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Bellini (cocktail)

Bellini is a low-alcohol cocktail consisting of sparkling wine (prosecco, asti, champagne) and peach puree. The drink is remembered for its original almost fantastic color and mild sweet taste. Due to the availability of ingredients and ease of preparation, it is very easy to make at home.

History reference. The Bellini cocktail was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, the owner of the famous Venetian bar Harry's, where Orson Welles, Ernest Hemingway, Sinclair Lewis, Humphrey Bogart and other representatives of creative bohemia liked to spend time.

The cocktail is named after the famous Italian artist Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516), who knew how to create unique pink shades on white (angel clothes in the picture). Cipriani was a great admirer of painting. He considered that the color of his cocktail was close to these shades.

The painting "Angel with a violin" (1505)

The first version of the recipe appeared in 1934. Fresh white peaches were needed for the cocktail, so it was served only in the ripening season. In 1948, the French established the industrial production of peach puree and Bellini began to make year-round. The drink became the highlight of the new Cipriani bar in New York, quickly gaining the love of Americans.

Classic Bellini Recipe

  • ripe white peaches - 5 pieces,
  • Prosecco sparkling wine - 750 ml,
  • sugar - 50 grams (optional)
  • ice cubes - 100 grams.
Classic Bellini

Cooking (several servings):

1. Cut the peaches in half, remove the seeds from them, peel the slices.

2. Mash the pulp with your hands and pass through a sieve to obtain a homogeneous mass.

3. If the smoothie is unsweetened, add sugar.

4. Cool the mashed potatoes.

5. Mix in a shaker with ice three parts of sparkling wine and one part of peach puree. Strain the cocktail into champagne glasses (champagne) so that the ice remains in the shaker.

6. Garnish the cocktail with a slice of peach or cherry. Serve cold.


1. Cool the glass, juice and champagne well.

2. Pour peach juice (puree) into a chilled glass.

3. Add champagne.

4. Gently mix with a teaspoon (foam will appear when stirring).

5. Garnish the cocktail with a slice of peach, cherry or strawberry.

Non-alcoholic Bellini

A special recipe for children and teetotalers.

  • peach juice - 60 ml,
  • soda - 60 ml,
  • grenadine (sweet pomegranate syrup) - 2-3 drops.

1. Cool all the ingredients.

2. Pour juice and soda into the glass.

3. Add a few drops of grenadine and mix.

4. Serve with a straw.

Non-alcoholic Bellini

In Italy, bottled Bellini cocktail is sold. In 1988, the Venetian winemaker Luciano Canella found a way to close his sparkling wine mixed with natural peach juice without preservatives. As a result, the drink retains its original taste.

Ready in a bottle

  • Other recipes

    Only white peaches are used, the pulp of which is necessarily crushed by hand, and not on an electric blender, and passed through a cone-shaped strainer so that the resulting puree becomes homogeneous. If the puree is not sweet enough, you can add sugar syrup to taste. The resulting puree is cooled. Ice is put in a shaker, one part of peach puree and three parts of sparkling wine are poured prosecco, mixed by lightly shaking the shaker, and the contents are filtered into glasses (so that ice does not get into them). Serve immediately, since the finished cocktail should be very cold. : 16-17

    Other recipes

    According to other recipes, instead of prosecco, it is possible to use other light dry sparkling wines (champagne is not recommended, so the rich aromas of champagne will drown the aroma of the peach itself). The proportion can vary from one to two (mashed potatoes / wine) to one to three. It is possible to use not a white, but an ordinary yellow peach (but then the pinkish-white color that gave the name to the cocktail will not work), in mashed potatoes, to give the desired shade, drops of other freshly prepared red fruit purees (strawberries, cherries, etc.) can be added. n.), water (if the mashed potatoes turned out to be too thick), lemon juice, liqueurs for aroma.

    The drink is not mixed in a shaker, but pre-chilled components are mixed immediately in a glass - first pour one part of peach puree, and then carefully add two or three parts of wine, after which the contents of the glass are mixed with a spoon.

    Cipriani S.A. manufactures Bellini Base - Bellini Base for making smoothies based on peach puree.

    In Bellini non-alcoholic cocktail, instead of sparkling wine, some kind of carbonated soft drink is used.

    Classic Bellini Cocktail Recipe

    The classic drink has a wonderful pink tint, heady aroma with pronounced notes of fresh peaches. The taste of this mix is ​​dominated by exotic shades of juicy peach, characteristic of a white variety. In addition to the listed advantages, Bellini wins hearts with its seductive, long-lasting aftertaste, which is a special part of the pleasure of a cocktail.

