.

Start with safety precautions. Where without her?
The following rules must be observed:
1. The monitor must be completely de-energized. Place the plugs of the network wires of the monitor and computer in front of you on the table to make sure once again that the devices are really turned off.
2. The CRT monitor having a kinescope with a cathode cathode ray tube must be de-energized at least two hours before the start of work. Unplug the cord from the outlet (and unplug the system unit too), and not just press the button.

For work, you will need water, with a temperature of about 30 ° C, about 50 grams, baby soap and lint-free napkins.

Now you can begin the process of cleaning the surface of the monitor screen.
Take special care to clean the LCD screens to prevent damage to the liquid crystal matrix.

Step 1:
Make sure once again that the points 1 and 2 of safety measures are fulfilled.

Step 2:
Take one napkin, soak in the prepared water and squeeze it so that it is moist, but when pressed, water does not drip.

Step 3:
Using a squeezed cloth, gently, without pressing, wipe the entire surface of the screen, starting from the top, so that the screen is wet.

Step 4:
Dip another napkin in the prepared water, then lightly soap with baby soap. After that, wring it out as in step 2.

Step 5:
With a soapy and wrung cloth, gently, without pressure, wipe the entire surface of the screen, starting from the top. Pay particular attention to the edges and corners of the screen where dirt may remain.

Step 6:
Take the third napkin, soak it in the prepared water and squeeze it so that it is moist, but when pressed, water does not drip.

Step 7:
Using a squeezed cloth, gently, without pressing, wipe the entire surface of the screen, starting from the top, so that the soap residue is removed from the screen.
Pay particular attention to the edges and corners of the screen where soap may remain.
If necessary, steps 6 and 7 can be repeated.

Step 8:
Take the fourth napkin, dry.
Gently, without pressing, wipe the entire surface of the screen, starting from the bottom.

Step 9:
Look at different angles on the surface of the monitor screen. If you do not see a streak, the cleaning process is complete. If single residual streaks are found, carefully remove them with a clean, dry cloth.

Step 10:
Make sure that the operation is done qualitatively, without streaks from a poorly wrung cloth and drying is not required.

Step 11:
Remove the workplace from all materials: water, soap, wet and dry wipes, wipe the table with a dry cloth.

After the work, turning on the monitor, you will again see the bright colors of your favorite monitor.
Have a nice work!

How often to clean the monitor

Naturally, any situation is purely individual, however, you can notice some patterns. It is not recommended to clean the LCD monitor too often: any “polishing”, even with a soft flannel handkerchief, leaves microscopic scratches on the surface of the matrix.Over time, the display will fade. And even if the device works properly, a dull picture can significantly reduce the enjoyment of its operation. Recommended Intervals:

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  • Dry cleaning - once a week,
  • “Wet cleaning” - once a month.

Of course, there are exceptions - for example, the monitor got banged with fat fingers, a friend who came in to visit with whom you looked at the Internet for some interesting things under a sausage with popular drinks. In this case, the display can be cleaned unscheduled, otherwise it will be impossible to use it in the near future.

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How to be safe from cleaning the monitor too often

To avoid too frequent cleaning, you should follow simple rules:

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  • During a sneeze or cough, cover your face with your hand or handkerchief, or turn away to the side,
  • Do not poke your fingers in the matrix and do not let your family or guests do it,
  • Prevent the cat from climbing the table where the monitor is standing,
  • Do not wipe the dirt with your finger or fingernail unless you intend to clean it soon,
  • Do not place food plates, cups, glasses, or glasses with drinks too close to the monitor.
  • Try to remove fresh pollution immediately, as it will be more difficult to do this over time.

What you can not clean the monitor

The main thing to remember is that in no case should you use alcohol-containing liquids for cleaning: from pure industrial alcohol to any household chemicals with a methanol content of several percent.

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Alcohol destroys the protective coating on the matrix, so for a couple of such approaches you can completely "kill" the screen. Do you need it? Read more about anti-reflective coating.It is not recommended to use toilet paper and paper towels containing microscopic particles of wood. They act as an abrasive, so with regular use of these materials, the display dims.

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Also, it is not very good to use wet wipes for personal hygiene - the composition with which they are saturated is suitable for wiping the body, but is completely unsuitable for household appliances.

In order not to leave streaks on the screen, do not use soap solutions. It is strictly forbidden to use any abrasive products (not only sandpaper, but also harsh rags).

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How to remove stains on the monitor

Wipe the display without streaks is easy, if everything is done correctly. These recommendations will help you bring the screen to its original appearance. Remember that during the procedure the device must be de-energized!

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  • To remove dust, you can use a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Wipe the display with soft circular motions, without putting too much pressure on the surface,
  • Do not spray the cleaning liquid directly onto the monitor - soak it with a rag that you use,
  • If the pollution does not give in, try again as much as necessary, but do not try to scrape it off with your fingernail,
  • Soak stubborn stains with an impregnated cloth, and after a few minutes completely remove
  • Do everything carefully to avoid the device falling,

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  • The material used for wiping should be clean and slightly moist, but not wet,
  • When cleaning a screen that is too dirty, rinse the cloth or replace it with a clean one,
  • Wipe not only the matrix itself, but the entire monitor, including the wires,
  • To remove dirt from hard to reach places, you can use a toothpick,
  • Only apply power to the device after it has completely dried.

In this way, you can clean the LCD screen from any contaminants - from grease, dust, particles of saliva, sputum, mucus, bile, blood and other biological fluids.

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Regarding saliva, you should pay attention. There are users who do not recognize all these methods, or who are simply too lazy to get up because of a computer, so they use what they always have at hand - their own saliva to clean the matrix.

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This, of course, is the fastest and most effective way, but it has several disadvantages. Firstly, it’s still impossible to perfectly clear the display, as there will remain stains. Secondly, you simply do not have enough saliva to clean a monitor with a sufficiently large diagonal - for example, 27 inches or more.

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Therefore, it is better yet "the old fashioned way", using special formulations.

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What to use for cleaning

What is the best thing? In any computer store, in a large assortment of special liquids are available. They are usually called “Liquid for cleaning the monitor”.

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However, note that the composition of the cathode ray tubes and LCD devices is slightly different, so check with the consultant or carefully consider the label.

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Ready-made napkin sets that are already saturated with such a liquid are also sold. The disadvantage is that with an open tube or packaging, the composition quickly disappears, so the number of napkins that would be enough for a year would become worthless after a couple of months.

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If you are reluctant to go to the store, and you need to clean the monitor urgently, you can use warm boiled water. Of course, this is not as effective as special formulations, but it also copes with the task.

I also advise you to read the posts about the life of the monitor and which cable is better to use when connecting the display - DVI or HDMI. I will be grateful to everyone who shares this post on social networks. Till tomorrow!

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Types of pollution

Rags that wipe dishes or cutlery are not suitable for cleaning the screen of the gadget, you can not spray the monitor with water or liquid to wash glass surfaces. How to wipe the display, largely depends on the type of dirt.

Even if you wash the floors and clean the premises daily, you still have to clean the monitor. Taking a rag of soft tissue or a dry sponge, you need to hold several times on the screen and this is enough to remove the settled dust.

Sharp objects

Blades, knives remove traces of chewing gum, the presence of insects, but touching the screen, damage the coating.

Adhesive tape used in everyday life is not recommended to wipe the dust on a laptop, since it sticks to the surface, and removing traces left by adhesive tape is not so simple.

Personal care wet wipes

Do not clean the monitor with a sponge made of melanin, embossed materials, or an old cloth. Some items contain abrasive substances, while others pile in a pile. Sanitary napkins leave marks.

The displays of modern tablets and laptops are covered with a special film, which reduces the action of the sun's rays, removes glare that degrades images. However, the structure of such a material negatively reacts to ethyl alcohol, acetone or ammonia, which are present in wipers and dishwashing gels.

