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How to remove and replace windshield wipers on a car, mounting methods

For mounting wiper blades various types of mounts are currently used. Usually this is due to the desire of manufacturers to have additional earnings on spare parts, although some mounting options are much smaller than others, which improves the aerodynamic resistance of the brushes and improves the appearance. Until 1999, most automakers produced cars with standard wiper mounts - "hook". This type of mount is currently the most common. In 1999 Ford equipped its Taurus with a new mount, and then almost all automakers began to equip their cars with various "tricky" mounts. Until recently, Japanese manufacturers refrained from such steps, although the first cases already exist - for example, Nissan Quashqai, Honda Civic and Mazda 3.

Replacement Instructions

The process and method of replacing wipers is identical on all vehicles and is not at all complicated. Wiper Replacement Instructions:

  1. It is necessary to determine the level of wear of the wipers. Carefully inspect the three elements of the part: the lever from below, the metal blade near the lever and the rubber brush itself. Most often it is the brushes that change, since they wear out most of all due to the friction of rubber on glass. If the rubber has worn out, it is easy to see during operation, the brush does not clean the glass well from snow and dirt.
  2. Need to purchase blades for replacement. It is necessary to measure the length of the rubber seals with a tape measure, and when choosing new brushes, adhere to the old values. When buying, you need to know that the length of the rubber brushes between them may differ.
  3. Lift the steel lever while holding it vertically with respect to the wind window. It is necessary to take into account that this system is on a spring, and at any moment the brush can hit the window and break it. Remove the worn rubber and carefully inspect the joint between it and the steel handle. The connection should be a plastic retainer, with the help of which a rubber base is attached. Gently press the clip and remove the worn brush from the base. There are "wipers" mounted on a hook.
  4. When changing rubber, you need to watch so that the lever itself is at the greatest distance from the window. To protect it, you can put a soft cloth on it. We fix the purchased wiper: insert a brand new rubber brush in place of the worn one, and fix it until it clicks.
  5. The same needs to be done with another wiper. Check the amount of brushes. If one was longer and the other shorter, then mount the new kit, therefore the principle.
  6. If the wipers do not function, but you need to change them, then raise the hood and find the black cap on the front axle of the lever, slightly pry it up and remove. The lever is removed with a strong movement, as if pulled from a small spline connection. When mounting the old system back, install the levers so that the element on the left is six centimeters below the windshield.
  7. The “Janitor” on the right is set identically, focusing on the marking, which is located under the wind window. Getting to the installation of "wipers", install the system engine in its original place.

Types of mounting wiper blades

Types of mounting wiper blades:

  • Hook or Hook, J-hook. This mount is available for a long time, it is a multifunctional mount, designated "U". Its values ​​are different, but very popular - 9X3, 9X4.
  • "Side pin" or "S>

Manufacturers of car wipers without carcasses went in different ways. The release of the "janitors" with special fasteners for certain brands of cars. So do the companies "BOSCH" and "Valeo".

The advantages of this method is the closure of the fasteners, you can also take into account the curvature of the windshield of certain brands of cars. The disadvantages include a wide selection of modifications, which makes their choice more difficult, and the cost is higher.

Wiper Release with universal fasteners. The advantage is the great versatility of the "wipers" and the ease of choice for any car. The disadvantage is poor aerodynamics, in comparison with special fasteners and the difficulty of installation.

How to remove frameless wipers

On many current cars, frameless wipers are installed, consisting of a plate for pressing, a tape for cleaning and a lever.

The quality of cleaning the wind window will depend on how tightly and evenly pressed “wipers” along the entire length of the cleaning tape.

On various brands of cars the wipers mounts are different. One of the easy ways to remove the brushes: put the guide along with the wiper perpendicular to the glass, rotate it 90 ° and remove the rubber brush from the base, which holds it with a pin.

There are modifications to the wipers, which are not easy to remove. You need to put the “janitor” perpendicularly, bend the two tabs that are inside the wiper, and at the same time remove the rubber in the direction of the rocker arm.

If the car owner performs the wiper change himself, without unnecessary help, then to verify the installation, we recommend several times to carry out installation and dismantling of the “wipers”.

If you cannot replace the wipers yourself, then it is best ask for help to a specialized center, to professionals.

In winter, when the windshield is covered with ice or snow, before replacing the wipers need to clean it with a scraper. Otherwise, you can damage the rubber on the brush and the wiper mechanism when they are turned on. Turn on the heater of the wind window and direct a stream of warm air on the rubber brushes so that they freeze.