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Today you will learn how to learn how to do a somersault yourself

The back flip wheel is a gymnastic or cheerleader skill that allows you to connect skills or transitions into more complex skills. However, for this you need a little practice to master the back somersault wheel, and you must be able to make a solid bridge, handstand, and back to its original position so as not to get hurt. If you are trying to make it at home, you need to make sure that there is a spotter and use a softer surface, such as a large mattress, or even mats if you can.

How to learn to do back flip

Learning this without preparation is dangerous. This is especially dangerous for those who have never engaged in at least a rocking chair in their lives. But if you really want to, then it's worth a try. Be sure to train your legs - start your day with a jump rope: a good “run and jump” is the guarantee that you will not break your neck and jaw, so prepare yourself mentally. Put mats or blankets and tumbling over them - this will help you develop flexibility. To answer the question of how to learn how to do a backflip, a group will help you, which is vital to learn. At first, it is advisable to jump from a hill, only do not forget to lay mats.

How to learn to do a somersault forward

This type of somersault needs to be started; it is basic in nature. Only after it can we move on to more difficult elements. Remember that you need to jump not from the heels, but from the socks - as expected, spring with your heels as if you were 15 again, and you will pass the long jump at school in a physical education lesson. In order to learn how to do the front somersault the most basic thing - not to hit the heels on the floor - you need to land gently.

There are some common points for back and forth flips. Of course, to an unenlightened person they may seem almost identical, but this is absolutely not so: they are completely different. Consider the similarities between these two types of flips. In both types of flips, it is vital to land gently. Torsion is also a very important point in our lesson how to learn how to do a somersault by yourself and the reason for this is simple - it helps to group and do everything as cleverly as possible.

A very important point in doing somersaults is leg training. We wrote about this above. We talked about the fact that it is useful to jump with a skipping rope - and so, it is necessary to try a variety of types of jumps, gradually increasing the height of the jump. Jump, run, swing the press (it helps a lot in taking your legs to where you need to go), do flexibility exercises - these are our tips. A very good exercise for those who want to know how to learn to do a somersault by themselves is jumping with straight outstretched arms. How to do it? We will tell you. You become even, bend your knees - just as you did at school in physical education classes, when you wanted to take the long jump, and jump up with straight arms, trying to entrain your body. Land on your toes, springs, bounce well and land - this will help you develop leg strength. Pay particular attention to the softness and smoothness of landing, it is advisable to do this under supervision: knowledgeable people should correct the technique.

If suddenly there isn’t a good training room with mats or a soft Ikea mattress with a blanket at hand, we recommend that you either go to hell with this thankless task (it’s very easy to break your neck without protection), or find yourself a hole with sand, for example, in many stadiums there is such a joy. Of course, you’ll have to wash your hair much more often, but after all, you need to learn how to learn how to learn how to do a somersault without spending money? Remember about jumping and the need to land gently on both legs.

But seriously, man, it’s very dangerous, really dangerous! Do all these joys under the supervision of a coach, everyone can watch videos on YouTube, only the trouble is that you don’t see yourself from the side, and in general you are very subjective about yourself. If you have never been involved in sports, you have never practiced acrobatics and you weren’t able to walk a wheel, think a few times before you begin to learn how to learn how to do a somersault yourself, because it’s best to do a somersault according to the guidance of a competent person who will support and understand. So, quit this harmful business and go do something serious under the guidance and supervision of a coach.

Somersault at home

In order to hone your mastery of performing somersaults, it is not at all necessary to turn to a professional trainer for help. If a person is physically developed and there are no contraindications for health reasons, nothing prevents him from mastering the skill of doing a somersault on his own with the help of our tips and training videos.

Before proceeding directly to the learning of somersaults, it is important to prepare the whole body first. After all, an unsportsmanlike and inactive person is unlikely to succeed in performing a trick of this kind.

The lower part of the body should be especially strong - so now it’s worth starting to master the technique of squats and lunges. Then add daily light jogging, jumping rope, long jump from a place and a run to your schedule. Giving the body physical activity on a regular basis, he will have no choice but to respond positively to new human habits. You will see: literally after a week of training, endurance will improve and strength indicators will increase.

Jump Features

Flip-flops - that exercise that needs to be brought to automatism, if you plan to learn how to do somersaults at home. After all, the exercises are very similar, only one is done on the floor, and the other in the air.

