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How to install roblox


Every user wants to be a creator in the virtual world. If you are a creative person, consider the original Roblox app, which has no limits. You can create your own bays, build impressive ships, engage in pirate raids. Suddenly not impressive? Then you can try to dig deep mines, hire as representatives of the gnomes, representatives of other mythical characters. Well, fans of dynamic technological growth will be able to appreciate the possibility of building and equipping their own spaceport.

As you already understood, the possibilities of the project have no limits. All actions are limited exclusively by the flight of your imagination. Below it is proposed to consider whether it is possible to install the Roblox game on a PC and how to do it correctly.

Installation process

Before you tackle the issue of installing the application, read and download it from the page, this will not take you much time and effort. You just need to install a special Play Market emulator on your computer, with which you can play any applications developed for the Android OS on your PC.

The general installation algorithm is as follows:

  • Download the installation file, unzip it.
  • You start the automatic installation process, for the beginning of which you only need to click on the installation file.
  • It is important to log in to the emulator itself, after which it will be installed. You can do this using your Google Play account, creating a new one or using the old one.
  • In the upper field, you are prompted to enter the exact name of the project, and then click on the install button when the search results appear.

As you can note, there will be no problems with the process of searching and installing the application, it will not take you much time and effort. You can give one simple recommendation, before installing the game from the catalog in the emulator, look at all the features of the project in the description on the page. There may be useful data for users, which is definitely worth using. Any user can handle the installation process, even if this is your first time using this application.

Features of the application on the PC

Playing Roblox on a PC does not cause any problems, but you still need to devote some personal time to familiarize yourself with the main functionality of the project. It is proposed to consider the numerous buttons located in the menu, which are fashionable to activate with one short press.

As in the mobile version, on the computer you can choose one of many characters, give them the actual appearance, equip them with additional accessories and give them a formidable look that can scare even the most desperate enemy. Once the characters are selected and placed on the game map, do not miss the moment of drawing the route of their movement. Everything is also very simple here, because the routes look like simple lines, which you can draw using only a standard computer mouse.

Special attention should be given to giving your characters the opportunity to speak, for this you will need to write the appropriate “permission” in the command window. The editor provides the ability to add and optimize various scripts, this is certainly worth using. Working with the functionality is also simple, the user will need to focus exclusively on icons in the process, indicating a stylized image of the upcoming action that the user will perform.

Account registration

To download and install the game on your computer, you must go through the registration procedure. It includes the use of a real email address, a fictitious username and password. It is advised to indicate your real age and the system will select applications that may be interesting on their own.

We go to the official Roblox website and enter the date of birth, login, password 2 times, select the gender, agree to the user agreement and click on the treasured green button,

Age categories are divided into: before 14 and after. That is, for users younger than this age, horror cards or other locations that contain frightening moments may not be available. After registering on the site, you need to confirm the email address. A message arrives on the email where there is an active link. By clicking on it, you can confirm your account and use all the features of Roblox.

How to download and install?

  1. We follow this link and at the bottom of the article there are links for downloading the game.

2. Next, install the downloaded file by double-clicking

After registration, the player will be asked to download the game along with an additional application for developers. If this does not happen, you must go to the game tab and select any. It is located in a small window, where the inscription Play is below. By clicking on it, a message may appear that the game has not been installed. Follow the directions to install the game correctly.

Most often, applications and programs suggest installing them on the main partition of the hard drive. If you do not want to clog free space, you must specify the desired drive. Installation, as well as downloading will not take much time. First of all, Roblox himself weighs a little, it is presented only as a platform that launches all other applications.

Secondly, this indicator depends on your Internet speed. If they are low, then, respectively, and the download speed will be low.

After downloading, a small file with the extension .exe will appear in the “Downloads” folder. You need to click on it to start the installation process. The game will prompt you to select a section for installation and in just twenty minutes it will appear on your desktop.

Important: optionally installed RobloxStudia. It cannot be deleted, so the program is a necessary component for the game.

