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How to wash a leather jacket at home

Beautiful, stylish and practical leather clothing has a special place in the wardrobe of both men and women. Like any other clothing, genuine leather jackets and raincoats get dirty over time and lose their attractive appearance, which can only be returned by local cleaning. It is not recommended to wash a leather jacket either in a typewriter or by hand. Another thing is if the product is made of artificial leather. In this case, things can be washed both manually and automatically, but certain conditions must be observed.

Why is it impossible to wash a leather jacket?

For tailoring jackets usually use skins of merino or coarse-haired sheep. Natural material is subjected to a special finish, which includes several stages:

  1. salt treatment - prevents decay during long-term transportation,
  2. tanning - a process aimed at killing bacteria,
  3. coloring - gives the skin the desired shade.

To provide the skin with strength and stop the processes of protein decomposition, its pores are filled with tannin. Depending on the type of tanning, this can be willow or oak bark, fats of marine animals and fish, and chromium compounds. Sometimes tanning agents are combined.

A real leather jacket is afraid of exposure to water and detergents. If genuine leather is washed in a machine with the addition of washing powder or gel, the structure of the material will be violated, as its impregnating composition will be washed. As a result, the product will lose its softness and natural luster, the leather surface is deformed, many folds and creases will appear. The paint is likely to peel off. It will not be possible to repair a damaged product.

Despite the fact that not a single manufacturer of genuine leather jackets recommends - and, moreover, categorically prohibits - washing such products, there are craftsmen who supposedly manage to spin a thing in the washing machine and take out a clean, like new, jacket. Most likely, the thing that has been washed is not made of leather, but of leatherette, which is fairly easy to wash in the car and manually.

Rules for the care of outerwear made of leather

In order for leather jackets and coats to serve for many years, it is necessary to observe the rules of storage, socks and care:

  1. Genuine leather products are desirable Do not wear during rainy weather or wet snow. The owner will feel comfortable, but the jacket may suffer. Material from contact with moisture coarsens and deforms, especially if it is not well made and not treated with water-repellent agents.
  2. If you are still exposed to rain or snow, at home wipe leather clothes with a damp, clean cloth and then wipe dry. A wet jacket is best dried in places where air is constantly circulating. Heavy objects should be removed from pockets so that the material does not stretch. You can not accelerate the drying process with a hairdryer or heating devices, as well as hanging clothes in direct sunlight.
  3. If your outer clothing is slightly dirty or covered with dust, you can clean its surface with a damp soft cloth. If this method does not help, use a sponge dipped in a mild soapy solution. Brush and other hard surfaces are not recommended..
  4. Leather material requires periodic treatment with special formulations containing fat or glycerin. Then he will maintain an attractive appearance. In addition, water-repellent agents must be applied to the skin to close its pores. Glycerin composition can be prepared independently. Dilute glycerin with warm water in a 1: 1 ratio. Moisten a sponge with the composition and treat the surface of the skin to restore shine and attractive appearance.
  5. Collar in contact with human skin, therefore its surface especially polluted. To remove dirt and clean the collar of sweat, wet the sponge with soapy water, then gently treat the surface of the material. To remove soap residue, wipe clean skin with a clean, damp cloth. Wipe off any remaining moisture with a dry towel or napkin.
  6. Dry cleaning methods are suitable for things made of genuine leather and leatherette more than washing. It is possible to wash a leather jacket in a washing machine only in case of urgent need, not more than once a year. In this case, the mode should be gentle.

This video tells you how to properly store and care for a leather jacket:

Genuine leather jacket cleaning

A genuine leather product will withstand only local cleaning. The collar, cuffs, pockets, lining - that is, highly soiled areas - must be carefully treated with a soft sponge or a brush dampened in a soapy composition, without immersing the product in the whole water.

