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How to insert an album cover


Looking at the album index in the Photos app, it seems that the photo used as the album cover is randomly selected. Can I change the image that is used as the album cover?

In my experience, the cover is just the first photo in the album. When you are in an album, click the button in the upper right corner to manipulate the photos, then press and hold the photo until it “bloats”, and at that moment you can drag and drop it to move it. You just need to be happy if the album cover becomes the first photo in the album.

(Edited to clarify the gesture of pressing and holding.)

Hold the photo you want to cover, copy, and then paste over the first photo in the album to make it a cover.

In Photo 1.0 (iPhoto update 2015), open the album, select the photo you want to use as an icon for the album, right-click and select “Make Key Photo”.

Your albums synced to your iPad are also on iPhoto. Open the album in which you want to change the photo cover, and rearrange your photos so that they appear on your iPad. Your iPad will display the photos in the same order as in iPhoto.

Click on the photo you want as a cover, then right-click, then select “Make Key Photo”.

Based on my personal experience. For Windows users, the album cover will be the first letter in alphabetical order. Before synchronizing the folder, make sure that you put the photo you want as an album cover with the first alphabetical name.

If you have already synchronized the folder and want to change the album cover after synchronization, one of two options will work for you.

  1. You can change the name of the new desired album cover to the first name in alphabetical order, and then sync again. If this does not work, you should go to step number 2.
  2. Change the names between the current album cover photo and the photo you want to be placed as an album cover.

This is how I finally understood it in Mac OSX Photos (that is, not “iPhoto”).

1) Simply open the photo cassette by clicking on the small inverted bottom center of the “V Photo” button in the “Project” view. 2) Select “Placed” or “Unused” photos from the drop-down list on the right, that is, depending on where the photo is currently located. 3) Dbl-click on the title page to open it large (optional). 4) Just drag and drop any photo you want over the top cover. 5) You can change the small Flap photo in the same way.

Hope this helps some people - I exploded a lot of time, just trying because of annoyance, to do something like this.

Instruction manual

  1. First you need to download a photo of a music album from the Internet. In general, absolutely any image can be used for the cover of a music album. Open the picture in the standard Paint editor and give it the shape of a square, save the image. You can use pictures with the following extensions jpg, gif, bmp, png, tiff to photograph an album.
  2. Place the selected image on the clipboard, for this, right-click on it and select “Copy”.
  3. Launch your WindowsMedia player and open the Media Library section. Click on the logo of the desired recording album with the right mouse button and select “Insert album cover”. Item "Insert album cover"

After performing these steps, all the tracks that belong to this album will open together with the specified image, this configuration will be used on all players.

  • Open the album in the Winamp player. If you do not have this player, then you can download it on the official website for free. Click on one of the available tracks with the right mouse button and click “File Information”.
  • An additional window will load, open the "Image" page. Run the "Browse" command and specify a picture on the computer, click OK. The picture will be saved in the directory with the music; if you move it, it will disappear in the player. In third-party players this cover will not be shown.
  • To assign a cover to a music album, you can use the special Mp3tag utility. Download it on the Internet and install it on a computer.
  • Open the Mp3tag application and click the “Change Folder” command, designate the music folder on the computer. In the right list, select the tracks for which you want to create a cover art. Scroll the right column to the place of editing the cover, call the context menu and select the "Add Cover" command.
  • Specify the image on the hard drive and right-click on it, in the additional menu click “Change Cover Type” and apply the desired configuration.
  • Save the new cover by clicking on the appropriate command in the editor. The cover created in this way will be shown in all players.
  • Lots of photos? Do not know where to store? I recommend Google photo with unlimited volume for upload! I will also share the minuses of the site!)


    Now most people take a lot of pictures, everyone has cameras on smartphones, many have cameras, and more and more you can see owners of professional equipment. There are probably a lot of photographs of mothers who want to capture as many moments as possible of growing up children. And all this is wonderful, but the question is - where to store all these photos so that they are not lost and it is convenient to see, download or print them?