How to start playing

The official site offers a lot of entertainment, among which you can choose games for several players, for one or multi-player at once. Going to the official page of the game, you need to log in and open the Games tab.

Among the entire list, you can pick up the cards of interest and start playing them.

To properly configure the search filter, you need to open the top selection. Initially, it stands for "Default." The player can pick up a list of the most popular, with high ratings or excellent attendance. The number of votes from other players indicates the quality of the created capt. If she has a lot of negative reviews, the fastest game will not bring the proper pleasure. The list of popular cards is constantly updated, so you can choose among them the most attractive in terms of gameplay.

Popular cards for the game:

You need to click on the icon you like and click on the green “Play” button. The window “Using which program to open” will be displayed. In the drop-down list, select Roblox and wait for the download to complete.

Character customization

Massively multiplayer online games are designed to create your own, original character. To dress up the little man in Roblox, you can use the initial items or purchase them for Robaks.

The game’s internal currency is purchased in the appropriate section using a bank card.

It is impossible to replenish without access for adults, because they must enter the basic data. Having bought robaxes, you can go to the store and buy absolutely any outfits, changes in head size and even accessories.

Check in at Roblex

For fans of popular games, it will be interesting that often in Roblox you can find their counterparts. Of course, their appearance will be slightly changed due to the specifics of the cubic game. To try them, register and create a unique character.

Downloading the platform is as easy as playing Roeblox. After installing it on your computer, go through a simple registration. Indicate your real email address, to which you should receive an email with a link to confirm the account. We still have to come up with a username and password. Be sure to indicate your real age, then the system will be able to choose the applications that will be most interesting to you. Going to the official site, enter your date of birth, username and password twice, select the gender and agree to the user agreement. Then you can safely click on the big green button. In a minute, an e-mail with an active link for confirmation will be sent to the mail, you must go to it. After that, all the possibilities of Roblox will open before you.

In Roblox, there are two age categories: children under 14 years old, and users over 14 years old. For students of the platform who have not reached the age of 14, cards in the horror genre and others that can contain frightening scenes will be closed.

How to play Roblox

To download the game, you can use the link located on the official website of the Roblox Universe. As soon as the registration process is successfully overcome, a proposal to install an additional module will appear on the gadget screen. Its functions will include the development of new maps. If the download does not start automatically, go to the games tab and select any of them. To start it, click Play. If a warning appears on the screen that the game files are installed correctly, you will have to reinstall it. Follow the on-screen instructions. If you do not want the installation to be done on your hard drive, select a different storage. The whole process of downloading and installing takes a minimum of time, since this file is a platform that will run all the cards you select on the site.

In the event that your data transfer rate is low, you will have to wait a while. Once the file is downloaded, go to the “Downloads” tab and look for it. Then click on it to start the download. Installation will take place within 20 minutes, after which you can start playing games. Remember that together with the main file RobloxStudio will install. Removing it is impossible, because it has elements that are responsible for the correct operation of the entire platform.

There are tons of games and instructions on the Roblox website that answer the question of how to play Roblox. All games are so different that some suggest the ability to play them as a whole company, arranging competitions. To choose the most interesting games, you need to correctly configure the filter in the directory. Initially, it stands for "Default." Choose for yourself those indicators that will testify to the quality of the card: attendance, rating and others. Each user has the right to rate this or that card, therefore, the higher it is, the greater the likelihood that the card will be interesting and exciting. Do not forget to follow the tab of popular games, they are constantly updated.

To start the game, click on the icon, and then on the Play button. The system will ask you which program to use to open the game. In the list below you need to find Roblox. Download will take about a minute.

In games that are supported by finding multiple users at once, they allow you to arrange competitions between friends and meeting users.

The main thing is not to forget to create a unique character. If from the very beginning there is a desire to dress him in cool clothes, you will have to deal with the purchase of domestic currency. In any case, the character will not be left without an outfit, since there is a sufficient number of versatile clothing options.