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We burn fat on the buttocks: how to remove the crease under the booty - instructions for transforming your Madame I'm sitting!

Looking at the clips where young girls actively and sexually shake their loin, I just want to ask: “How to learn to shake a booty is just as effective?” Some people think that for this you need to have a voluminous back, while others are of the opinion that the thing is technologies. So where is the truth? There are several secrets, following which you can surpass all the girls from the clips and videos.

How to learn to shake a booty

Regardless of the size of the buttocks, they can be very successfully moved to the music. But for this to be beautiful and spectacular, it is necessary first of all to bring them into shape. Only inflated, smooth and beautiful priests can shake successfully and elegantly. To know how to learn to shake a booty, you will need practice and a mirror, as well as preliminary training of the gluteal muscles. It will not be superfluous to tone the skin on the loin, if you mean dancing in short shorts, skirts or a swimsuit.

In the American manner, these movements are called "Booty shake dance", that is, "dance of shaking buttocks." Learning from video lessons is difficult, but possible. The biggest catch in this is that the coaches take actions too quickly, it’s hard to repeat. But there is some instruction on how to learn to shake a booty beautifully, even if it would seem to be gone.

Download buttocks

Of course, it is easier to simply and haphazardly pull the fleshy buttocks. But it looks, to put it mildly, not quite aesthetically pleasing. Elastic is another matter! There are several effective exercises that, when performed systematically and regularly, can tone the muscles. Before you learn to shake a booty, do exercises!

Exercise # 1: Squats

The legs are shoulder-width apart, the body is straight, arms are lowered on the sides. Bend your knees gently, put your ass back. Squat is deep and maximally complete. Do 2 sets of 10 times. It is recommended to perform this exercise twice a day: as soon as you get out of bed, and before you go to it in the evening. The gluteal muscles will become stronger and more prominent. In addition, a flat butt from this will become somewhat more convex. Not to mention elasticity.

Exercise number 2: "crocodile"

Lessons on how to learn to shake a booty begin with this lesson. It is simple, does not require strong energy costs, and most importantly - effective. His goal is to teach you to move your buttocks one at a time. Sit on the floor, legs straight. “Go” forward with the buttocks - 30 steps forward, the same back. You can repeat at any time of the day or night, daily. The priest from this becomes mobile, which allows you to easily and quickly manage it.

Exercise # 3: leg swing

Stand in the knee-elbow position. Hands are straight. Do the swings first with your right foot up (knee bent) - 8 times. Then the same left. Only three approaches. It is recommended to perform the exercise daily. Buttocks will be toned and elastic.

Booty shake dance

After the priest is brought into the desired shape, you can start dancing. To beautifully manage your loin, you need to do the following:

· Stand in front of the mirror (facing him),

Bend the legs at the knees (slightly),

Put your hands on your knees

· To imagine that something is interfering from behind (for example, a coin has got into panties),

· Start moving the buttocks alternately, trying to eliminate an invisible object,

· Legs and arms should remain static, the body is straight.

The first time it may not work, but this is not a reason for frustration. If preliminary preparation was carried out (all exercises were performed systematically), then there will be no problems with the technique.

Once you master this simple movement, you can begin to more complex - move the booty and thigh. To do this, you need:

Crouch slightly in the knees

· Put your hands on your sides,

· Rotate in a circle with the entire pelvis.

It also underlies how to learn to shake a booty! It is impossible to neglect such an exercise, since it allows you to learn how to control your movements.

Last lesson: shaking buttocks up and down. The starting position here will be the same as in the first exercise. Only the buttocks move simultaneously up and down, first slowly to feel their body, then faster.

How to remove

There will be a very similar approach, as in our article Without cheating and marketing: how to make the waist thin?. You will have to work comprehensively and not wait for an instant, 555% result in 2 weeks. We don’t need special creams for 100,500 rubles or some tricky exercises that phytonyaches hide from us, mere mortals.

Everything is much simpler and more uninteresting: Madame Sit’s beauty depends on the emotional state, nutrition, physical activity and care procedures. The components are in descending order of importance!

Let's quote the favorite character from childhood: calm, only calm! All these abstruse words about receptors are not a sentence. This is just information that should explain to you some of the features of losing weight and your figure.

When planning your “new dream form” you must set realistic goals and respect your own “zest” - do not demand the impossible from yourself!

In addition, this does not mean that such fat cannot be broken down, by any means. Translated into normal not boring language, this means that stimulating the breakdown of fat in these areas is more difficult, but more than possible!

