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How to gain fat


Most recently, I received a series of letters from unsatisfied (not in terms of love :)) readers of the project. The main leitmotif in them was a reproach towards the one-sided orientation of women's articles. Let me explain what is meant. The author was reprimanded (so far without entering into a private matter) that he, such an infection, pays very little attention to the issues of increasing young ladies, and in particular, such as gaining weight for a girl, how to increase muscle mass and those like them. I agree, there were no such articles, but there are readers and various means of communication - a guest book, a feedback form to conduct a dialogue, and not a monologue. I am glad that many of you are actively using them and get tangible results in the form of article answers - well done, keep it up!

So, today, at the request of the working people (and not so much), we will move away from the thin topic and will deal with issues of qualitative and quantitative weighting of the beautiful half of humanity. Well, quite a prelude, go to the action itself, let's go.

All you need to know about how to gain weight for a girl.

I think you are aware that weight loss issues are extremely popular among women. It is not surprising, the dominance of glossy magazines and the imposed standards of beauty - “90-60-90”, are powerful factors of stimulation and motivation in relation to changes in their bodily forms. Almost any girl wants to look fit to like as many men as possible. However, in addition to losing weight forever and those who are not averse to losing weight, there is a separate category of women who want to become more visible. In this case, I mean not a dumb set of fat kilograms, they (you, my dear) want to get some spectacular fullness of the body, seductive bends and curvaceous, of course, a little muscle also does not hurt.

This is what, in my opinion, any reader of an article who asks a question - how to gain weight for a girl?

It is worth saying that, according to my observations, 2-3 women come to the fitness room for a quality mass of 10 women, the rest have the goal of becoming hot. I also note from my male side that men are more impressed by ladies in the body, rather than slender models from magazine covers. After all, their (our) body is so arranged that, on a subconscious level, it searches for that female individual that can bring him healthy offspring. And the distinguishing features of the figure of such a woman are a wide basin with rounded buttocks, lush breasts and thick hair / eyebrows (one of the indicators of a high estrogen content in a woman's body). In the world, most often such hourglass and pear correspond to such shapes.

This is the first and important step towards a sporty physique. All about food for muscle growth in our article.

Exercise with dumbbells is the best way to train at home. All about training with dumbbells at home in this article.


A common occurrence among young people is an overestimation of food intake. Before eating, read the information on the label. To calculate the required number of calories, you need to either consult a doctor on this issue, or use the services of one of the many Internet services. On average, the necessary data can be calculated by the formula: 45 x body weight. However, with hard physical work, more calories will be required.

All folk recipes for gaining weight are designed specifically for weight gain. By the way, bones also affect our weight, they can absolutely not change shape, but will thicken from the inside. This happens due to heavy loads, when there are less and less pores in the bones, which means that it is important to know how to exercise properly in order to gain weight.

In most cases, it is not just about increasing body weight, but namely about increasing volumes. So fat in its mass always exceeds muscle, so if you are thinking about how to gain weight in a short period of time for a man or woman, then know that quickly you can gain precisely fat, which is deposited on the sides and hips. Of course, you should not ignore it, because it is necessary for our body as energy and protection. But still, preference should be given to muscle mass if you need to gain more than 5 kilograms.

- the amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates and taking supplements to assess the effectiveness of weight gain.your nutritionDesignate

At the end of the week, summarize, mark in red - failures and green - successes during the week.

When is weight gain usually required?

  • Disproportionate or thin figure: little or a lot of adipose tissue with insufficient, normal or excess muscle mass, as a result:
  • Psychological discomfort from your body and
  • The desire to shape your figure for the better

Frequent medical indications for weight gain:

  • Body mass index less than 20
  • Menstrual dysfunction, infertility associated with underweight in women
  • Asthenia, anemia
  • Anorexia
  • Palliative care
  • According to additional medical recommendations

In which cases I recommend weight gain under the supervision of a physician, nutritionist, endocrinologist:

  • Pressure increase, blood pressure more than 140/90 mm Hg
  • High blood sugar (hyperglycemia) to one degree or another
  • Elevated blood lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides, low density lipoproteins)
  • Enlarged liver, diseases of this organ
  • A history of chronic pancreatitis
  • Presence of gallstones
  • Nephrolithiasis (kidney stones), stones in the bladder
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Diseases of the spine (hernia, protrusion, scoliosis), joints, osteochondrosis, severe
  • Phlebeurysm
  • If you suspect or have endocrine pathology
  • Any exacerbation of a chronic disease

To increase body weight, it is not necessary to enroll in a gym and engage in the constant supervision of a trainer. You can act independently at home. In some cases, the genetic code determines body weight, but this is really fixable. In order to weigh more in a couple of weeks, but not get ugly fat folds, you need to follow just a few simple rules.

