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DIY do-it-yourself postcards


Children can please the birthday boy with a very simple postcard made by them personally. Do-it-yourself 3D birthday card is beautiful, original and interesting. My daughter carefully watched the whole process and in just 10 minutes made a similar voluminous postcard to her dad. Fortunately, it was just his birthday that happened.

What you need for work

  • Blue and white cardboard. You can take white thick paper for watercolor painting.
  • Since the cake on the card will be three-layer, you need colored paper of 3 desired colors, as well as red cardboard and yellow paper for candles.
  • Scissors, glue stick, ruler, simple pencil.

As a rule, on a regular cake, the number of candles is equal to the achieved age of the birthday. And, if a child makes a postcard to an adult, there can be a lot of candles, there is a risk that they will not fit on the cake. Therefore, they can be replaced with painted and cut numbers - candles, which also have a light on top. Or celebrate in dozens, where one candle is 10 years old (this is what my daughter did). In extreme cases, do without candles at all.

3D DIY birthday card step by step

Measure 1.5 cm on each side of white paper or cardboard and cut. It should be slightly smaller than the blue cover. No need to stick.

Fold the white paper in half and on the side where the fold draws lines. These will be the layers of the cake. The lower two lines are the same, then a centimeter less and the upper one even smaller.

Cut the drawn lines.

Fold up to locate the lateral folds.

Open the paper, layers of cake are already visible here, but they are still bent inward.

Bend them the other way - out. And try closing the card. Smooth it well so that all the folds are in place.

Now start decorating the cake. Measure the bottom layer, cut a strip of colored paper of this size and glue it.

Do this with all layers. Pastel colors of paper are very beautiful, even with a pattern suitable for the cake.

Now cut out the red strips of small cardboard that will be candles, and cut the light out of the yellow paper.

Put them together.

Glue the candles on the cake.

Now glue all the white paper to the blue cardboard, which is pre-folded in half. First try on white paper with a cake without glue, glue one side, then the other. Carefully direct the fold of white paper toward the fold of blue.

Decorate the cover page of the card with flowers or patterns. Sign inside or out.

You can decorate the cake itself. For example, flowers, stars, stick longitudinal ribbons with bows.

A 3D DIY birthday card is ready, you can also see how to make the same volumetric card with flowers.

Make a 3D postcard with your own hands. Eight-bit heart.

This original volumetric postcard is quite simple to make, despite the fact that its design seems intricate.

It is ideal for a loved one (girls, mothers, grandmothers) and there can be any reason: birthday, March 8, or Valentine's Day.

- cardboard or thick paper

- clerical or wallpaper knife

1. First you need to print the card template, which is located right here. Just in case there are 2 copies.

* You can try to draw a heart layout yourself using a pencil and a ruler, it’s not difficult.

2. Use a stationery knife to make vertical cuts on your template.

3. Now you need to carefully fold the card, without wrinkling the details. First, make the folds that are indicated by yellow lines in the picture. Next, begin to gently bend the card.

* The rest of the postcard should form on its own. Do not forget how to fist through the card so that all the elements work clearly.

* For convenience, you can temporarily attach a postcard to the table using tape.

4. We decorate a volumetric postcard. You can glue the edges of the card with paper of a different color.

Now almost everything is ready, it remains only to add warm words.

Do-it-yourself bulk postcard. Heart.

Despite its simplicity, this card will look beautiful if you do everything correctly. Anyone can make such a Valentine.

- white thick paper

- red paper

1. You will need a postcard template (or you can draw it yourself - look at the picture on how to do this).

2. Cut out a postcard from white paper.

3. Fold the red paper with an accordion. Next, you need to cut it.

4. Pstick the received hearts to the card.

Done! It remains only to decorate to taste and sign.

Do-it-yourself bulk cards. Scheme. Rainbow.

Such a postcard is very easy to make even for a baby.

- white thick paper

- felt-tip pens, pencils or paints

1. bend the paper in half

2. draw a rainbow as shown in the picture

3. make cuts on the top and bottom of the rainbow

4. flatten the paper and color the rainbow

* You can finish on the card everything that your heart desires, decorate it to your taste using stickers, sparkles, etc.

5. Now you need to carefully bend the rainbow out of paper (see picture)

6. glue one more paper to the back of the card to hide the hole from the rainbow cut out.

When you open the rainbow should look out, decorating the world that you invented in your greeting card.

How to make a volumetric postcard. Volcano of hearts.

This postcard consists of two halves that are glued together.

* You can try to draw hearts yourself, but you need to know certain rules - they are listed below.

