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You are a shy girl, just visited this page. Do you feel insecure while being next to a guy?
I will prove to you that overcoming shyness is easy.
For starters, let me explain everything to you.

Your shyness is not a deviation from the norm, but a sign that you are in love.
If you hadn’t experienced anything for your boyfriend, you would have “breathed” exactly with close contact. I mean the usual presence near him.
You are not an impudent girl who has not yet been “burnt” by a bitter life experience.
You are modest and courteous, not inhibited. You just do not abound boorish way. And God forbid you to spoil your view.

To overcome shyness, you need to listen to a number of useful tips.

one). You will cease to be shy of a guy if you do not rush with delicate privacy.
Walk with him in the park, go to crowded territory.
You need time to get used to a different environment.
2). Decide what causes your embarrassment. Perhaps it is akin to the fears that a young girl is experiencing.
It is possible that you are afraid of what you are not ready for.
So report it to your boyfriend.
3). Do not be afraid to say what you think and be misunderstood.
Fight the awkward constraint with a bold character.
Shy girls, for the most part, are not able to take the initiative of a cozy date.
Once again, going to a meeting, try to make it go according to your scenario.
four). Try to give in less often, following the occasion.
Strange as it may seem, the compromise in your case is probably one-sided.
Now let your boyfriend feel embarrassed to learn that you too are able to dictate your strict conditions.
5). Shyness can be interrupted by a clear vision that nothing bad will happen to you.
6). Do not be afraid to say that you are shy about the guy.
Let him know about it.
Understand that this is not a demonstration of weakness, but a sign of confident adulthood, which has the right to embarrassment in love.

The material was prepared by I. Edwin Vostryakovsky.

It is possible to get rid of shyness

There is a category of women who in their environment notice mostly only men, and all topics of conversation they have with men. Others - pay attention mainly to women: they can comment on their behavior, manners, appearance and much more that attracted attention.

Such interest in surrounding women often indicates hidden fears towards men. Such a woman may even be afraid to look towards men, stop looking at them. It’s scary - suddenly the man will also look or say something, but she does not know how to react. It may turn red or start to stutter and go deeper into itself. It is much calmer to consider the ladies present, rationalizing this for themselves with various reasons.

She does not even notice her fears, does not know about them. Because of this, loneliness can pass the whole life. Clever, beautiful and the most caring woman in the world will never suspect that the reason for loneliness is in her herself, and not because, “according to statistics,” there are more women than men.

How to get shy people

Fears affect the interaction with the world, behavior. A woman does not even imagine what a strong negative impact fear has on the quality of life. Fears are one of the reasons for shyness.

Is it possible to stop being shy? And especially - stop being shy in front of men? To answer questions related to this feeling, it is necessary to reveal the laws of the development of the psyche and its properties. The psyche of his and other people.

We are all different because of the difference in the innate properties of the psyche, the characteristics of its development in childhood and realization in life. Affirmations and meditations will not help control your behavior and emotions. Horoscopes do not predict which people will experience fears. We can’t say to ourselves: “I won’t be shy anymore” - and stop feeling this inner tension in myself.

It makes no sense to give advice - you need to be free, overcome the feeling of shame, stop being embarrassed and blush, become self-confident - relax and have fun. System-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan will help with a deep understanding of the causes of your problem, and this is already a big half of the solution.

Shyness is most characteristic of women with certain mental properties. A true sense of shyness is felt by women who have an anal-visual bunch of vectors.

The visual vector gives its mistress emotionality, sensitivity, the ability to empathize and build emotional connections. Emotions range from fear at the lowest point to a state of love at the peak of emotional experiences. Such people have a rich imagination. It is they who can inflate an elephant from a fly, draw colorful pictures in their imagination and believe in them, as in real ones.

To this add the phenomenal memory of a person with an anal vector, for which the house and family are always in the first place, whose whole life consists of the memories of an experience that was once experienced. Potentially, women with such a set of vectors are the best wives and mistresses. If in the past there was a negative moment in communication with the opposite sex, then memory reliably stores it and helpfully presents it at the time of acquaintance and communication.

How to stop being shy about a man when meeting and chatting

In everyday life, under shyness, a whole gamut of diverse feelings can be perceived. Feelings are different, but the result is the same - a woman cannot fully liberate herself and open up in a relationship with a man.

In a pair of men and women show all the facets of their characters. The psyche of a man is different from the female.

The nature of man: "I want a woman." Nature of a woman: “I want to have a baby.” A woman’s desire to have a baby is as strong as a man’s desire for a woman. System-vector psychology shows how this mechanism influenced the development of mankind and determined the subtle nuances of the relationship between a man and a woman, including a sense of natural female bashfulness.

When we do not understand these mechanisms, we involuntarily violate them, becoming hostages of shame where it is not provided for by nature. For example, next to a beloved man. How many tragedies, quarrels and misunderstandings could have been prevented if every man and every woman realized their nature, the nature of their partner.

Natural attraction and modern reality

Until recently, men and women followed the centuries-old tradition of creating couples. At the moment, with the advent of the Internet, people can get acquainted and begin to build relationships without meeting each other in the real world.

Communicating in additional reality, opening up gradually, they stretch an emotional thread to each other. It is often easier for a person to open up without seeing him. If between a woman and a man there is a feeling that they are related to the soul and they are physically attracted to each other, such a couple has a chance to build a long harmonious relationship.

In order for this to happen, a woman needs to understand her role in creating and developing an emotional connection with her beloved man. To understand that it is trusting, sincere and warm relations that can become the foundation on which love, loyalty, and mutual understanding will rest.

For some women, it is important to realize and work out such an issue as women's modesty. When female modesty manifests itself where it should not be, it prevents a woman from becoming self-confident, liberated, and overcome existing fears of a man.

There are women who do not know how to behave if their beloved man is invited to a restaurant or cafe, if he gives flowers.

For centuries, humanity has developed under the influence of food shortages, hunger. Men are food providers, they have it in their subconscious: if you want a woman, provide her with food. Therefore, when a man invites his beloved woman to a restaurant and treats him to delicious food, this includes the ancient mechanisms of the psyche of both men and women. A man feels satisfaction when he feeds a woman, and she has a sense of security and safety, a willingness to develop close relations with him.

This is an in-depth psychological process. It is important to understand how to go through this stage of the relationship correctly.

To answer the question of how to stop being shy about a guy who, caring for you, invites you to a restaurant and gives a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you need to understand the psyche of men and women. This will help to stop being embarrassed by the manifestations of the natural properties of men and women and gratefully accept the courtship of a beloved man.

How to stop being shy about a man in bed

How long, quickly, the courtship period approaches a closer, intimate relationship. The most significant, most coveted relationship in the lives of most men and women.

It is very important for a woman to feel that she belongs to her man. Psychologically, this is facilitated by the fact that a man in front of all people declares her his woman - his wife. The official registration of relations affects the deepest mental processes of men and women. The stamp in the passport is of much greater importance than is commonly believed by some ignorant people. It radically changes the attitude of a man to a woman and a woman to a man.

Of course, it would be ideal to enter into an intimate relationship when both partners have already revealed the characteristics of each other's psyche, this helps to create trust and emotional closeness. It helps to leave in the past all fears, shyness, uncertainty, misunderstanding of oneself and a loved one. When there is an understanding of the causes of what is happening, then the unpleasant previous experience of pairing relationships no longer affects the rest of life.

Revealing the features of eroticism and sexuality of one's own and one's beloved, the great significance of intimate connection and the mystery of creating emotional connections gives endless possibilities in achieving enjoyment of life. And someone reveals the ability to experience at the peak of the development of relations such a great feeling as love, about which songs and legends are composed!

“I began to better understand my desires and the desires of my beloved man. I feel like falling in love again with what has already become familiar. Now in my head there aren’t even thoughts like: “Why did he say that / did that?”. Sex and reproduction are fundamentally different things. People make children the same way, but this does not mean that their sexuality is the same. But we are used to seeing others through ourselves and - even more dramatic - to believe that others should guess something on their own ... Therefore, we’re talking, talking and talking about sex again ... ”

“I learned incredible things about our psychic, about the relationship between male and female, about communication, trust, security, intimacy and much more. I looked at ordinary things from a slightly different angle ... and they did not scare me, but on the contrary, I felt a little easier, calmer, in some cases even joyful.

Now I can voice what I really want from my husband. Previously, it could not be described, and this led to irritability and constriction, up to aggression. Now a lot has changed. I became calmer, just like in the first year of our life together, I can simply rejoice at his presence.

Many dogmas on female sexuality now seem ridiculous and ridiculous to me. I am learning to re-create emotional relationships with my husband and I can say with confidence - THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE FEELING. I became calmer. I became more confident. I became happier. THANK…"

To stop being shy about your beloved person, to understand yourself, to learn more deeply the nature of the psyche of a man and a woman, to learn all the secrets of building a happy harmonious relationship in a pair of a man and a woman, come to Yuri Burlan for free online training in systemic vector psychology.

Author Galina Kuzmenko

The article was written using the materials of online trainings in systemic vector psychology of Yuri Burlan