What to eat: a list of foods for weight gain

If you want to increase body weight, eat right - certain foods that contain complex carbohydrates are added to the daily diet (this is the most powerful source of energy). They are part of dairy products, fruits, cereals, vegetables, cereals. About a half hour before the start of the workout, eat a portion of healthy carbohydrates - a few fruits, a plate of buckwheat washed with a glass of cool milk.

After completing the workout (after about 15 minutes), lean on carbohydrates, because during the lesson you spent a lot of energy, and it needs to be urgently replenished. It is strictly forbidden to train on an empty stomach - drink a cocktail before class or just eat some fruit. Protein, which is contained in seeds, cereals, nuts, legumes, meat, contributes to accelerated muscle growth (you can eat not only lean baked meat, but sometimes treat yourself to steak or meatballs).

If you are an opponent of purchased cocktail mixes, beat it yourself from fat cottage cheese (16-18%) with milk and a couple of bananas.

Increase calorie intake gradually. If yesterday you ate a couple of yoghurts and an apple a day, you should not immediately lean on pork chops, chocolate and cheese sandwiches: they will not be digested. Outline how much you need to eat to gain weight, and come to this amount of food in 3-4 days. As agreed with your doctor, start taking pancreatic enzymes that support the pancreas.

Drink plenty of water(up to 40 ml per 1 kg of body weight). All processes in the body, including the growth of muscle and adipose tissue, occur with its participation.

Full relaxation, physical activity and their competent combination certainly contribute to the normalization of body weight. Stress and nervous strain, on the contrary, increase calorie burning. So, below is a list of healthy foods that you should focus on for those who want to get better in a healthy way, at the expense of muscle mass, protecting their blood vessels from cholesterol.

It is often difficult in the conditions of modern intense life to make your diet varied enough to provide a person with everything necessary. Therefore, in this situation, with the problem of insufficient weight, Dital products will be an additional positive factor, without which it is quite difficult to balance your diet.

Women over 40 are at a disadvantage (compared to young) when it comes to building muscle mass. We all know the following statement: women cannot build as much muscle as men, because they do not have as much testosterone. Technically, this is not so. Recent studies show that protein synthesis and signaling gene, which are responsible for increasing muscle mass, are approximately equal between young men and women.

However, women begin with fewer muscles and their bodies are usually lighter and smaller than men. Therefore, a 10% percent increase in muscle for a girl will be less than that of a man, in absolute terms. In addition, a significant increase in male sex hormone levels occurs during puberty.

A recent study illustrates: women and men followed a training plan and then took a serving of protein. Muscle protein synthesis in 2,3 times higher in men and 2.7 times higher in women than at rest. In turn, men experienced a 45-fold higher increase in testosterone after exercise than women, but this did not have any effect on protein synthesis or signaling genes, which are the main factors for building muscle.

What to do with it?

If you are a young girl who wants to build muscle - you're in luck! You will not be like a man, but you can build muscles quite efficiently.

To achieve this, it is necessary to use periodization and a training program aimed at hypertrophy of muscle fibers. It implies a moderate number of repetitions) 12 to 8(from and moderate load from a single repeat maximum)60-85% (.

If you just want to build muscle, building muscle can help you do that. A small increase in muscle mass will significantly increase your metabolism, so you can burn exponentially more calories at rest, which allows you to rub your fat reserves. Use a workout program that changes every 4-6 weeks to constantly shock your body. Be sure to use adequate weight. One of the most common reasons why women do not get results from training is to use too light weights.

Well, we have laid some theoretical basis.

A great addition to the gym will be swimming and cycling.

Do not forget about the rest. The fact is that muscle growth does not occur during training, but during rest, especially at night. Therefore, it is not recommended to train every day. 3-4 trainings a week will be enough. You need to sleep at least 8 hours a day.

In general, the implementation of these recommendations will make it possible to achieve the cherished goal and not only gain weight, but also build muscle, and not build up fat.