1. Remove the large heart from the middle (it is located directly on the fold).

2. Cut out the hearts, leaving only the places where they were bent untouched (see picture).

3. Make incisions on the hearts shown in the figure (gray lines on opposite hearts), so you can hold them together.

* The postcard will be better closed if you cut the paper at the central fold and glue them individually to the base (the base is thick red paper that serves as a background for the postcard).

4. Glue the halves to the base and connect the hearts in which you made the incisions.

* The sizes of hearts on both sides are the same.

* The blue line in the diagram shows that the distance from the fold in the middle to the notch is the same, and the red lines indicate the same distance between the hearts close to the middle of the card.

Volumetric Card Templates

2. Make cuts in the indicated places (see the picture - where the red lines need to be cuts, where the green - bends).

3. When you begin to bend the card, your weirdo will begin to "hatch" out of paper. Take your time, do everything carefully.

* If the form does not automatically come out, try to help yourself with a toothpick, or something similar.

4. Glue the card to a separate paper, which will hide the holes and serve as the basis for the card.

* You can put your card in an envelope.

Master class - voluminous postcard "Merry crab"

There are various techniques for making volumetric postcards, and this "funny crab" is made using one of the simplest.

You will create volume by gluing the main elements of the card on bulk tape.

- black beads or felt-tip pen (for eyes)

- bulk tape (or polystyrene)

* You can replace bulky tape with a piece of foam. To do this, you need to cut small cubes from the foam. The side of one cube should be a few millimeters.

* Use glue to stick pieces of polystyrene foam first to the elements of the card, and then to the card itself.

1. First you need to download and print such a template. You can also draw the same crab or another cute creature yourself.

Volumetric card template from paper.

Cut out all the main details of the crab from color and patterned paper.

2. Prepare thick paper.

- Bend it in half to make the basis for the postcard.

- Glue patterned background paper with PVA glue on this base.

- On the patterned paper, stick the yellow-colored paper in a wavy shape, it will depict sand.

- Glue to the "sand" using bulk tape or polystyrene, details of a starfish and a jellyfish.

- You can decorate with beads marine friends of the crab.

3. After which you cut out the details of the crab from plain and patterned paper, you need to glue it.

- Glue the legs of your paper crab to the base of the postcard.

- Glue the eyes of the crab to his body (or you can draw them yourself).

- Connect the remaining parts using the same volumetric tape or polystyrene.

4. Draw a mouth and write any wish.

How to make volumetric postcards. Chick.

This card can be prepared for Easter or for a birthday, or maybe there is another reason.

1. First we make two blanks for our postcard. The dimensions of one are 15 cm by 12 cm, and the second 15 cm by 15 cm. It is on the second base that you will fasten the parts. Bend 3 centimeters from the bottom edge of the base (see picture).

2. Move 3 cm away from the left edge and the same from the right edge and draw strips whose width is 1 cm and 3 cm long. Cut out the lines with a stationery knife. There are three such strips, since we have three parts.

3. You need to bend the strips forward, and you will get a kind of stand for the details of the card.

4. Glue the main part of the card from the inside, as shown in the picture.

* You can decorate the card using wrapping paper. She can glue the base.

5. Cut out eggs from thick paper and decorate them. You can use circles cut out of colored paper or made by a stapler, or stickers, sparkles.

7. Stick the eggs on the stands and glue the rest of the parts.

* You can decorate your card with feathers and / or sparkles.

Volumetric postcard to mom

You will pleasantly surprise mom or grandmother with this beautiful volumetric postcard. It will be suitable for both birthday and March 8, or maybe you yourself will come up with a reason.

1. From green paper cut the stem with leaves. Use any other color of paper for flowers.

2. Fold 2 sheets of thick paper in half.

3. Set aside one sheet, and measure 8cm from the other from the edge, and 5cm from the bottom (see picture). Now you need to cut along the solid line and bend along the dashed line. Follow the same procedure on the opposite side of the sheet, and bend the resulting steps inward, they will serve as a support for the flowers and create the effect of volume.

4. Measure 4cm from the edge of the sheet and 2.5cm from the bottom (see picture). Now bend the stairs inward again.

5. Start gluing the stems to the steps, and flowers and leaves on top of the stems.

6. Now you need to hide the holes made for the steps - to do this, glue your postcard to another sheet that you initially bent - it will serve as a cover.

Done! It remains to add the appropriate text.

Volumetric birthday card

This version of the craft is considered the simplest, since even a beginner will cope with its manufacture.