    When photos are stored in a certain order - it’s convenient and pleasant)

    A digital camera appeared near the end of the school. Therefore, then I did not have a large number of photos, and I stored them on a computer in separate folders. Then I bought a hard drive, transferred everything to it. With the acquisition of the first SLR camera - Canon EOS 500D photos became many times more! For several years, I have accumulated mountains of photographs, and many of which I later boldly deleted. It was also necessary to come to this, at first for some reason it seemed that all the photos were needed and it was a pity to delete them) At that time I kept them on my laptop and in parallel on my hard drive. I had a system of folders and subfolders. Then my husband suggested that there are photo hosting sites on the Internet - sites where you can upload your photos for storage. At first I tried Google photos, but this site seemed uncomfortable to me, because there was no way to make folders in folders. And I switched to The site is gorgeous, everything is just perfectly convenient, cool and there is an application! I have been using Flickr since 2014, I managed to recommend it to many. Even parents opened accounts so that they can follow the photos of their grandson. Everything was wonderful, until in December 2018 before the New Year in Flickr there was a warning that the site would become paid from 2019 - 300 rubles a month! I was in shock, I rather started to notify everyone about this news. Itself began to check whether all the photos I had duplicated on my hard drive. And then the question arose about a new photo hosting. I read articles, chose, registered somewhere and tried to upload photos, but it was not right. Then again I decided to try Google photo.


    If you already have Google mail - gmail. That means you already have an account in Google photos, you just need to go there. On your computer, if you have a Google Chrome browser, then you can find Google photos among all Google applications. Or just find this site in the search bar.

    The smartphone has a convenient application, if you have an Android, then this application is already installed. On the icon is a multi-colored pinwheel and signed "Photo".


    The Google photo site has a fairly simple and intuitive interface. Unlike the same Flickr, he is Russian-speaking, which also simplifies getting to know the site.

    3 horizontal strips are located on the top left - this Main menu.

    If you click there, then the menu will pop out on the side.

    So that you are not limited in the number of uploaded photos and videos, in the settings it should be noted that the quality of the downloaded photos and videos will be high, not the original. Otherwise, you can download only 4.8 GB. And in a reduced form there are no restrictions.

    Photos are pretty much reduced. For example, a photo taken on a DSLR weighed 5.88 MB and had a resolution of 4160x6240. After uploading a photo to Google and further downloading it from there, the photo becomes 552 KB in weight, with a resolution of 3265x4898. If it’s important for you that the photos remain the original size, then this site will not suit you.


    Next, we return to the original screen that we see when we open the site. On the left are four main buttons: Photo, Albums, Assistant, Shared Albums. Let's go through all four. First we are in the "Photo".

    Photo.Here you see the entire tape of your photos by shooting date. Above are the newest photographs, below are the oldest. In the screenshot below, I specifically hovered over the right side of the screen. When you hover over a column with dates. So it was in Flickr. The convenience is that you do not have to leaf through for a long time if you need to find old photographs. Knowing at least at least a month and a year, you can poke in this time period and there you can continue your search.

    Albums. Here, in fact, all your albums are located. The ones in the top row are albums created by Google. He sorts them himself) That is, I just can’t influence how these albums are formed and I can’t delete them either.

    For example, there is album "Places of shooting". All your uploaded photos are distributed in different places: cities, towns, districts, places. Almost everywhere Google was not mistaken, except for a few albums. A photo where a son feeds chickens in Bugulma (Rep. Tatarstan), Google signed Rawalpindi (a city in Pakistan). Just a couple of mistakes and that’s all.

    Album Items - This is an automatic distribution of your photos into different categories: forests, lakes, selfies, bicycles, birds, pastries, etc. Such distributions can be seen for the sake of interest, maybe even someday it may come in handy for certain purposes, but I think that most users in these albums either do not go at all, or do it very rarely.

    Below google albums are your albums. They are also located by date. New ones from above, old ones from below. If you add a new photo to the old album, then the album changes its position and rises above all those albums in which photos were taken later.

    There is also a large empty square with a plus and the signature "Create album". With this, everything is clear)

    Assistant. Google’s work is stored in this section) What he creates for us on the basis of our photos) We can either watch it or not watch it, but it will do its job anyway)

    For example, he can edit a photo. He does it terribly, just adds contrast and saturation. Such creativity is called "Stylized Photo".

    Then he can create a collage. Makes it out of pictures with close shooting times. Personally, I do not need such collages.

    He can also make animations based on photos or videos. It can also make a movie if you post a lot of photos in one day.

    The only interesting thing that the assistant does is that he recalls what happened on the same day a year ago or several years ago. It's cool)

    Also in the Assistant tab on top there is the ability to create: an album, film, collage and animation.