    Component list

    white peach1 PC.
    -a sparkling wine-150 ml
    fine sugar10-20 g
    ice4-6 cubes

    Cooking process

    Cooking mashed potatoes

    1. Wash the peach thoroughly, and then wipe it with a paper towel.
    2. Carefully remove the bone and cut the peel with a sharp knife.
    3. Grind the cleaned pulp manually or twist in a blender bowl until a homogeneous consistency is obtained.
    4. We pass the homogeneous mass through a small strainer in order to get rid of large pieces of pulp.
    5. Taste the filtered juice for sweetness, and if the liquid is not sweet enough, then add the right amount of sugar. For convenience, I recommend adding sugar syrup, which you can cook yourself from an equal amount of sugar and water.
    6. We send the prepared mashed potatoes to the refrigerator for at least an hour.

    Cooking Bellini

    1. Dip the ice cubes into the shaker and fill in the peach puree and sparkling wine.
    2. Shake the contents lightly, after which we express the resulting mix directly into the glass, while preventing ice from entering.
    3. Decorate the glass with a slice of fresh peach or a cocktail cherry.
    4. We taste the drink immediately, because it is possible to evaluate its taste qualities only while it is very cold.

    Champagne Bellini Cocktail Recipe

    The presented mix is ​​an excellent classic aperitif that quickly increases appetite to the maximum level. Famous bartenders recommend that before serving this noble supply of alcohol, cool it in the freezer until a thin layer of ice forms. Ready cocktail perfectly refreshes on a hot summer day.

    Bellini Cocktail Recipe with Pear Juice

    This variation of the Bellini mix is ​​characterized by an amazing balance of pear and peach juice in their original combination with sparkling wine. The drink amazingly quenches thirst and copes with fatigue, filling the drinker with new strength and good emotions.

    1 Features of the Bellini Cocktail

    Cocktails are created in different ways, and the technology of preparation and components of drinks are those features, highlights that find their fans. It is very important that the Bellini cocktail uses sparkling wines as ingredients in combination with fruit puree. In classic Bellini, these must be ripe peaches growing in southern Italy.

    Sparkling wine with fruit puree

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    Some cocktails contain expensive ingredients or involve the use of exotic ingredients, which leads to certain difficulties in their preparation. A significant advantage of the Bellini cocktail is the simplicity of its preparation at home and the availability of all necessary components.

    2 A bit of historical facts

    Italy, like Spain, is the birthplace of many famous cocktails that have won fans with their spicy taste, the ability to quench your thirst, and increase your overall tone.

    Millions of admirers of low-alcohol drinks prefer to drink cocktails during leisure and relaxation, which differ not only in the alcohol content, but also in the variety of other components. A feature of such drinks is the unobtrusive presence of alcohol in low concentrations, combined with natural juices or other ingredients. Refreshing cocktails, often requiring pre-cooling, are widely used at parties, family celebrations, and business meetings. They help bring in a festive mood, start a conversation and direct it in the right direction, as well as just relax.

    Italians are very lively, temperamental people who like to get together in a company with or without. Many professional bartenders spend a lot of time in any way to distinguish their institution from thousands of people like him, intended for meetings, relaxation, a pleasant time. Giuseppe Cipriani was 100 percent successful. Cipriani is the founder of Herre’s Bar in Venice. His experiments with mixing drinks were a professional hobby that grew into a life-long business over time.

    Giuseppe Cipriani drink

    It is noteworthy that the Bellini cocktail was not named after its creator, but by the name of the famous Italian artist Giovanni Bellini. For the first time, the drink was presented under this name at a personal exhibition of his paintings in 1948, although no one knows the exact date of the creation of the cocktail. Most likely, the drink changed several times over time, and the first mention of such a cocktail was found at the beginning of 1932 in the institution where Cipriani worked as a senior bartender.

    Giuseppe Cipriani was passionate about the idea of ​​creating new drinks and dishes. Another culinary work glorified his name among professionals - carpaccio with slices of raw meat processed with olive oil, became known throughout the world. But everything was invented almost by accident. The barman's friend, Countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo, due to illness stopped eating meat cooked in the usual way, her doctor strongly forbade her to eat this food, although, like any Italian, she had a passion for such dishes. Cipriani developed a recipe for cooking meat that did not contradict the established diet, and thereby created the famous dish, which is now proud of all of Italy. As a name, he took the surname of another famous Italian artist, Carpaccio. They say that the color of the master’s paintings reminded the chef of pink slices of raw meat.