Here are some ways to get rid of all kinds of contaminants at home:

  • A leather jacket is considered demi-season clothing, and in autumn or spring, it is especially likely to be exposed to rain or wet snow. Returning after such a walk, you need to wet a cotton towel in warm water and wipe the surface of the clothes. So it will be possible to wash away traces of raindrops, street dust and get rid of other frivolous pollution. Do not use purchased wet wipes for cleaning, as they almost always contain alcohol - they will leave matte marks on shiny material.
  • The washed jacket should be left for several hours to dry. If you put on a freshly processed wet product, it may stretch.
  • Using glycerin, you can mask cracks and scuffs that often appear on leather clothes after prolonged use. To do this, moisten a cotton pad with glycerin and gently wipe the damaged areas.
  • A nail polish remover (only without acetone) or vegetable oil will help to cope with the stain from the paint. In the second case, it should be borne in mind that after the paint disappears, it will be necessary to remove greasy traces.
  • Oil or grease stains can be removed with a mixture of potato starch and gasoline. The ingredients are taken in equal amounts, mixed to the state of the paste and applied to the place of contamination. After 10-15 minutes, when the composition is completely absorbed, the starch is shaken off and the surface of the product is wiped with a dry cloth.

Having leather clothes, it is worthwhile to purchase one of the many stain removers that are inexpensive, but can easily cope with many types of stains. For example, a PATERRA pencil to remove stains from fabric and leather.

How to wash a leather jacket at home

If dry cleaning of a leather jacket does not help, and there is simply no other option than washing in a washing machine, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Remove items from your pockets.
  2. Fasten all buttons or zippers, turn the product inside out.
  3. Select the most gentle washing mode, such as Hand Wash, Wool Wash, or Delicate Wash.
  4. Do not use regular powder for washing, as it will leave streaks on the surface. Use a liquid detergent or powder specifically designed for washing wool.
  5. Choose the lowest possible water temperature not exceeding +40 ℃.
  6. Squeeze the product, setting the number of revolutions of the drum no more than 400.
  7. After washing, hang the jacket on the coat hanger and dry as described above.
  8. Restore the color using tinting agents for the skin, and then treat the jacket with glycerin and a water-repellent composition.

It should be remembered that the condition of the product depends on how well processed genuine leather or made artificial material. Not every manufacturer places badges on the product tag that allow you to wash a leather jacket. If, contrary to recommendations, you still decide to expose your leather clothing to such a treatment, remember that it may lose its shape and color.

How to tidy the lining?

The inside of the jacket is no less dirty than the outside. The fabric lining absorbs sweat and odors, therefore, periodically requires cleaning. Unlike skin, it can be washed. For this, it is necessary to gently spread the places of tissue attachment and separate the top of the product from its inner part.

It’s good if a label is kept on the jacket, which indicates the composition of the lining material and indicates how to properly care for it. Otherwise, wash in a gentle mode: manually, in cool water, without aggressive detergents. After the lining has dried, it is ironed and sewn into place.

Of course, not everyone will cope with such work, since such work requires the experience and skills of a tailor. If neither one nor the other is available, it is better to take the item to the workshop, where a new lining is sewn.

The lining can be washed without separating from the jacket. To do this, do the following:

  1. turn the product inside out,
  2. hang the jacket on your shoulders above the bath
  3. draw warm water into a basin and add a little liquid soap or gel,
  4. moisten the sponge in soapy water and clean the inside of the jacket with it, moving from top to bottom,
  5. when the cleaning is finished, you need to dial in a container of cold water, add 1 tbsp. l vinegar and repeat the treatment, removing residual detergent.

Having soaked the seamy cloth with a terry towel, remove excess fluid and leave the jacket to dry.

Delicate hand wash

Hand washing is not as risky for leather products as even the most delicate washing machine program. To wash a leather jacket manually as follows:

  • fill the container with warm water having a temperature of no more than +40 ℃,
  • add liquid detergent, soap or gel with which you wash the dishes, and then froth,
  • add from there 50 to 100 g of table vinegar,
  • soak the jacket in water and carefully treat its surface with a soft sponge,
  • rinse the product in clean water,
  • gently wring out without twisting the material,
  • To remove excess moisture, pat the entire surface of the jacket with a clean, dry towel.
  • For drying, hang the product on a coat hanger in a ventilated place.

In what mode to wash an artificial leather jacket?

Saying "leather jacket", often mean a product made of leather. In fact, high-quality artificial leather is very difficult to distinguish from genuine, as these materials are so similar in structure.

Leatherette clothes can be washed in the machine and with your hands. But it is necessary to observe some rules:

  • The artificial leather product is washed separately from other clothes.
  • Before washing, detachable parts are unfastened, zippers and Velcro are closed, the thing is turned inside out, rolled up and placed in a bag.
  • The washing mode is “Delicate” or “Wool”.
  • Water temperature no more than 30 ° С.
  • As a detergent, a gel for washing wool materials is used.
  • The spinning machine must be turned off, and the additional rinse, on the contrary, must be turned on.