    An album is just creating a new album. Collage and animation you can create from your uploaded photos. I don’t need it, I didn’t. And you cannot create a film yourself, there are only two suggested options: “Year in Selfie” and “Year of Smiles”. That is, Google creates these films himself.

    Either we do not take a selfie, or Google chooses a strange number of photos for the film, but our film “Year in selfie” turned out to be 11 seconds and contains only 4 photos)) Nonsense)

    And the “year of smiles” turned out to be 1.45 minutes. There, our photographs with smiles alternate to the music. Of course, this can not be compared to a movie that you will make yourself) Every year after my son’s birthday I make him photo and video clips for the year. I make them in the Movavi video. We love to review them, my son really likes)


    All albums that you yourself shared or someone shared with you are stored here. They are stored not by dates, but by views and comments. That is, the album in which there were new actions comes out on top, etc.

    This section seems to me not very convenient. I would like, as in Flickr, to be able to go to a specific person who shared his albums with me and see all the albums open for me. There is no such possibility at all. I can’t log into someone else’s profile. All open albums will be only in this section "General albums". As I already wrote, the arrangement of the albums is rather chaotic. They can not be filtered out. There are mixed other people's albums with my own.

    There are 3 vertical dots in the Shared albums in the upper right - this is a button, clicking on which you will get a menu of two lines: "Set up shared libraries" and "Hidden offers". The second I don’t know what it means when I go there, it says to me that there are no hidden suggestions.

    But “Set up shared libraries” is a feature in order for specific users to open their photos.

    Choose any user or several from the list, and then you can choose a date. All your photos, starting from this date, will be visible to him or them. This, of course, is not bad. But uncomfortable. Because I can have albums for the same period, some of which I want to show, while others I do not want. But there is another point - this button "Select date" does not work) There are flaws in the site.


    If you decide to use Google photos not only for new photos, but want to upload all your photos, then there is a lot of work) And high-speed Internet is very useful!

    When I was uploading all my photos, either I didn’t understand at first how to do this in the best way, or I introduced this convenient way a bit later)

    How did I download at first I and how to do it is not worth it)

    I didn’t upload photos to the album, because it didn’t work at that time. I had to upload photos in a row. In the "Photos" tab there are two buttons Create and Download. Since at that moment nothing came out with the Create button, I had to use the Download button.

    All photos were uploaded, the download was shown in the window from the bottom left. At the end of the download, it was possible to add these photos to the album.

    But sometimes there were glitches! And this window disappeared before I added photos to the album. So often I had to sort them by album. It is very difficult when photos from the same time period must be in different albums! Unfortunately, there is no button (as in Flickr) to order photos by upload date! This would make sorting easier in such situations. But in Google Photos, all photos are located only by the date of shooting.

    How to load correctly)

    First create an album. There are many ways to do this. Everywhere you see “Create an album” - that’s it!) I go to “Albums” and there I click “Create album”. I enter the album name on top and click on the button on the top right - a picture with a plus sign.

    Then a new page comes out, click on the line "Select files on computer" from the top right.

    Automatic download.

    In the Google application, photos can be set in the settings to automatically upload photos. More precisely, it seems to be even immediately turned on, and if it is not needed, it must be turned off. I turned it off, because even from the phone I throw all the photos first on the computer, look, select and then throw them over the necessary albums. But for those who do not want to sort photos, this option can be convenient.


    If you want to choose album cover, then you need, going into the album, click on the top right 3 vertical points. There will be a menu where you need to find the line "Select album cover". Nothing complicated here. Tick ​​the desired photo with a tick and you're done.

    Sort photos in an album. Automatically when you upload photos to an album, they will be arranged in such a way that old photos will be on top and new ones at the bottom. This, of course, is inconvenient. Therefore, we click in the album from the top right to 3 points that open the menu. There we select "Change album." A new window comes out, in which we press the button with two arrows that are directed in opposite directions from the top right.

    We select, as I have in the photo, sort by shooting date (later later at first).


    To open an album for someone, you need to click on the share icon in the album from the top right - 3 small circles connected by two lines. There will be a window where we can select users. Если вы будете добавлять нового пользователя, то вам надо ввести его электронную почту gmail. В дальнейшем при создании новых альбомов и желании поделиться с ним, данный пользователь будет уже автоматически выходить.

    Косяк заключается вот в чем! Если вдруг у вас появился новый друг, которому вы хотите открыть преобладающую часть своих альбомов, то у вас будут трудности)) Вам придется вручную заходить в каждый альбом и делиться с этим человеком альбомом. But this is not all) This poor fellow will also have difficulties)) After all, notifications will come to him every time! How many albums you open, so many notifications will come! And for your album to be in his “General Albums”, he will have to go into each of your albums and mark “Join”, otherwise he will not see this album at home. And why did you do so, because in Google photos about all your newly added photos to all those who joined the album will receive notifications. Therefore, a person has the opportunity to join the album or leave it.

    Everything was simple in Flickr, you sort your friends into groups and open them the albums you want. Friends could already, when they wanted, go to your profile and see all open albums.


    There is no single button in Google photo that would be responsible for activity from other users in relation to your albums. In Flickr it was, it is convenient, in my opinion. You could immediately go in and see who liked what photos, who commented.

    Here it is done inconveniently and slantingly. I tell) It is necessary to go to a specific album, there is a pop-up window icon on the top right. If you click on it, then a block with actions in the album will come out on the right.

    But he, too, is made weird. It shows not only the actions of other users, but also yours! That is, someone commented on your photo, then you added 100500 new photos, and all of them will be displayed in this feed. If there are a lot of photos, then you are tormented by flipping through to just make sure there are comments or not.

    If this block with actions is closed, then it is folded into a small line. I have written in it: "3 comments". I don’t know what this means, because there are more than 3 comments in this album. I thought it might be a new 3 comments, but no, I flipped through everything. In general, another jamb.

    I have installed the Google photo app on my phone. If other users have looked at my album, commented on or clicked through photos, then I will receive a notification. By clicking on it, I get to the "General albums" section, in the application it is simply called "General". All the last actions go there, that is, the name of the album will be written and, if there is a new comment in it, then the name of the user who left the comment and the text of the comment will be written under the name of the album. You can click on it and get into the album, answer, etc. As soon as you look at this comment, once you re-enter the "General" section, you will no longer see comments. Only albums will be displayed, those that were viewed last will be on top.

    When there are many comments, and they are mixed with other actions from other users, sometimes they disappear and do not appear in the General folder. I have repeatedly had such a notification that a comment has arrived, but by clicking on it I just ended up in the General album and the comment itself was simply lost. There is no convenient action for tracking new comments in such situations. I missed the notification - all, then look for albums on who wrote what.


    If you flip through photos in an album without opening the photos themselves (they are rather large displayed), then if there is a comment or like under the photo, it will be displayed.

    If you look at the photos in large form, the likes and comments are also marked, they can be seen in the lower right corner.


    I described the Google photo site in terms of those parameters that are important to me. Maybe I don’t know something, and there are more features or interesting features. Also, the site is changing and in the future it may become more convenient than now) Those moments that I describe as the disadvantages of the site may not be such for someone, therefore, highlighting the clear pros and cons will not be entirely true. Subjective) I want to say that in any case, I am glad that there is such a photo hosting! We transferred the parents to it, it all took us a while to get used to the site, but now everything is fine)

    Of course, Flickr was an ideal site for me, and I got used to it. Everything was thought out there, because of its coolness and huge audience, it became paid)

    Google photo is not bad, although I find fault, because I have something to compare, but the site is pretty good! It is not difficult to understand, you can quickly get used to the interface. The most difficult thing is to upload all the huge stocks of photos and open the right people for access to them. But here it’s worth adding that uploading a large number of photos is always a long, dreary process. And then with ordinary use, everything becomes not so difficult)

    Initially, when I became acquainted with the site in 2014, I was not happy with the lack of the ability to create folders in folders, but then I realized that the ability to quickly access photos by shooting date replaces this function.

    I also note that when I upload photos to Yandex disk, the speed is very fast. Our Internet is generally smart. But when I upload photos to Google photos, especially videos, the speed is noticeably lower, just at times. Here is such a feature.

    I also want to say that uploading photos to photo hosting, no matter which one, does not guarantee you that they will be safe. They can’t be safe anywhere) The computer may break, just like the hard drive, printed photos may fade or get lost, and photo hosting may close or become paid) This is real) Therefore, photos should not be stored in only one place.

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