You will also have to remember school long jumps: jumping from socks, springing with heels, and softly landing. Regardless of whether you will train a back flip or you are interested in how to perform only the front, soft landing is very important.

How to do a back flip

With this type of flip, you must begin your acquaintance with "air flights" - it is basic. First of all, we practice the flip-flop technique:

  1. Squatting, legs together, back straight,
  2. Press the head to the chest, bring the hands forward,
  3. We repel with effort from the floor and do somersault.

It’s best to learn how to do a running somersault, because of inertia the push will be more powerful. Jump up after acceleration is important to do as high as possible.

A jump can be done on two legs at once or on one - as it is more convenient, the main thing is that not all the feet and heels are involved - the push is made from socks and landing also. When you make a jump, a grouping similar to somersault should occur - the knees are pressed to the chest and captured by the legs.

If you have already mastered this technique, you yourself can tell and show how to learn how to do front flips, it is time to train more complex variations of the exercise.

How to do back flip

In order to quickly master the performance of a backflip, you need to hone the flip to the automatism in the opposite direction:

  1. Squat and press your chin to your chest,
  2. Push yourself and roll back, clasping your knees with your hands,
  3. At the end, catch the balance on time.

Back flips must be performed from a height, so adolescents who love extreme sports can definitely answer the question of how to learn how to do somersault back in the air. In this regard, the best time of the year for training will be a snowy winter: when you can jump into the snow without much danger.

Back flip is a 360 degree flip in the air, so a person should know how to quickly group and land gently after a jump.

In order to technically correctly perform back flips, you need “experience” of training and a clear knowledge of the instructions. When jumping, you need to do a swing with your hands, bend your legs at the knees and bounce up as much as possible. The turn will turn out to be done with the help of the hips and with maximum muscle tension. The legs bend during the jump, and when they land, they straighten. But you can’t finish the exercise completely with straight legs - there should be a slight bend in the knees. And unlike the front somersault, the landing is made on the whole foot.

How to do side flips

If you want to learn how to learn how to make a famous Arabic side flip, you must carefully master the technique of somersaults in the air. They are best performed by pushing against a wall and landing on a soft surface. The push is carried out with one foot, while the second is carried out by a swing, which allows you to make a jump in the air.

The fly back flip - cork - has the same technique as the Arabic one.

Training place

Ideally, training should take place in a spacious gym with gymnastic mats and under the guidance of an instructor. But if this is not possible, make more mattresses, blankets and exercise at home.

It is important not to forget that a good physical shape is like a foundation, without which one cannot even try to perform tricks. To facilitate exercise, start doing backflips from the wall, then front and back. Bringing the technique to automatism, then it will be possible to deftly demonstrate good preparation on the street, beautiful somersaults in the air and a cork of any complexity!

General information on preparation

To master this type of jumping without preliminary training is dangerous. This is especially dangerous for athletes who are just starting to engage in crossfit, and their flexibility is not yet very developed. But if from childhood you thought about how to learn how to do back flips, and dreamed your friends envy to perform this trick, then you should try.

So, a few recommendations on how to learn back flips at home:

Mandatory preliminary training of the legs. Start every day with a skipping rope in your hands. Gradually increase the frequency and height of jumps - this develops dexterity.


You also need to learn how to properly land on the ground with your feet and how to group correctly in the air. To do this, first try jumping from a hill, grouping in the air. Do not forget to lay the mats at the landing site.

You can also learn to perform backflips on trampolines. At the initial stage of training, select a trampoline with special safety belts. So you can learn to group in the air without fear of being injured.

Even at home, learning to do backflips is only necessary with a partner, and even better, with an experienced trainer, since this is a very traumatic and risky trick. Of course, you can try to do it yourself, but we warn you right away - it is quite difficult, first of all, due to the presence of fear, to make a jump back.

How to do a back flip?

Back flip exercise is considered technically difficult. If you still decide to master this trick yourself, then first carefully study the text below, which describes the technique for performing the exercise. This technique is suitable for learning how to do back flips at home, as well as for training on a trampoline.

Before you do a backflip, you must definitely warm up the ligaments and muscles, perform stretching exercises. After this, follow this movement algorithm:

  • Spread your legs shoulder-width apart, and bend them slightly. Focus your eyes on one point. Keep your head straight.