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What is Evernote and how to use it

Today, people are surrounded by a huge amount of information that can be useful in many areas. It is absolutely impossible to remember and learn such a volume of data if you do not have any phenomenal talents. Because business people use notebooks. Ordinary little books for recordings have long lost their former popularity and relevance, because we now live in the period of digital technology, when special programs are used for reliable and safe data storage.

What is the Evernote service? This question is asked by many people who really value time. In fact, there is nothing complicated - using this software, you can significantly increase productivity. This is what is described below.

"Evernote" is a service designed to store all kinds of notes. In the event that you regularly deal with a lot of data and do not want to miss even the smallest details, this application will appeal to you.

This application has a ton of features. At first glance, it probably seems that this online service is difficult to use, but in reality everything is completely different. Yes, there are several ways to use this software, but each user configures Evernote according to their own tasks. User reviews indicate that this service improves work efficiency and allows you to control a lot of moments.

Description of Evernote

Previously, people wrote down the necessary information in paper notebooks and notebooks. In them, they indicated phone numbers, email addresses, lists of workers, etc. But the notebooks gradually ran out, and people had to start new ones. As a result, important information was often lost, or it took a long time to find it.

Now you can remove your paper data carriers somewhere far away and try the functionality of the Evernout service, which allows you to store information. Try to imagine that you are slowly walking through the park and suddenly an interesting idea has occurred in your head, for example, for an article or business. You do not have a notebook with you, but you can get your smartphone, launch the Evernote application and quickly create the necessary note.

After you come home and start up a personal computer, the recorded recording can be immediately seen, because this service allows you to synchronize several devices at once. This is just one example of a service application.

What is Evernote?

Evernote - This is an electronic organizer that is always at hand. Fill it on the computer and mobile phone, and voila. All the entries, no matter what gadget you make them, automatically synced. The main thing is that there is a connection to the Internet.

Let's say you fly to a foreign city, where you need a list of hotels. You find it from your computer, copy it to Evernote, and at the same time it is in your pocket.

Or, going to the supermarket, make a shopping list. In order not to write it on a piece of paper, which is also easy to lose, write the entire list in Evernote. And you will have it at hand during the raid to the store.

By the way, the first drafts of this article I wrote on the phone just in Evernote.

It can store almost all types of files, not just texts:

I use all of these options. I write down new thoughts, save useful materials, keep to-do lists, transfer photos from my phone to my computer without USB cords.

In other words, this is a place where you can save all kinds of ideas, memos. Evernote will not forget or lose anything. Meanwhile, at any time, you can turn to the program for the information you need.

Advantages of Evernote

1. Easy search.

Imagine a plain paper notebook. No matter how many records are made there, they all go one after another. And quickly finding something right becomes quite difficult. Using Evernote is convenient in that you can structure all your notes into thematic notebooks.

Name them as you like for personal convenience. Documents are not stored in a chaotic manner, which greatly simplifies the search.

2. Comfortable storage format.

Whether you like printed text or handwritten - everything is in your power. Or maybe it’s easier to say a note to the recorder? So it’s easy.

3. No need to hang on the Internet.

Now is the time when just crazy flows of information flow around us. And before, having stumbled upon something interesting, I did not allow myself not to figure it out immediately, not to read it to the end. I completely forgot about the time, which resulted in certain troubles.

Now, if I saw something exciting on the network, but I understand that there is no time to delve into it, I copy the material to Evernote in order to return to it at a more convenient moment.

4. There is Internet - there is access.

When the phone is at hand - no problem. But sometimes it can happen that you are visiting, and the phone is down. What if you urgently need to view something in Evernote?

And all you have to do is remember your username and password entered during registration. You visit the official website, enter them and here you are in a notebook.

And since I mentioned the official site, then it's time to get acquainted with the registration algorithm.

Register at Evernote

Registration in Evernote starts with downloading the program. She is freely available. Go to the official website, click "DOWNLOAD EVERNOTE».

The program downloads, and you need to take a couple of familiar steps to install on your computer. There is nothing complicated, everything is easy and clear. But if complications arise, you can turn to tips.

Next, open the application.

At the first opening, you need to register an account. Here you will see that there is a paid and free connection option.

I recommend the second method. Many, like me, use it. You don’t have to pay anything to anyone, but the functionality is almost the same as on the paid one.

But there are some differences.

What is the difference: free, paid?