After completion of the washing machine, the jacket is removed from the drum and laid out without squeezing on the grate above the bath. When excess water drains, hang on wide shoulders with rounded ends for drying out.

Partial wet processing

If your leather clothes are not very dirty, you can only surface them where there is dirt and stains. To do this, make a soap solution: dilute 1 tbsp in 1 liter of water. l liquid detergent. Using cotton wool, a napkin or a bandage, apply liquid to problem areas.

In a circular motion, use a sponge to remove dirt from the surface of the skin or nubuck. Remove dirt and soap residues with a damp, clean cloth. Finally, wipe the surface with a dry towel or microfiber cloth. Dry the clothes as described above.

After watching the video, you will learn how to perform wet processing of a leather jacket manually:

Wet cleaning a jacket made of light skin

To clean a white leather jacket at home is only possible by hand, while you need to act very carefully. White skin is very sensitive to such influences and easily deteriorates. Clean with the following product: in 1 liter of a solution of water and liquid soap, add 2 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide. Then treat the surface with a sponge moistened with liquid, remove any dirt and moisture, and then dry the jacket.

To whiten the leather surface and restore its softness, in addition to chemicals, you can use the ingredients that are always in the house:

  • boiled milk - moisten a cotton swab with chilled milk and wipe the leather surface,
  • lemon juice - moisten a sponge with it and gently apply to natural or artificial skin (leatherette, eco-leather),
  • chicken egg protein - beat the proteins extracted from several eggs into the foam and apply it with a sponge on the surface of the jacket,
  • colorless cream for leather products - rub it into the skin with a clean cloth or napkin.

Features of washing the lining

In the process of wearing, the lining is soaked and then wiped. Therefore, at least once a year, she needs wet treatment to eliminate an untidy look and an unpleasant odor. Zip the lining as follows:

  • turn the jacket inside out and hang it on your shoulders,
  • separate the lining from the surface of the skin,
  • gently clean the cloth with soap and water,
  • in places where sweat has eaten into the fabric, use a solution of vinegar or ammonia for processing,
  • remove the remaining dirt with a damp cloth and the remaining moisture with a clean, dry towel,
  • hang the jacket in a ventilated place so that the lining is dry.

Removing stains from the surface of the skin

Stains, depending on their origin, are removed in several simple ways:

  1. Traces and white streaks of salt are easily dissolved in a solution of water and vinegar (in a 4: 1 ratio).
  2. Ink stains are removed with alcohol or warm glycerin.
  3. Greasy stains are removed with the usual dishwashing detergent.
  4. Fresh stains from the blood are removed with liquid soap dissolved in water. Old spots will disappear after treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

As you can see, cleaning or washing a leather jacket at home is quite simple. Proper regular care will maintain its original attractive appearance.

How to remove greasy stains from the surface of genuine leather, see the following video:

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На что стоит обратить внимание: меры предосторожности

Some housewives are interested in the question of whether it is possible to wash a leather jacket, whether the material will spoil the moisture. First of all, you should determine the type of skin - whether it is natural, artificial, or made from modern eco-leather. All these tissues have different contact with water.

It is strictly forbidden to wash clothes made of genuine leather in the automatic mode. As a result, the item may lose its suitability and will be unbearable to wear. You can only wash a leather jacket by hand. It is advisable to start such a process after all damage to the surface of the product has been removed. If there are any scratches, scuffs, holes, first give the wardrobe item to the master to fix the defects.

Despite the recommendations not to use the automatic mode for washing leather things, there are always people who practice this way of caring for their clothes. Sometimes the result can be successful, it all depends on the selected washing mode, detergent and the quality of the material.

If you still decide to use the automatic mode to clean up the dirt, find out how you can gently wash your leather jacket so that you don’t have to say goodbye to the thing forever:

  • Use the delicate washing mode, the water temperature should not exceed 30̊ C.
  • Before sending to the drum, fasten all buttons, buttons, zippers on the clothes.
  • For washing, it is better to use a liquid detergent or a special gel. So on a leather jacket white stains do not form, as often happens if you wash dark clothes with powder.
  • Do not use the spin mode, it will inevitably bring clothes into an unusable form. Hang the leather on your shoulders and let the water drain on your own.
  • Dry the product in a well-ventilated place, protected from direct sunlight.