To create a wonderful postcard, the donor will need:

  • PVA glue,
  • scissors,
  • a simple pencil
  • thick color A4 paper,
  • Double-sided tape,
  • satin ribbons 4 colors 1 cm wide,
  • decoration elements
  • ruler.

How to make a bulk postcard at home

Step-by-step master class:

  1. Take 2 sheets of paper of the same color and bend them in half.
  2. Mark 8 segments in the bend area with a simple pencil on one of the sheets. Carefully cut the lines and bend the segments in the opposite direction.
  3. From other sheets of paper, cut 4 squares of different sizes. Cut the ribbons and glue to the parts vertically. Also tie bows for each box and fix it - as a result, mini-gifts should be obtained.
  4. Glue multi-colored blanks to the prepared segments on double-sided tape.
  5. Cut a rectangle of 7x3 cm from colored paper, if desired, wavy edges can be made. After that write with a pen “Happy Birthday!” Or “Happy Birthday!”.
  6. Glue another prepared sheet to the base of the postcard.
  7. Fix the congratulatory inscription on the front side of the craft.

Decorate the card as you wish with rhinestones, sparkles, beads, etc. Hand-made nice present with your own hands will definitely leave no one!

The main advantage of this version of the craft - it can be presented to both a woman and a man of any age

Floral surround postcard

Before you begin, you must prepare:

  • Double-sided tape,
  • felt-tip pens
  • decoration elements
  • ruler
  • color cardboard
  • scrapbooking paper,
  • a simple pencil
  • openwork napkin,
  • scissors,
  • colored paper in red, yellow and green.

Homemade card with volumetric flower


  1. Measure and cut 7 squares measuring 9x9 cm on a red sheet of paper. Fold the blanks into triangles 3 times. Draw rounded petals with a simple pencil and carefully cut them out.
  2. Expand the resulting flowers, then remove one petal from each blank.
  3. To mark paper plants to taste with a felt-tip pen - for example, you can make interesting patterns or repeat the texture of a real flower.
  4. Glue adjacent petals, as a result, volume flowers of the same size should be obtained.
  5. Fold the flowers in half and start forming a bouquet. To do this, only the petals must be glued using double-sided tape: the paper is glued to the first flower on the right and left sides, while the central petal remains free.
  6. Cut leaflets from green paper, use a felt-tip pen to repeat the relief of a real plant.
  7. On scrap paper, draw a bird and cut it out.
  8. Take the cardboard and fold it in half: it should open like a book. Glue a lace napkin on the front side of the craft, and fix the bird on top of it. In the inner part of the craft, use double-sided tape to attach leaves and a paper bouquet.
  9. Decorate the card to taste with decorative elements.

If desired, different colors can be used for making the bouquet: this way the craft will look more colorful and diverse

The card can be supplemented with congratulatory words, poems or warm wishes.

Greeting card "Balloons"

Such a congratulation will require accuracy and patience from the performer, since it is not easy to make it.

To create a volumetric postcard you will need:

  • pastel colored paper, preferably double-sided,
  • scissors,
  • felt-tip pen
  • glue,
  • a simple pencil
  • thick cardboard
  • threads
  • Double-sided tape,
  • ruler.

3D card with balls

Step-by-step master class create a nice presentation:

  1. Take the cardboard and fold it in half: it will become the basis for the postcard. To do this, you can use cardboard of any color, but the best option would be blue, as it is the one that is perfect for a given topic.
  2. To draw balls on paper of different colors - they should differ in shape and size, but you do not need to make too large blanks. In total, approximately 30-40 balls will be required.
  3. Using double-sided tape, fix the threads at the tails of the balls.
  4. Cut out two-color diamonds from paper, which will become the basis for the flags. This element of the card is used to write wishes - one letter is placed on one flag. In total 13 flags will be required to fit the inscription “Happy Birthday”.
  5. Fold the rhombuses in half, put them on the threads and glue the parts.
  6. Proceed to the design of the postcard. In the inside of the craft, glue half of the prepared balls, and the remaining part must be supplemented with accordion-lining. Thanks to this, a 3D effect will appear.
  7. Pin flags on top of balls.
  8. If desired, you can decorate the front side of the crafts.

It is not recommended to design the inside of the card with additional decorative elements, otherwise the gift will turn out to be bulky and tasteless

Volumetric postcards are a great option to complement the main gift to the hero of the occasion. Crafts are easily made at home, without causing any special difficulties.

To create the best gift that evokes only positive emotions, the donor will need to choose the appropriate card design and high-quality materials. The result is always a bright and festive present!