To be more precise, the options for using Evernote are not 2, but 3 (Even 4. There is still a Business option):

You don’t have to pay only for one, but you will have to pay for the other 2. The main difference between the versions is the restrictions on the monthly amount of data entered on the server.

In the free version, which is called Evernote basic, This size is 60MB. And for me, for now, this is more than enough. I dare to assume, and this will be quite enough for you, at least at first. Because later, judging by me, who is working more and more intensively with Evernote, then, most likely, sooner or later the day will come when these 60 MB will not seem enough to me.

The second option is Evernote plus. It will cost 999 rubles per year. But personally, I do not mind this money for such a useful assistant. The amount of data has been increased to 1GB per month, an Internet connection is not necessary for access to records, the phone has password protection for notes, you can send emails. As you can see, the potential is already significantly greater.

The third and most expensive way is even more interesting. He is called Evernote Premium and costs 1990 rubles per year. The volume of downloads per month reaches 10GB. For personal use, it seems to me that this is even too much.

But on the corporate network - quite by the way. In addition, you can search for office attachments and documents, present notes, digitize scans, make notes in PDF files, return to old versions of notes, view information similar to the notes you entered. All notebooks are good, choose, as they say, to taste.

Mobile version of Evernote

Well, the hardest part is behind. Evernote is installed on your computer and your account is ready to go. Now it's time to download and run a similar service on the phone. Otherwise, the primary idea of ​​the program - to remember everything - loses its meaning.

The easiest way to do this is to go to the application store, on any phone it is installed by the manufacturer. We go there, type Evernote in the search bar, find it and download it.

After downloading, tear it off and enter your username and password. Actually, this has been done. Now all the resources of this wonderful service work on the phone. Unless the interface is adapted for the mobile version. But that is not all.

Web Clipper Evernote

What kind of web clipper is this?

This is the same Evernote, but in the form of an extension for the browser. Search for “Evernote Web Clipper for” and install the extension.

What is your browser?

You can download the extension for both Safari and Google Chrome. Restart your browser, it will display the Evernote icon in the upper right.

The advantage of the described tool is that to save it is not necessary to select and copy materials from the Internet. Being on the page of interest, you just need to click on the Evernote icon, and in the drop-down menu click on the appropriate type of save.

You can completely save the entire page, or just the article itself from it. But sometimes you need only part of the article, then why overload the memory?

Save only the desired fragment. Select “Simplified article”, select what interests you and click “Save”.

It is also permissible to take a screenshot, for which there is a “Screenshot” button, and the bookmark for the page is the “Bookmark” button. Now the program is ready to work, and you can try yourself in creating notes.

How to create notes in Evernote

Create a notepad.

At first, the program has only one main notebook. All new notes will be saved to it by default. But for convenience, it’s better to create several different notebooks for a particular group of notes, united by a common theme.

Creating a notebook is extremely simple. Right click on item «Notepads» and in the drop-down menu click "Create a new notebook".

By default, it will be called - a new notebook. Rename it right away so you don’t get confused later.

All. The creation of notebooks in Evernote in the right amount is now finished. Now they can be filled with notes of different types and sizes.

Text note.

To create a text note, press the button at the top of the screen "New note".

In the drop-down menu, select the item of the same name "New note". This will be the text that can be printed.

An input field opens to the right. Here you can either print everything you want, or paste the copied text. At the top of the field, enter a name and you're done. The note will be saved automatically, for this you do not need to press additional buttons (they do not even exist).

After completing the input, you can change the notebook to which you want to save the new entry. Above the input field there is a button with the name of the current notebook. If you want, create a new notebook. How to do this is already said a little higher.

Handwritten note.

If you want to write something by hand, or rather, "by mouse," then select this subsection in the menu of the new note. A field for input will open in the form of a yellow window imitating a paper lined sheet.

At the top of the field print the name, the note is automatically saved. Now you can write any text or draw a graph, for example.

Audio note.

From the name it’s clear that here we will speak into the microphone. Well, or sing if the mood is good.

In the menu of the new note, select the subitem "New audio note". A new dialog box appears in the box on the right. There is a blue “Record” button, a sound indicator, a volume slider, a timer and a “Cancel” button on it.

For recording, a microphone or a webcam with a built-in microphone must be connected to the computer.

If the microphone is connected and ready to go, you can start. Click on the button "Record". She turns into a red button "Save". So the record has gone.

After completing the recording, click on "Save»And the audio file is automatically saved to the selected notebook. By default, the name is assigned in the form of the word Evernote and a set of numbers. The name, of course, can be changed right there.

The format of the .wav file itself. You can listen to it, and if you are not satisfied, delete and record again.

Note from webcam.

This sub-item allows you to take photos of your loved one from a webcam and immediately save them to Evernote.

Of course, a working webcam should be connected to the computer. When you click on the "New webcam note"A window opens where you see yourself, below the button"To take a photo"And"Cancel».

Click "To take a photo"And a preliminary version of the photo appears. After that, a new button “AddSave to Evernote».

But if you didn’t like the photo, then without saving you can immediately try again. To do this, while the photo is not saved, the button "To take a photo"Turns into a button"Take a photo again". Click on it and try again. And so on until you achieve the desired result.

New screenshot.

In this way, you can very quickly and simply take screenshots of the screen. The peculiarity is that Evernote does not take pictures of itself. Here you can make a screen of any other open window.

Therefore, first go to the desired tab - to the browser or some open document, and then, going to Evernote, select the subitem "New screenshot».

You will automatically go to the last active tab, where you can use the cursor to select the desired area for the picture.

After the picture is completed, a window for editing our image opens.

In it you can highlight the text with color, circle an object in a frame, blur a part of the image, insert text.

No need to additionally open a screenshot in Photoshop and bring it to mind there. Everything is at hand. When you have made all the necessary changes, just close the edit window and the note is saved in Evernote.

After creating any kind of note, it is automatically saved on the server and, accordingly, will appear on the phone in a short time. But if you need to urgently open a note on the phone, then click the "Synchronization", And immediately there will be an update of the contents of Evernote on all devices.

You can add a tag to each note.

It further simplifies the search. This will especially become relevant when there are a lot of records.

A couple more pleasant moments

This is how all notes are created. Easy, right?

For greater accessibility, there is a tab “in the left menu of the screenShortcuts". It is convenient when you plan to return to some records more often than to others. Just drag these notes from the list into the shortcut area and they will always be in a prominent place.

Another property that business partners use is the ability to share files. That is, someone who also has an Evernote account can access your notebooks. And vice versa. To share a notebook, you need to right-click on the desired notebook and select "Share Notepad».

A new window pops up, in which it is enough to enter the addresses of the recipient's mailboxes separated by commas. Then, just below we select the permissions of the recipients - they can either only read the notebook or edit. And also in a separate field, you can leave a text message that recipients will receive by mail.

On this I will end.

In this article, I would like to tell you what Evernote is to convey to you its admiration for the program and its irreplaceable functions for any person. I hope I succeeded, and now at least you want to try this service in practice.

All the best and success in mastering new opportunities.

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Types of Notebooks

It is worth starting with this. Yes, of course, you can save all notes in a standard notebook, but then the whole essence of this service is lost. So, notebooks are needed, first of all, for organizing notes, more convenient navigation on them. Also related notebooks can be grouped into so-called “Kits”, which is also useful in many cases. Unfortunately, unlike some competitors, Evernote has only 3 levels (Notebook set - notepad - note), and this is sometimes not enough.

Also note that in the screenshot above, one of the notebooks is highlighted with a lighter name - it is a local notebook. Это значит, что заметки из него не будут загружаться на сервер и останутся только на вашем устройстве. Такое решение полезно сразу в нескольких ситуациях:

1. В данном блокноте некая очень приватная информация, которую вы боитесь отправлять на чужие сервера
2.Saving traffic - there are very weighty notes in the notebook that very quickly “gobble up” the monthly traffic limit
3. Finally, you simply do not need to synchronize some notes, since they may only be needed on this particular device. It can be, for example, recipes on the tablet - you are unlikely to cook somewhere other than home, right?

Creating such a notebook is simple: click “File” and select “New local notebook”. After that, you only need to indicate the name and move the notebook to the desired location. Regular notebooks are created through the same menu.

Interface setup

Before proceeding to the immediate creation of notes, we give a little advice - configure the toolbar in order to quickly get to the functions and types of notes you need in the future. This is easy to do: right-click on the toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar”. After that, you just need to drag the items you need to the panel and place them in the order you like. For greater beauty, you can also use separators.

Text note

In fact, you cannot call this type of notes simply “text”, because here you can attach images, audio recordings and other attachments. So, this type of note is created by simply clicking on the “New note” button highlighted in blue. Well, then you have complete freedom. You can start typing. In this case, you can adjust the font, size, color, text attributes, indentation and alignment. When listing something, bulleted and digital lists will be very useful. You can also create a table or split the contents with a horizontal line.

