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How to increase sales of fur coats if you are a seller


The value of a fur coat is more dependent on how it was looked after. Fur coats can be worn from 20 to 70 years old if stored in a cool, well-ventilated place every summer. In less ideal conditions, it will deteriorate much faster. However, to determine the value of a used fur coat, a check is needed that cannot be determined only by the age of the fur coat and its price.

There are many ways to sell your fur coat. You can take a photo of your fur coat and send it to a newspaper for a small fee, or you can take a photo of your fur coat, put it on the Internet and sell the fur coat online.

Training need

Any entrepreneur who has opened a fur salon will look for ways to increase the sales efficiency of fur coats. After all, if you don’t work on it, sooner or later it will become unprofitable to keep the store. Therefore, sellers are required to increase sales, although it is often impossible to achieve an increase in performance without further training.

If the seller does not know how to make the sales of fur coats grow, he will not be able to influence the result. It does not matter how many times he has to approach the buyer.

To increase sales of fur products, it is necessary to take care of the passage of sellers:

Interesting to read

  • trainings
  • distance learning courses.

The more actively an employee works to improve professional skills, the higher will be the sales efficiency. Business development depends on how competent employees are. It is important not just to communicate with customers, but to do it professionally. Thus, the fur salon will be able to calmly survive seasonal downturns.

Creating a customer base

How to increase the profit of a store specializing in sales of fur products? The fur salon seller must have a customer base containing the necessary data:

  • surname and name of the buyer,
  • telephone number (home, mobile),
  • Email

It is worth noting the number of purchases and their value.

To increase sales of fur coats in the fur salon, it is necessary to notify customers from the available list of:

  • new collections of products,
  • holding shares
  • existing seasonal discounts.

Information to customers should be received regularly - at least once a month. It is especially appropriate to keep in touch with customers during the recession of sales of expensive fur coats.

Fur and fur shop

Active customer service

The services of business trainers are used by many companies that are interested in development. At various trainings, more than one technology for increasing sales of fur coats is considered in action, which helps employees of the fur salon to see the shortcomings in their work and improve. What determines the effectiveness of sales? How to achieve increased profits?

Sale advertisement

There are 3 factors that make store prosperity possible. This is about:

  • new customers
  • the number of purchases made during the specified period of time by each visitor,
  • coefficient reflecting the average amount that one person spent on fur products.

The technology for attracting customers provides for the creation of a one-of-a-kind trading offer, while methods can be used both price and non-price. It is necessary to focus on what distinguishes this store of fur coats from other salons of fur products. Sellers must learn to pay attention to those sides of the product that are of most interest to them in the process of communicating with customers.

It is unacceptable to resort to fraud customers. To increase the sales efficiency of fur coats, you should trade honestly, and you should not give out extra information without special need.

Any person making a purchase is pleased to receive a small gift. Fur shops are known to experience periods of ups and downs.

It will be possible to increase profits with the help of limited offers:

  1. You can arrange the sale of fur coats at special prices that are valid only until the end of the month.
  2. On March 8, the action will attract buyers: two fur coats for the price of one. It is worth focusing on a limited amount of goods.
  3. Many salons practice joint promotions with banks and bonus systems, which can significantly increase profits in a fur coat store.
  4. One of the effective methods is to return the difference in the cost of the product if the client finds the fur coats cheaper. This is much more profitable than returning the full amount.

Use of advertising

Revenue growth will be ineffective without one important component of any business. This refers to the use of advertising as a technology for informing potential and existing customers, which contributes to a significant increase in performance. The success of the seller largely depends on how well the residents of the village are aware of the work of the fur salon.

Advertising, which is an effective technology for promoting a business, is served in different ways. Talk about opening a store, seasonal discounts, sales and new arrivals using:

  • ads in fashion magazines and local newspapers,
  • leaflets
  • own site
  • Public accounts on social networks.

To increase the efficiency of the salon, many stores during off-peak periods organize visiting sales exhibitions, about which the population must be informed in advance.

The fur salon will be able to work efficiently if its employees make every effort. Using effective methods will help to overcome the difficulties associated with reducing consumer demand.

Have you decided? Sell!

If you are determined to start reselling outerwear, then you will probably have a logical question: how to sell an old coat, or more precisely, where to sell it and how to prepare for this process.

It's one thing if you practically did not wear a coat, and it, so to speak, retained its original appearance. In this case, selling it is not difficult. Another thing is if the coat was used actively, and traces of socks are noticeable on it. You will have to tinker with such a product before selling.

Instruction for action

Before showing the coat to customers, it is worth evaluating its integrity. Pay attention to the lining, pockets, buttons, zipper, sleeves, collar and hood. Everything that needs repair must be put in full order. If the gaps or deformation are significant, then you need to use the services of a sewing workshop. If the defects are more likely cosmetic, correct them yourself.