Useful advice: when washing in the washing machine, there is a possibility of damage to the material, cracks and creases may appear on it. To prevent this, put soft cotton T-shirts of the same color with the jacket along with the jacket.

How to clean a jacket

To properly clean a leather jacket without leaving defects on it, read these rules:

  • refuse to use abrasive products, powders and hard brushes that can damage the material,
  • do not use aggressive substances, because they can ruin the skin,
  • to give shine, wipe the surface of the product with an orange peel (the method is not suitable for light leather),
  • any remedy should not be left on the skin for longer than half an hour.

When cleaning leather clothes, consider the type of contamination, the only way to choose an effective product and return the product to suitability.

Ball pen

  • Liquid soap and ammonia. Mix the products in equal proportions, apply to dirt and rub lightly with a soft brush. Remove soap residue with a damp cloth, then wipe the item with a dry waffle towel.
  • Nail polish remover. Paint can be removed from the skin with nail polish remover. Apply to a cotton swab and treat the stain in a circular motion. Use the product without acetone, otherwise it will corrode the skin.
  • Petrol. Moisten a cotton cloth in gasoline and wipe the oil stain. Then, to eliminate the smell of gasoline, treat the skin with a lemon peel.

Salt stains

  • Vinegar. If whitish stains appear on your jacket after the rain, dilute the vinegar in half with water and wipe the material.

Many manufacturers offer special products - napkins, pastes and gels to remove stains of fat and other impurities from different types of skin. They have a softer and more gentle effect on the material, since the composition of the fabric is taken into account.

Recommendations of experts on how to care for leather things will help to keep outerwear attractive for a long time:

  • once a week, the leather product must be wiped with a damp cloth to remove dust and fresh dirt,
  • to return the material to its previous shine and new look, periodically wipe it with glycerin, petroleum jelly or castor oil,
  • when you don’t wear a leather jacket, put on a cover on it and store it in a dry cabinet,
  • hang outer clothing on your shoulders so that creases can be avoided.

Regular proper care and respect for a leather jacket will save you from having to clean and wash it often. And if such a need arose, strictly follow all the recommendations and useful tips of specialists.

How to wash a white jacket

Clothes made of white or light skin require delicate care. The material has one unpleasant feature - under the influence of time and sunlight, it can turn yellow. If you need to freshen up the product, follow such tips as washing a white leather jacket:

  • It is impossible to wash a light leather jacket, but it needs to be treated with a soap solution. To prepare the composition, use liquid baby soap or shampoo, they will not dry the material.
  • Cover the table or floor with a clean cotton cloth, lay a white jacket on top.
  • Moisten a foam sponge in the solution and use the soft side to cover the entire surface.
  • Follow the same steps to remove the soap, but use clean, cool water.
  • At the end of the procedure, wipe the skin with a soft waffle towel.

This method of washing a leather jacket at home can be used to remove dust and surface contaminants from white skin. For more serious care, this method is not suitable.

If periodically for preventive purposes you will treat the skin with raw milk, half diluted with water, it will retain its snow-white color for a long time.

At what temperature do you wash the jacket manually?

For jackets made of leatherette, gentle washing in a manual mode is better suited. Moreover, the less often you resort to such drastic measures, the longer the product will last.

The order of work:

  • a rather large amount of water is collected in a long basin with a temperature of + 30 ° C,
  • diluted liquid detergent without bleach and stain remover,
  • immerse a jacket from leatherette in water and immediately, without soaking, start washing,
  • wipe the lining, collar and cuffs with a soft sponge, pass along the outer surface of the jacket,
  • rinse several times until the water becomes completely transparent.

The washed product is laid out on a grate to remove excess water. The jacket can be rolled up and slightly washed with your hands. Squeezing the product out of faux leather is strictly prohibited.

The jacket is dried, spread out on a horizontal surface or hung on a coat hanger, away from heaters. It is advisable that the surface of the product is not exposed to sunlight.

It is undesirable to iron leatherette, but in case of urgent need you can use an iron with a steam generator, setting the minimum temperature. Ironing is carried out through an additional layer of material and only from the inside.