Separately, I would like to note a rather interesting function "Code Snippet". When you click on the corresponding button, a special frame appears in the note, into which it is worth inserting a piece of code. Undoubtedly pleased that almost all functions can be accessed through hot keys. If you master at least the basic ones, the process of creating a note becomes noticeably nicer and faster.

Audio notes

This type of note will be useful if you like talking more than writing. It starts as easy - with a separate button on the toolbar. The controls in the note itself are at least “Start / Stop Recordings”, the volume slider and “Cancel”. You can immediately listen to a freshly created recording, or save it to a computer.

Handwritten note

This type of notes will undoubtedly be useful to designers and artists. It should be noted right away that it is better to use it if you have a graphic tablet, which is simply more convenient. Of the tools here are quite familiar pencil and calligraphy pen. For both of them, you can choose one of six width options, as well as color. There are 50 standard shades, but besides them you can create your own.

I would like to note the "Shape" function, when used, your scribbles are converted into neat geometric shapes. Also, a separate description is the tool "Cutter". Behind the unusual name is the quite familiar “Eraser”. At least the function is the same - deleting unnecessary objects.


I think there’s nothing even to explain here. Poke "Screenshot", select the desired area and edit in the built-in editor. Here you can add arrows, text, various shapes, select something with a marker, blur the area that you want to hide from prying eyes, mark or crop the image. Most of these tools adjust the color and line thickness.

Create a reminder

Some notes, obviously, need to be remembered at a strictly defined point. That’s why such a wonderful thing as “Reminders” was created. Click on the appropriate button, select the date and time and ... that's it. The program itself will remind you of the event at the specified hour. Moreover, the notification is not only displayed with a notification, but can also come in the form of an email. A list of all reminders is also displayed as a list above all notes in the list.

Sharing Notes

Evernote, for the most part, is used by fairly hardcore users, who sometimes need to send notes to colleagues, customers, or anyone else. You can do this simply by clicking on "Share", after which you need to select the option you want. This can be sending to social networks (Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn), sending it by e-mail or simply copying the URL link that you are free to distribute as you like.

Here it is worth noting the possibility of working together on a note. To do this, you need to change the access settings by clicking the corresponding button in the "Share" menu. Invited users can either simply view your note, or fully edit and comment on it. To make you understand, this function is useful not only in the work team, but also in school or in the family. For example, in our group there are several general notebooks devoted to study, where various materials for couples are thrown off. Conveniently!

Do I need Evernote?

So what is this Evernote program? And why is it needed at all? At first glance, this is an ordinary notebook, of which there are a huge number of both the AppStore and the Play Store, and there are also built-in notes on iOS. But here the tools are much wider.

Look at the advantages of this application compared to other notebooks and decide for yourself if you need Evernote:

  • synchronization with other devices, which means that you can access important information anytime, anywhere,
  • the ability to store notes, photos and videos,
  • all data is stored in the cloud so that it will never be lost,
  • unlimited possibilities absolutely free
  • The application is supported on all devices and for all operating systems,
  • the presence of special web clippers that help you save your favorite necessary materials from the Internet.

As you can see, Evernote on your phone and any other media will become for you an indispensable assistant!


One of the advantages of Evernote is the ability to read notes from any electronic device (tablet or desktop computer, smartphone, etc.). You can open Evernote anywhere and see a to-do list. There are versions for almost all operating systems.

By installing an additional extension to the computer browser, you can save the entire web page or only part of the text. It is also interesting that Evernote allows you to create synchronization not only with devices, but also with different browser programs, which is also very important.

You can create up to two and a half hundred notebooks in which there will be separate notes. The service has an excellent search, so finding the right information is not difficult. For this, special tags are additionally applied.

The only drawback of Evernote is that the application has only a couple of levels of attachments. In simple words, then in one notebook you can create another one, but it will not work to invest another.

Registration and installation

First you need to go to the official website of the service. There you should click on the “Register” item, after which it remains only to specify the password and email address. Then click the Create Account button.

Next, you need to download the program to your computer by clicking the special icon. Click on the file to install and accept the terms of use of the program. Click “Install” and wait until the installation process is complete.

Run the application, enter your email and password, then click on the “Login” item. If you have not completed the registration procedure, click on the item “I do not have an account yet”.