The second point is the purity of the product. No one will buy a thing that is “stale” and untidy in appearance. This means that before selling the coat, thorough cleaning and accurate ironing will be very helpful. These actions will give along with presentability.

If there are no difficult spots on the fabric, then just brushing it is enough, if all kinds of contamination are noticeable, then you cannot do without dry cleaning services, of course, if you want to make a really good deal.

When your old coat acquires a lost gloss, you need to determine the place of sale. You can contact the commission, where everyone can sell a gray coat without extra effort. This option requires you to:

- Delivery of goods to the store,
- coordination of prices with an intermediary,

- Expectations of the moment of implementation.

If you want to sell your coat yourself, then you can try to place an ad on social networks or on specialized flea market sites.

To increase the likelihood of buying an old coat over the Internet, you need to photograph it correctly, that is, present it to customers in the most favorable light.

A good shot is the key to successful advertising. A poor-quality, blurry, dull photo will not appeal to a potential buyer, which means it will “freeze” among other ads and will not bring you any benefit.

Observations show that things that are shown on the figure sell best. It is not in vain that in the shops we primarily pay attention to mannequins.

Many sellers of used clothes practice using photos of things lying or hanging on trempels, but they poorly reflect the practical characteristics of clothes. Having put on a coat on yourself, you will show how well it emphasizes the waist line (neckline, slim legs, etc.), perfectly sits on the figure and reliably hides its imperfections.

Remember, the quality of the pictures should be high: the pictures are clear, bright, and the object of sale is shot on a neutral, non-distracting background.

You determine the number of photos, but try to photograph your coat from all angles. Do not forget to focus on the details (trim, embroidery, hem decoration, cuffs, etc.). So, the future buyer will be able to objectively evaluate the product and in the future you will not have unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.

When a bargaining ground is selected, the photographs are ready and the coat can pass into the hands of a new mistress, you can place an ad. Here we will give some more practical recommendations that will allow you to sell your old coat faster.

- Indicate all the necessary information about the product: size, type of material, the degree of its insulation, decorative finish, etc.
- Add care recommendations. What is the best way to iron / wash / clean a coat - all this can be indicated under the photo of the goods being sold. With this instruction, the buyer will feel more confident.
- Indicate the manufacturer of the coat. Detailed information is especially advantageous if the coat is branded.
- Describe your feelings about socks. It was warm / comfortable / cozy in you and in general, this is the best product that you have had in recent years.
- Indicate the reason for the sale. It is important to note here that YOUR product, and not overbought in second hand, was worn for long / short, became small / large, has lost its relevance for you today in connection with the acquisition of a new one. An honest dialogue with the buyer - bribes him!

If you do everything right, your coat will sell like a hot cake in a bakery. We hope everything goes smoothly with our tips and tricks.

Where is it better to sell a fur coat?

First of all, let's consider where to sell a mink or other coat of BU.

Commission shop

Most owners of fur coats who want to sell them take them to a thrift store for sale. At the same time, you should know that the commission fee itself will not buy a fur coat from you, but for the fact that your goods will be in the store, you will need to pay the agreed amount or percentage of its sale to this store.

In addition, if you don’t know how much you can sell a mink fur coat for second-hand, in the commission goods store you will be able to evaluate it adequately.

Perhaps the only drawback of selling a fur coat in the commission is the fact that you will not know in what conditions your fur thing is stored, and how it will be handled.

Fur coat shops

Such stores specialize directly in the sale of fur products, which is why it is advisable to contact here with a proposal to sell your fur coat BU. Since this is a specialized store, everything is in order here, subject to storage conditions for fur coats. Unfortunately, such commissions can only be found in big cities. Nevertheless, do not despair. To sell your fur coat, you can ride in another city.


Applying to a pawnshop with the goal of selling your fur coat is probably not the most original way to implement it, but it does happen and if we list the possible ways, we should also mention this.

Since the pawnshop accepts only valuable things and real estate on bail, then here you can take only a fur coat from expensive fur. In this case, you will have to present the available documents on it: certificate, receipt and guarantee, if it is still valid. The fur product must be in excellent condition.

As you can see, this method is quite energy-consuming, but it also has its advantages:

  1. Firstly, for your coat you can instantly get money on bail.
  2. Secondly, if you change your mind about selling it, you can return the product to yourself before the security period ends. To do this, you only have to pay the interest debt for using borrowed funds.

Selling a fur coat to someone from your environment

The simplest ways to sell your fur coat include an offer to friends or acquaintances to buy it from you. Here word of mouth will work. Even if your girlfriend doesn’t need a fur coat, your friend’s friend needs a fur coat. And of course, the more friends you have, the more chances you have to sell your fur beauty.

This option is the most convenient. Since it is not a person from the street who will buy the fur coat, but some acquaintance, you can invite him to your home and in an informal setting discuss with him the details of the sale or exchange for another thing. For his part, the buyer will be sure that they will not slip poor-quality clothes on him.

Implementation through social networks

Today, there are tens of thousands of different groups on social networks. Try to find one where clothes are sold, preferably outerwear. You can leave your sales advertisements in several groups at once. So you increase the chances of a sale.

The disadvantage of this method is that any news or note, and in this case the announcement, on the group page quickly goes down, giving way to new posts. Therefore, you will have to regularly update your offer.

Bulletin boards

Where else you can sell your mink coat, it is on a specialized platform such as Avito, if it is Russia, or OLX in Ukraine. The advantages of these platforms are that they are used by a huge number of people from all regions. As a rule, the buyer gets to the site through a search engine, in the line of which he enters the query he is interested in, for example, "buy a fur coat" and already here on the site he is offered many options to choose from.

Well, if it turns out that the buyer is from another city, but wants to personally see the fur coat, then it can be sent to him for fitting by mail or courier. In this case, all shipping costs should be borne by the buyer. This is done this way: you send the goods by cash on delivery, the buyer tries on the spot the received order and if everything suits him, he pays the full cost. If the goods do not suit him, the failed buyer sends him back at his own expense.

If you could not independently evaluate your fur coat and do not know how much it can be sold, look for similar ads on the website and, comparing prices, display yours.

The disadvantage of selling a fur coat is the fact that both the buyer and the seller may be in different cities, and many buyers are afraid to buy a "pig in a poke", because a fur coat is, first of all, a thing that needs to be examined and tried on.

City Forums

Almost every city in Russia has a city Internet forum where locals can view current news and information. In each of them there is a “buy-sell” section. Such ads are viewed by a large number of people.

The option of selling a fur coat at the city forum is the most preferable, because if you sell a fur coat in your area or city, you will not have to send it to the buyer, and the chances of selling your fur beauty will increase significantly.

Atelier tailoring and repairing fur coats

Atelier is another place where you can buy your fur coat. As a rule, inexpensive fur coats are bought in workshops, which serve as a “donor” for replacing accessories, some parts and parts. Therefore, if your fur coat has any defects, then it is advisable to turn it in at the fur shop.

In the studio you will receive a fur coat from any fur: from mink, muton, astrakhan, sable, nutria, raccoon and other types of fur.

How much can you sell your coat?

So we come to the main question: What price can I set to quickly buy a product? Since the person who decides to buy used things wants to save, it is reasonable to sell a fur coat cheaper than in a store.

That is why the price of your mink coat should be attractive, otherwise you will sell it for a long time, and from the fact that it will hang in the closet and wait for its buyer, it will not get better. But, you say, she does not ask to eat. And you will be right. The fur coat doesn’t really ask for food, but moth and other pests really ask.

In addition, a fur coat, like any clothing, can lose its “fashionability” and relevance, except that it is not of a classic cut. And every day the chances of a sale will decrease even more.

Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that the adequate cost of a fur coat is 50-60% of its value. And this is only if she is in excellent condition, and her model is relevant. That is, the fur coat should be such that it can be dressed and go in it.

If the fur coat is well-worn and has abrasions on it (as a rule, the sleeves and hem of the fur coat are most susceptible to this process), then its cost will be one third of the price you paid for it in the store.

Useful tips on how to sell a fur coat quickly

Шуба – это вещь, которую носят зимой, следовательно, ближе к зимним холодам продать шубу будет проще и быстрее.

Чтобы продать свою шубу срочно и дорого и получить за нее деньги, нужно составить хорошее объявление и поставить привлекательную цену . Как и везде, здесь есть конкуренция, поэтому ваше предложение должно быть заманчивым.

For this reason, you will need to take some successful photos of your fur coat in good quality and in good lighting. It should be visible on them how long the fur coat is, what color it is, in what condition the fur (whether it shimmers, whether it is thick, or if there are bald spots on the fur coat). Also offer a potential buyer a view of the fur coat from the inside, namely, its lining, pockets, seams, mezdra.

When writing the description, it makes sense to specify additional detailsthat may interest the buyer. Indicate the country of manufacture, brand, weight of the product, its style.

If there are any defects on the fur coat, you should not be silent about this, because when inspecting the fur coat, the buyer will see them himself and then the deal may be broken, because he will cease to trust you.

If you are at a loss to make the correct description, look how others do it, perhaps this experience will be useful to you. At the same time, if you want to sell your fur product quickly, try to make the ad even more attractive.

Rules of the sale that should not be ignored

Fur coats are needed not only by fashionistas, but also by scammers who trade in theft. In their role, individuals who pretend to be buyers can be traded. To protect yourself from their fraud, inform yourself in advance about fraudulent schemes.

In short, all the actions of fraudsters boil down to taking possession of your property in an illegal way. Therefore, making an appointment with the buyer, make sure that you are accompanied by someone from your environment. For the venue, choose crowded places, not porches or alleys.

We hope this information was useful to you and now you know how and for how much you can sell your (even old) mink coat. Good luck!