How to wash the lining

Those who have leather outerwear in their wardrobe know that the inside of the product is more exposed to pollution than its surface. That is why it is advisable to know how to wash only the lining of a leather jacket to refresh a thing.

The lining fabric after prolonged wear becomes greasy and dirty. You have a difficult task - to wash only the inside, without touching the skin.

If you don’t know how to wash the lining fabric of a leather jacket, follow these steps:

  • Turn out the sleeves of outerwear so that the textile is comfortable and safe for outdoor material.
  • Try to separate the wrong side and the front of the product from each other.
  • Prepare a soapy solution for washing: in warm water, dilute liquid soap or powder, add a spoonful of ammonia. Beat the prepared product with your hands in the foam and dampen a foam sponge or a soft brush in it.
  • Carefully clean the surface of the lining. Pay particular attention to the collar area, sleeve cuffs and jacket bottom.
  • Then rinse the brush, soak in clean water and remove any soap from the cloth.
  • Wipe the lining with a dry cotton cloth to complete this care of the leather item.

Leave the jacket in the unscrewed state until it completely dries, laying it on a flat surface face down. You can hang outerwear on a hanger and hang it on a dryer or clothesline.

It is impossible to dry leather goods - both natural and artificial, in the cold, in direct sunlight, near heating appliances.

It so happens that despite all the efforts and caution, while washing the lining, moisture gets on the front side. Under the influence of water, the skin after drying can become tough and rough. To soften the material, you can lubricate it with a thin layer of glycerin, and then wipe the remnants of the product with a dry cloth.

How to care for leather clothes?

Leather clothes are durable, but only with proper care. If you carry things carefully, clean them and store them in time, you won’t have to deal with stained spots or bad mold.

  • Using silicone or acrylic spray can make the skin more moisture resistant. Processing with this agent is carried out several times a year according to the manufacturer's instructions and taking into account the type of skin.
  • To restore the fat balance of dry and rough skin, it is necessary to process leather products with a special conditioner.
  • Polishing will give a shine to the jacket, but may discolor, dry or clog the surface of the skin. It should be used only when necessary, in rare cases.
  • Natural skin must not be wetted, washed, or kept near an open flame.
  • Soft leather hangers should be used to store leather goods. This will prevent wrinkles and stretch marks. A leather jacket is best placed in a closet where it is not too hot and there is good air circulation.

Practical and durable products made of genuine leather will for many years please the owners with their natural shine and beauty, if they are properly looked after. Leather clothes cannot be washed either in the machine or by hands. Local cleaning of the surface and, if necessary, washing or replacing the lining is the only way to return the contaminated product to its neat appearance.

Useful tips and little tricks

Experienced housewives share some tricks on how to properly wash a leather jacket at home, if there is a need to remove various stains. The means at hand come to the rescue:

  • Gel for washing dishes. Suitable for removing stubborn stains that cannot be cleaned with ordinary powder or soap. To renew a thing, just apply a little gel on a sponge, foam and wipe the stain, and then wipe the material with a damp cloth.
  • Potato starch. It is used if necessary to remove greasy stains from a leather jacket. For the procedure, the starch is diluted with water to make a thick slurry, applied to the stain, gently rubbed in a circular motion and left for 15-20 minutes. Then the product is removed, and the entire surface of the skin is wiped with gasoline.
  • Talc and turpentine. Such products are ideal for white skin care. Mix talcum powder and turpentine in equal proportions, mix the leather surface with the mixture, remove the residue, and wipe with a damp cloth. Top can be processed with a slice of lemon, it will give the material shine and whiteness.

Not sure if a leather jacket can be washed by hand? This method of care is allowed, but only if the item is made of quality material. To do this, dilute the liquid detergent in warm water and immerse the contaminated thing in the solution. After half an hour, you need to rinse the jacket in cool water and, without pressing, hang it up for drying. It is strictly forbidden to rub the skin with your hands, trying to remove impurities.

Now you know whether it is possible to wash a leather jacket, which methods and means for such care are better to use.

Eco leather wash

If your wardrobe has outerwear made of high-quality expensive leather, it is better to dry-clean it. This is a more gentle and safer care without causing damage to the material.

To care for eco-leather, use instructions such as washing a leather jacket in a washing machine:

  • Turn out the outer clothing, put it in a bag for washing clothes.
  • Put in the drum, set the temperature to not more than 35̊ C.
  • Pour gel or powder into a special container.
  • After washing, straighten the item and allow it to dry naturally, periodically turning it from side to side.