Wet Wipes

Regardless of how to wipe the screen, it is necessary to disconnect the computer from the network, moisture penetration inside the case can provoke a circuit. Special napkins in plastic packaging, which are sold in the departments of technology:

  • remove dust and dirt from the display,
  • do not form stains
  • Do not scratch the surface.

You can wipe stains with such products on the screen of a smartphone or TV. Wet cleaning is advisable to perform every month.

Fellowers FS-99703

The company from Russia, which sells household and digital appliances, peripheral devices, supplies cleaning wipes that do not contain alcohol to stores.

They wipe the glass, suitable for all types of screens, telephone displays, cope with stains, leave no residue.

Microfiber Wipes

Synthetic fabric is made from polyester fibers, which absorbs moisture, has high strength. Napkins that are released from microfiber:

  • clean stains and dirt
  • repel dust
  • Do not leave a pile.

Products are impregnated with special components that are safe for LCD screens. Microfiber allows you to wash the display surface without streaks.

Companies that produce office equipment also create tools that clean the monitors from dirt, fingerprints, and dust.

Buro bu sscreen

In 250 ml plastic bottles, a spray that has an antibacterial effect is sold under the brand name of a Russian company. The composition of the screen cleaner includes:

  • nonionic active substances
  • propanol
  • antistatic.

The product is sprayed onto the surface and wiped with a cloth. When using it, no stains are formed, less dust settles.

Soap solution

In the absence of time to go to the household appliance store, the dirty surface of the gadget is wiped with a simple tool, for the preparation of which you will need a glass of warm water and 20 grams of soap without dyes and alkalis. The rag is moistened in the composition, squeezed and applied to the monitor.

Washes stains, traces left by insects, citric acid, but use the substance very carefully so as not to damage the screen. It is safer to mix 200 ml of heated water and 15 vinegar of 9%, apply to the surface with a rag and be sure to rinse and wipe with a dry rag.


To get rid of dust on the screen, it is not necessary to use soap, cleaning wipes and sprays. You can remove dirt in the form of tiny particles without touching the surface. You need to inflate a balloon, electrify with wool and bring it closer to the display.

Features of cleaning different surfaces of the laptop screen

Caring for desktop monitors and tablets is not very different. But when processing a glossy finish, you need to take into account some nuances.

On such laptop screens, dust settles less, spots are not very noticeable. You can clean the surface simply with a damp cloth dipped in soapy water. Then the matte finish is wiped with a dry cloth. Good dirt is removed from the screen when spraying a spray.

The laptop monitor with LCD panels and a glossy finish pleases with brighter colors, saturated colors, high color rendering. However, when it is used, dust settles, any spots are noticeable. Caring for such a screen has its own nuances:

  1. The surface is not cleaned with a dry cloth or cloth.
  2. The flap is washed after each cleaning, otherwise it will scratch the surface.
  3. The coating is not wiped in a circle, but in one direction.

The monitor should dry on its own. It is not recommended to rub the laptop with microfiber, which contains abrasive substance.

How to clean ballpoint pen or glue

You cannot remove traces of paste or ink on the surface of the screen with alcohol or dishwashing detergent. To cope with the inscriptions with a ballpoint pen, remove the glue, a special liquid that can be bought at hardware stores is applied to the fabric without fibers and just wipe the coating.

No stains, no stains after cleaning.

What to do if it does not work after cleaning

Do not immediately get upset because the monitor does not light up. When the image does not appear on the screen, you need to check:

  1. Is the device connected to the network?
  2. Which connector is the cable inserted into?
  3. Is the refresh rate correct?
  4. Is the video card damaged?

Sometimes it happens that the monitor switches to another mode. The screen remains black, if the loop is not fixed, water flooded the keyboard.


In order for a laptop, tablet or computer to work properly, you need to take care of them, protect the display from stains and dirt, drops of tea and coffee, regularly remove dust.

Do not wipe the coating with the screen on, wash it with water and wipers, and remove fingerprints.