From this we can conclude that you can register with Evernote using two methods - after installation and before.

Interface Features

At first, the interface of this program may seem too confusing, but you can easily figure it out. Run the application. You will see several areas:

  • In the middle are icons of notebooks, notes, etc. Using a special function, you can change the display option (cards, fragments, list).
  • On the left side is a list of tags, notebooks, notes and chat (in updated programs).
  • In the right part - directly note and options inherent in Word (plates, fonts). It is possible to attach a file or make a note in voice.

In addition, in the service menu, you can create a “Reminder”, as well as send the entire notebook or a separate note to other users. If the application is used immediately multiple people, you can add multiple users and quickly switch between them.

Data structuring

So that you can quickly and easily find the necessary note, they are placed in separate notebooks. Also, each individual record can be assigned a label. Operational access Notes is provided by the Shortcuts feature.

Make a notebook and give it a name, for example, "Wallets on the Internet." Here you can create a note that will contain information about your electronic wallets - Yandex.Money, WebMoney, etc. From now on, if you need to specify this information on a particular resource, you can simply copy the data from previously created notes, then insert in the appropriate field.

You can create other folders (notepads) - business plans, travel plans, to-do list, etc.

Evernote Web Clipper Extension

If you want to save some interesting or important information from the Internet, you can use the Web Clipper extension and save it to Evernote. At the same time, the page can be saved completely, including links, pictures, etc.

To install this useful addition to your browser program, go to the official website of the service and select the appropriate menu item. Using the extension is quick and easy.

Features of paid versions of the program

In addition to the main version, users have the opportunity to take advantage of additional features that are paid. Their advantages can be divided into two types:

  1. Plus - you can get an additional one gigabyte of space for publishing notes (only sixty megabytes are given in the free program). In mobile gadgets, you can set the application lock. You will also have access to notes offline.
  2. Premium - there are no restrictions regarding the location. In addition, you can take advantage of absolutely all the features of Evernote, a list of which can be seen on the official portal.

In fact, if you are dealing only with text type data, then for your purposes the ordinary version is quite sufficient. However, in situations where you need to save videos, photos or other “massive” files, it is recommended to register a paid version.

Recommendations for using Evernote

Are you interested in the capabilities of the service and made a firm decision to install Evernote on your personal computer and mobile device? Before using of this software, you should heed the following recommendations.

  1. Firstly, it is better to install the program immediately on all available devices, so that you can access all the necessary data at any time. Believe me, installing Evernote for Android and Windows, you will not regret it. This is best done before removing Evernote from one of the devices, otherwise you will lose important information.
  2. Secondly, come up with a good and strong password that you will use to enter the program. If you store important codes in Evernote, for example, from bank cards, etc., then be sure to use encryption (this option works successfully in the program).
  3. Thirdly, use only licensed programs that are downloaded from the official site, because now there are scammers on the Web who will be very happy to receive important passwords and other information at their disposal, offering alternatives to licensed software.

You now have information about what Evernote is for.

Features overview and operating instructions

  1. To understand how to work with Evernote, you should immediately understand that all your notes will be stored in notebooks. Simply put, notepad is the folder where you put notes. These folders can be as many as you like. All this greatly simplifies life: you will always know where and what you have.

  1. If you do not want to pack your notes on notebooks, a miraculous search will save you.

  1. Continuing with the peculiar review of Evernote, it is worth mentioning such a convenient function as a photo note. In a ready-made recording, you can put a pre-made frame or take a picture directly from the application.

By the way, Evernote on the phone or on other devices can find a note by the word in the photo. This is very convenient if you are dealing with countless different materials, and you need to fish out urgently and very important information.

  1. For convenience and speed, you can use voice messages. The very thing is when on the run you need to save important data.
  2. If you work in a team, then using Evernote for several participants is a great option! Add your team members and work on the task together. Or invite your colleagues in the workshop and share useful links and thoughts with each other. By the way, access can even be without the Internet.

  1. Evernote instructions also include a reminder and to-do list. With such tools your work will be many times more effective. Put checkmarks in front of completed tasks, and notifications that can be configured at the top right will help not to forget about what was planned.

Now everything important is at your fingertips, always and everywhere. Organize yourself and you will be happy!

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As you can see, using Evernote is quite easy, you just have to spend a little time setting up the interface and learning about hot keys. I’m sure that after just a few hours of use, you can definitely decide whether you need such a powerful note-maker or whether you should pay attention to analogues.

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