How to wash a leather jacket manually?

It is better to clean leather goods by hand. This will help to maintain the perfect appearance of the product for a long time. A material such as genuine leather is a fairly susceptible material not only to the large amount of water from which it is deformed, but also to various chemical detergents. Failure to use cleaning products will result in permanent damage to clothing.

In order to wash the product, it is better to take a long basin or draw warm water into the bathroom. Spread a jacket in it and start rubbing the skin across with a soft sponge. No need to exert effort and rub heavily, it can only scratch the fabric. After hand washing, you can not squeeze the jacket, you need to let the water merge on your own.

If you need to iron the jacket, then this can only be done on the side of the gasket and not with a hot iron. A special iron steamer is best suited for these purposes.

How to wash a white leather jacket?

Products made of white or light skin require special attention. They are distinguished by delicacy and any pollution or scratch on the surface of the jacket will immediately be evident. If during a walk along the street in a white leather jacket it suddenly started to rain, then when you come home, you can not immediately hang it in the closet. The outer clothing should first be wiped with a clean dry towel and only then hidden. If you ignore this action, then the skin will begin to crack and peel from the surface over time.

It is not recommended to wash the white leather jacket completely, as there is a high probability that it will be damaged. There are several ways to quickly bring the product in perfect appearance. Among them:

  1. Soap solution. You can make it from a simple shampoo, gel or liquid soap. The composition is applied to a soft sponge, which processes the contaminated area of ​​the jacket. The remnants of this product can only be removed with a damp cloth that has been previously moistened with clean water.
  2. Ammonia. Greasy spots can sometimes form on clothing. This is usually a sleeve cuff or collar. To restore purity to these places, you need to add a small amount of ammonia to the soap solution. After that, treat the dirty areas of the product with a soft cloth moistened with this solution. After cleaning, it is recommended to wipe the jacket completely dry and grease it with petroleum jelly.
  3. Milk. Pour this product into a small container and soak a soft and clean sponge in it. Gently wipe it with a spot of dirt or a stain on the surface. Milk will need to be removed with water, and then wipe the jacket with a napkin or dry towel.
  4. Lemon juice. It must be squeezed onto a sponge or rag and treated with a patch of white jacket on which a stain has formed. As in all previous cases, after the process of cleaning a certain place, it must be moistened with water and wiped dry so that no stains form.

A man in a white leather jacket always looks beautiful and rich. Therefore, these products require special care. In order not to think about how to clean and tidy up such a thing, you need to monitor it from the first day of purchase.

How to restore a leather jacket after a failed wash?

If, for some reason, the washing process has led to the product coming into an inappropriate form, then there are some practical tips on how to reanimate outerwear in a short time. These include:

  • In the event that the surface of the skin is cracked and begins to peel off from prolonged exposure to moisture, then the jacket can be painted. It is very important to choose the right shade.
  • If the gloss of the product is lost, then the thing is wiped with glycerin or oil. This method in the shortest possible time will help to return the appearance that the jacket had immediately after purchase.

If the drying process of a leather jacket is not correct, it loses its shape or begins to deform. If the product is still wet, then you need to carefully lay it out on a horizontal surface according to the initial sewing of the fabric.

Leather Care Tips

Before you think about how to wash a leather jacket, you need to properly care for it initially. This will help prevent damage to the product and extend its life. The following tips will help keep your outerwear in perfect condition:

  • Do not hang a leather jacket near an open fire.
  • It is forbidden to iron clothes with an iron on which high temperature is established.
  • Do not wear leather clothes during rainy weather.
  • Clean up accumulated dust from time to time.
  • Treat the jacket immediately after purchase with special water-repellent agents. They should also be applied after each wash.
  • Если нужно прогладить одежду утюгом, то это делается только со стороны подкладки. Лучше всего в этом случае использовать марлю.

Хорошие и качественные кожаные куртки стоят не дешево. Поэтому, чтобы не пришлось жалеть о потраченных понапрасну деньгах, лучше следить за состоянием своей верхней одежды с первого дня носки. If any dirt or stains are found, they should be removed from the surface immediately. A neat and beautiful appearance will always attract another person.

A short video on how to wash a leather jacket in a washing machine: