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How to make cream shadows

Are cream shadows hard to get along with? Not as much as it seems. Follow easy cream shade instructions.

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Text: Veronika Gnezdilova
Updated October 16, 2018

Dry shadows are a classic that does not cause unnecessary questions. Cream shadows are more difficult: because of the unusual texture, they are considered a beauty tool for the “advanced” ones, so it seems that without special knowledge and skills they can’t cope with them. In fact, working with the cream format is convenient and easy. We bring you up to date.


Primer in eye makeup is superfluous. Applied in a thin layer, dry shadows, it helps not to crumble on the lower eyelid, and cream - not to roll and not to gather in a crease. The latter is a familiar problem for those with oily skin. In this case, using cream shadows, there is no way to do without a primer. This tool not only smoothes the skin, but also makes its surface drier and “tenacious”: the shadows are reliably “fixed”. You can entrust your make-up with cream shadows, for example, to the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer base, which will provide makeup with 24-hour resistance.


Can I apply cream shades with any brush? You should remember the “golden” rule: for dry texture - brushes with natural pile, for cream - synthetics. So a flat synthetic brush like the Pro Brush Flat Detail from NYX Professional Makeup is just what comes in handy for such eye makeup.

Makeup artists are sure: it is best to apply cream eye shadow with fingertips. Professional brush - an option that does not need to be discounted. Light driving movements, firstly, distribute the texture evenly, and secondly, make the coating resistant.


When deciding how to work with shadows - with a brush or "manually", do not forget that you need careful shading. The creamy texture often leaves behind sharp, clear lines at the borders of the application, but for the smoky effect, for example, this is not suitable. With the same fingertips, make the shade of cream shadows gently scatter and literally merge with the skin.

Upper layer

As an independent tool, cream shadows are good if you need a bright, rich eye makeup. But even more useful to those who need a make-up with increased durability. Therefore, cream shadows are often applied as a base for dry ones. The powder “lies” on top of the cream and is fixed so that you can not worry about the make-up all day. By the way, cream shadows can be used not only for their intended purpose: read about this non-banal methods of their application in this material.

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How to make cream shadows: 1 comment

Scrape some dry shadows into the container. In order to scrape dry shadows into a container, you need something flat, such as the blunt end of eyebrow tweezers or a table knife. You can even do it with your fingernail. We used a broken shadow applicator for this purpose. If the shadows crumble into pieces, this is even for the best - it will be easier for you to work with them in the future.


The following distinguishing features of such cosmetics can be distinguished:

  • ease of application
  • creating perfect makeup in a short time,
  • the ability to use when applying several layers at the same time,
  • firmness, naturalness and smoothness of the texture on the skin of the eyelids,
  • the oil emulsion, which is part of it, provides hydration of the eyelid, so that the skin is smoothed naturally, and small wrinkles can disappear,
  • a large number of colors
  • durability and versatility (can be used at any time of the year - both in winter and in summer, when dry shadows can quickly lose brightness in sunny weather).

Which are better - dry or creamy?

Cream shadows have several advantages over dry ones. which, unfortunately, often tend to crumble, lose brightness and color fastness, especially under dramatically changing weather conditions. Experience has shown that using a cream composition is much more practical and beneficial than applying the “good old” dry shadows. The cream base often does not require the selection of a special base, since all the necessary substances that provide optimal resistance are already contained in the composition. The skin does not dry out, there is no discomfort, and a wide selection of colors (from ordinary matte to evening options with sparkles) helps to create a unique color palette for every woman.

Due to the special soft consistency when applying cream eyeshadow, you can not only achieve natural makeup and different shades of color, but also provide smooth transitions from one color shade to another. When using dry shadows, this effect is usually not possible. If you still manage to achieve something similar, the effect disappears very quickly, and the makeup loses its original brightness of the colors.

How to choose a suitable option?

Cream shadows should be chosen in accordance with the purpose and reason for their use. Delicate, light beige and white colors are ideal for daytime makeup, and elegant (gold, brown and black) will create an extraordinary atmosphere during a holiday or party. Water-resistant cream shadows are ideal for women who engage in swimming or other water sports. There is a variant of persistent cream eyeshadow made in the form of a pencil: it can be successfully used as eyeliner.

How to make?

If you want, you can make cream shadows with your own hands. To do this, you will need:

  • dry shadows
  • a small plastic container in the form of a jar, always with a tight-fitting lid,
  • lotion or petroleum jelly.

A small amount of dry eye shadow is placed in the container (you can do this with a small knife or nail file). To create a creamy mass, add a little Vaseline or lotion so that everything does not turn out too thick. It should be added carefully, gradually, first by placing in the container an amount of petroleum jelly the size of a small pea. Now you need to use a cotton swab or fingertip to mix the composition so that all the small lumps dissolve and the mass looks homogeneous. They should be stored at room temperature, in a container with a closed lid. Sometimes, if the room is very hot, you can even store them

Shadows are ready to use. in the refrigerator door.

How to make cream shadows with your own hands, see the next video.

How to apply?

To begin with, it is important to decide on the choice of color, or several colors.

Since creamy shadows quickly fix on the skin, it is recommended to apply them as quickly as possible, with precise and accurate movements. In order not to smear the shadows, it is necessary to apply them as quickly and accurately as possible.

It is not recommended to use dry powder under the foundation for makeup. Dryness can cause lumps on the eyelids and quickly roll off cosmetics.