Also, remember stress is the main enemy of losing weight! Fat cells, in which alpha receptors predominate, accumulate fat in response to stress. The more you bale yourself, the more fat will be in these areas (thighs and buttocks). And even with constant prolonged stress and subsequent hormonal disorders, new “problem areas” with alpha fat may even appear.

So, to remove something superfluous on our body, you need to lose weight. There will be no other way out, besides calorie restriction, even though you crack! What are we doing:

use from 30 ml. water for every kilo of weight daily,

try to reduce the amount of too fatty, salty or sweet foods in your diet - this can cause edema and create unnecessary additional volume,

don't bother keto-, paleodiets and all sorts detox - all this is unnecessary dancing with tambourines, causing a lot of tension, but not giving any additional profit.


And again, our favorite moralizing: no exercise burns fat in a particular place! So if you squat, it’s not a fact at all that the priest and the quadra will lose weight. You cannot “download” fat from a certain place, and this is not necessary. Our goals:

  • Cheer up the muscles of the buttocks to give them an initial tone and improve blood circulation.
  • To make the gluteal muscles larger and due to this “raise” the butt, visually reducing the fold. In addition, good posture is important, so do stretching the lumbar. Your lumbar deflection visually forms a figure, it affects how your muscles look in the general context.

Alas, we will not open any America to you: all the exercises have long been familiar and loved by you! It:

Massage / Creams / Wraps / Contrast Shower

Of all this, we can definitely recommend cold and hot shower and self-massage after 10 minutes with a hard towel, because they are free, useful for your body as a whole, accessible to everyone at any time of the year!

As for hardware cosmetology (such as lPG / Icoone massage, myostimulation, RF lifting), mesotherapy and injections with the introduction of lipolytics, vacuum or anti-cellulite massages, and even more so wraps and creams, our opinion is this: it all costs a lot, and the effectiveness is doubtful.

More precisely, it exists, but in our opinion, it is advisable to engage in such procedures only for those who have a lot of free time and money, there is not the slightest desire to play sports or for professional performing athletes.

At the same time, keep in mind that you still have to stick to a diet. Does it make sense if you have a diet and sports? We believe not 🙂

Watch the video

Many saw clips and videos with dances, where girls actively shake booty. This passionate and erotic dance is called buti dance, its essence lies in the rhythmic movements of the booty and hips. And more and more girls dream of learning to dance the booty, for this there are special exercises.


Before you start shaking your buttocks, you need to put them in order. Pump up the ass, tone the muscles with exercises that must be performed systematically and regularly.

  1. Squats Purpose: to make the ass more embossed and resilient. The gluteal muscles will become stronger.
    • The legs are shoulder-width apart, the back is straight, arms are lowered on the sides.
    • Squat low, gently bending your knees, ass slightly set back.
    • Perform 10 times in 2 sets, best in the morning and evening.
  2. Crocodile. Purpose: learn how to move the buttocks in turn. Booty will become more mobile.
    • Sit on the floor, legs straight in front of you.
    • Go moving the buttocks.
    • 30 steps forward and as many back.
    • Perform daily at any time.
  3. Mahi's foot. Goal: Tightened and firm buttocks.
    • Standing on all fours, arms straight.
    • Do swing legs with the top, knees bent.
    • Right 8 times,
    • Left 8 times.
    • Make 3 approaches.
    • Perform daily.

Movements in booty dance

After the priest is brought into the desired shape, you can start dancing. It is desirable to perform movements in front of a mirror and to rhythmic music. First you need to master the simplest movement.

  1. Stand facing the mirror.
  2. The legs are slightly bent at the knees.
  3. Hands rest on your knees.
  4. Start moving the buttocks, as if an unnecessary item is in the panties, try to remove it with your hips. For realism, you can even put a coin in your underpants.
  5. Arms and legs do not move, the back is straight.

The first time it may not work, no need to be upset. If the training went right, then over time you will achieve the desired result. Once mastered a simple movement, you can move on to more complex.

Shaking buttocks

  1. Starting position as in a booty shake movement.
  2. Tighten the buttock muscles.
  3. Make booty moves upside down.
  4. You can try to make movements of each buttock in turn.

After you get the “shaking buttocks", you can try another movement for this:

  1. To accept a pose of "cat", for this kneel, legs in different directions, hands a little forward.
  2. We reduce the muscles of the buttocks up and down and alternately, as in the previous movement.

To find out what other dances shake the booty, read the article What is the name of the dance booty.