    But the most famous Cipriani brought his famous drink. To date, Bellini is on the official list of cocktails used by the International Association of Bartenders, and is one of the first places in popularity in his homeland. In many countries, recipes for its preparation have somewhat changed. The use of champagne wines gave the cocktail a new name, the classic name was changed to Bellini Royal. In Russia, strawberries are often used instead of peaches, and sometimes fruit pulp is replaced with orange juice, while receiving the so-called Mimosa cocktail. There are many similar variations based on the classic Bellini.

    Bellini Strawberry Cocktail Recipe

    This version of the famous Bellini alcohol includes fresh strawberries, which make the drink sparkle with new colors and flavors. Alcohol miraculously relaxes, improves appetite, copes with depressive thoughts and significantly improves mood.

    3 Main Ingredients for Cocktail & Bellini &

    Ingenious is always simple, we often do not notice the things that we see every day, and at the moment when the truth is revealed, we are amazed at its simplicity. The same goes for making a Bellini cocktail.

    A feature of the Bellini cocktail is the slightly sugary taste of peach. Fruits are used in the form of mashed potatoes, which are diluted with sparkling wine.

    Peach flavored cocktail

    The heady range of flavors enhances the euphoria caused by the drink, but the ingredients of the cocktail should be treated carefully. It will require:

    • 100 ml sparkling wine
    • sugar syrup (10 ml),
    • freshly squeezed lemon juice (10 ml),
    • peach puree (20 gr), preferably not thick,
    • ice cubes optional.

    Almost every kitchen has all the items with which you can make a cocktail, and if this has already been done before, then the procedure will seem very simple. Required:

    • blender
    • strainer
    • trainer
    • mixing dishes (tall glass, cocktail spoon).

    4Cocktail & Bellini &, cooking

    The drink is very easy to prepare, all work can be divided into 2 parts. To begin with, take a separate glass for mixing the components and place the right part of peach puree in it. All other liquid ingredients are poured there: sparkling wine (preferably half so as not to destroy all air bubbles), fresh lemon juice and sugar syrup. Stirring, add part of the ice cubes.

    Making an alcoholic drink

    The final stage will be the transfusion of the cocktail through a strainer or a trainer into a special glass designed for these cases - highball, and after that the rest of the wine is added to it.

    You can decorate with raspberries or cherries, the combination of the taste of different fruits will give a certain extravagance to the cocktail. Bellini is served chilled, as its sparklingness disappears when heated and its palatability deteriorates.

    5 Ministry of Health warns

    Inveterate fighters with alcohol are right a thousand times, claiming that the habit of drinking it in small doses sometimes plays a cruel joke. And not only this can serve as an obstacle to the use of low-alcohol cocktails. What to do if you want to treat yourself to an exotic drink, but at the same time you need to be behind the wheel or is there any other good reason for the restrictions? For these cases, there is a non-alcoholic Bellini option that is as good as a classic cocktail in taste. It will only be necessary to exclude sparkling wine from the ingredients, replacing them with soda and 1 tsp. Grenadine When preparing a non-alcoholic version of the cocktail, you can change the amount of soda at will, to your taste.

    Alcohol Free & Bellini Option

    Sparkling wines have many varieties; in evening clubs, such cocktails are often prepared with the addition of champagne. Sometimes in a Bellini recipe there is such a component as peach liquor. It must be remembered that then the percentage of alcohol will be slightly higher, and in this case sugar syrup will not be required, since the liquor will successfully compensate for the right amount of sweet ingredient. Using liqueur instead of syrup, you can reduce the time it is mixed with lemon juice and wine - all components mix quickly enough.

    The classic color of Bellini cocktail is delicate peach, it is it that is the visiting card of the drink, and to complete the picture you should add an ornament in the form of a berry or a piece of fruit.

    Sometimes, instead of peach, grated pulp of berries or fruits is used - raspberries, strawberries and some others. Sometimes an orange is taken, which slightly changes the taste and color of the drink, but still it remains a classic Bellini. There are cases when in a cocktail they combine the taste of two fruits by mixing the frayed flesh of one fruit with the liquor of another.

    A Bellini cocktail is served only in a chilled form and recently made, since the liquid that stood in the refrigerator differs not only in taste, but also in sparkling, which will be noticeably less than in a fresh drink.

    Bellini Cocktail Recipe Video

    For a more extensive study of bar art, I bring to your attention other varieties of Bellini cocktail, which are presented on videos from eminent bartenders and culinary specialists who know their job and will not advise anything bad.

    • Video number 1. In the video presented, you will see how the master of his craft prepares the famous mix of purchased mashed potatoes and martini.