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Silent hill 2

Walkthrough for James


James Sunderland stares at his reflection in the mirror ... Get out of the closet. After a little monologue, go to the car and get a map of Silent Hill. Go left and go down the stairs. Follow the winding path. On the way you will meet a well, there is a red square sheet in it - this is the save point (Such sheets you will meet throughout the game). If desired, save and go through the gate. You are in a cemetery. Go forward to one of the gravestones, there will be a young girl sitting there - Angela. After talking with her and finding out how to get to Silent Hill, head to the opposite gate. Go straight all the time (if you are playing on the Beginner difficulty level, then along the way you can find a chainsaw lying on a log. If you play on a different difficulty level, this weapon will be available when passing again).
So, you were on the street of Silent Hill. Turn right and go to the intersection, you will see bloody footprints on the ground and someone’s silhouette disappearing in the fog, follow this silhouette, it will lead you to a dead end. Climb over a wooden fence. Hm. Where does this crack come from? This is a radio, now it is in your inventory and will emit strong interference if there are monsters nearby. After studying the radio, James sees the first monster. Having torn a stick with a nail from the fence, kill this evil and climb over. Get out on the street in the same way as you went here. On the right, behind the trellised fence, you can find bottles with a healing drink and a storage point.


Now, monsters are walking around the city streets - you can simply ignore them by running around. (As you run, pay attention to the sidewalks on the sides: very often there will be bottles with a healing drink).
Follow Saul Street until you see a parked trailer at the curb. Go inside and look around. Read the note that talks about Nelly's Bar. James on the map will indicate this place - this is where you now need to go.
Get out of the trailer and, guided by the map, follow to the designated place. Stop by the Neely’s Bar. Take the card, it marked a place on Martin Street. You need to go there.
When you reach the place indicated on the map, you will find the corpse of a person on the ground, go up to him and take the key to Wood Side Apartment. Find this place on the map and head there. Use this key to open the gate to the courtyard.

Wood side apartment

To your left is a map of the apartment, pick it up. Head to apartment number 205. There, take the flashlight and kill the monster. Go up to the third floor. Behind the bars you will see the key, as soon as you try to get it, a little girl will run up and push it away. Now you can’t reach him ... Go to apartment number 301. Take the gun from the shopping cart. Get down to the second floor. You will hear a noise. Go to apartment number 208. Behind the bars stands a strange creature with a pyramid on its head. You can’t be afraid of him until he does no harm to you. Go into the apartment, check the corpse and pick up the key to the apartment №202 from the shelf.
Go to apartment No. 202, with the key found, open the door. Go to the room in which the butterflies fly. Remove the watch key from the hole in the wall. Go to apartment No. 208, with the key open the door of the watch. Set the clock hands to 21:10. You will hear a click. Move the clock back and go into the next apartment through a hole in the wall. Go up to the third floor. Take the very key to the fire escape that the girl threw away. Go to apartment number 307. After a small scene, pick up the key to the courtyard, which lies next to you. Go to the first floor from the south side. Take a pack of juice. Rise to the second floor to the garbage chute - there is something stuck. Throw a bag of juice to push through an item. Go outside and look at the trash bag. Take an Old Man coin and read the newspaper. Go to the yard. Go down to the pool, kill the monsters, and take the Snake coin from the stroller. Go to apartment number 101. Go to the restroom, from which sounds are heard, talk to Eddie. Rise to the second floor. Open the key to the fire escape door. Jumping out the window, you find yourself in the neighboring Blue Creek Apartment building.
Go to the toilet. Remove the wallet from the toilet. Go to the next room in which there is a safe. In order to open it, you will need the code that is in the wallet that you just took. Depending on the level of complexity of the riddles you have chosen, the code can be of several types. One of the simplest looks like this: 01 >> 02> 19. You will need to turn the handle of the safe, following the arrows, and stop at the appropriate numbers. The code can be of this form: h >> X3> XX. This means the following: h is replaced by the number 8, because h - the eighth letter in the English alphabet. X3 is 13, because X - 10, and 10 + 3 = 13. Also, XX - 20.
Note: In some Russified pirated versions of the game, the code is not displayed, and you can watch the following entry: >>> Like 5

general information

The release date for Silent Hill 2 on PS2 is September 24, 2001.

The release date for Silent Hill 2 on PC is December 2, 2002.

Developer: Team Silent. Publisher: Konami.

The best game in the Silent Hill series.

Designation in the text:

Ammunition - ammunition, a new weapon.

Preservation - A place where you can save the game through the red leaf.

Therapeutic tincture, first-aid kit, ampoule - a medical subject.

The key is the plot subject.