It is best to apply cream eye shadow with your fingertips, as if driving a mass into the surface of the eyelid. From the heat of the skin, the shadows retain softness and plasticity much longer. This provides the best temperature conditions for shading. If necessary, you can use a brush, for example, to have access to any part of the eyelid or draw arrows as clearly as possible. The brush should have a blunt end: this is how you can apply shadows to any part of the eyelid, each time turning the tool at a certain angle.

Shading shadows should be done so that one color smoothly transitions to another. There should not be sharp borders between colors. It is important to show maximum patience and creativity in order to achieve an indescribable game of color shades. Upon reaching a certain level of skill, you can use both fingers and a brush.

How to save?

On drying:

  • First you should try to remove the dried top layer. It is possible that under it the shadows still retained their original properties. If this does not help, you can dilute the shadows with a little micellar water or add a few eye drops. A good alternative in case of drying of cream shadows is a special tool with a Duraline pipette.
  • In addition, any oil can be used to soften - vegetable, olive or even castor oil (followed by gentle mixing). Vegetable and olive oil is recommended to be used in the amount of 2-3 drops, castor oil will be enough for one small drop.

The first line in the ranking still takes Chanel. At one time, it was this company that made a splash in the market. Customers leave the warmest reviews, noting the unusually delicate and light texture of Chanel cream eyeshadow, which resembles a touch of light mousse or marshmallows. Shadows do not smear even after a long time after application, they differ in indescribable iridescent shades.

The most inexpensive, but high-quality option among companies producing cream of eye shadow is Maybelline. This American company offers twelve saturated and deep colors presented on the Russian market. For customers, the ratio of low price and good quality is very important, as well as the fact that Maybelline shadows can be applied without using a base. Products are manufactured in convenient round containers with a tightly screwed lid. The containers are made of transparent glass, which allows you to immediately see the desired shade.

Company Make up for ever It is distinguished by the production of ultra-resistant cream eyeshadows that can withstand any rain and even bathing, which is especially relevant when creating a unique image in difficult living conditions. The company also offers an ultra-stable version Yves Rocher: shadows called "The Black Ocean"which do not melt and do not roll at high temperatures. This allows you to use them even in very hot climates.

Bobbi brown - The shadows of this company are ideal for oily skin. They are easily applied with your fingers, they are enough for a long time (despite the small package size). It is also important that they do not require special storage conditions: their unique composition completely prevents drying.

Oriflame offers a line of ultra-resistant cream eyeshadow with sparkles and metallic effect. These products are characterized by convenient stick packaging and a rich color palette called "Pearl Veil".

Kylie - The collection of shadows of this company is ideal in order to create stunning makeup for any holiday. The best option for young and creative girls.

Avon - An affordable, but not bad quality version of cream eyeshadow. Buyers note beautiful shades, excellent packaging design. Shadows do not burden the eyelids, there is no greasy shine. These cosmetics give an intense glossy color when applied. To avoid rolling, it is better to apply them using the base.

An overview of cream shadows, see the next video.

There are different options - makeup should always look appropriate. They should be considered in more detail.

Daytime makeup

Day makeup with cream shadows implies both maximum technical ease of execution and speed of application. The main purpose of daytime make-up is to give the eyes maximum expressiveness, while skillfully hiding fine wrinkles and skin defects. It is better to apply it in natural light, which helps to emphasize all the advantages of the appearance. For daytime makeup, the shadows of all possible light or pastel shades are suitable, ranging from light beige to purple.

To make daytime makeup look great, it’s best to apply eye shadow with your fingertips, doing everything as quickly as possible. Cream shadows are distinguished by the fact that they quickly “seize” and dry out for centuries. The main thing is to work intensively and accurately with your fingers, immersing yourself in the magical world of your own transformation.

A darker tone should always be applied to the corner of the upper eyelid from the outside. Then you need to shade it over the eyelid with abrupt finger movements, heading towards the bridge of the nose. Then you can visually enlarge your eyes using any light tone, thereby creating the best contrast, which most emphasizes the brilliance and expressiveness of the eyes. It is important to ensure that all transitions between colors are smooth, almost imperceptible.

Now you need a brush rounded at the end - to highlight the lower eyelid with the darkest shade. The area above the eyebrows is recommended to be designated preferably with a mother-of-pearl, light tone.

When creating daytime makeup for green eyes, it is best to use colors such as golden, copper, and purple. Women with brown eyes and dark skin will also suit the shadows of all possible golden hues. Brown-eyed blondes with pale skin are recommended to combine white, blue and light green colors, and shades of gray, soft coffee and beige colors will be the best option for gray and blue eyes.

evening make-up

When creating evening make-up, it is always better to use the most dense and saturated colors of shadows, giving preference to flickering and shining shades. Evening makeup should look more elegant and festive - compared to daytime.

Shadows should be applied using a flat brush. First you need to bring the outer corner of the upper eyelid with dark color - with the help of a hard brush with a pointed end. The color is shaded towards the middle of the eyelid, then a soft brush marks the area from the inner corner to the middle of the movable eyelid (using a suitable light tone). At the end, any light “flickering” tone is applied to the moving eyelid.

You can make up eyelashes with rich mascara and highlight the eyes with dark eyeliner.

Silver or golden shades are perfect for green-eyed brunettes. For blondes with green eyes, colors such as milk coffee, olive, brown, dark gray are well suited. The expressiveness of blue and gray eyes is emphasized by the shadows of silver, brown and dark lilac colors. Brown-eyed brown-haired women are recommended to use violet, purple and dark brown ultra-resistant tones.