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Paper pompons: how to do it yourself


To make stylish and inexpensive decorations for the interior, often use the simplest materials. From them you can make all kinds of crafts, toys and applications. Or, say, original paper pompons.

What is needed

Since the pompoms will be paper, it is obvious that it will be necessary in the first place. For such decoration, you need to take crepe or thin corrugated paper (not cardboard!). Previously, it was used mainly in children's crafts or in the manufacture of carnival costumes, but today it is increasingly being used to craft stylish decor elements:

  • flowers
  • New Year garlands
  • toys
  • curtains, etc.

In addition to the corrugated paper itself, only scissors and threads are required. In some cases, the threads are replaced with cords or ribbons, if you want to hang the finished product to something.

A good corrugated paper should meet certain requirements: be quite strong, evenly stained, bright, but not “paint” your hands. Sometimes such material is replaced with the one in which gifts are packed, choosing the thinnest from the entire assortment. Also, paper napkins are often used, if necessary, in order to end up with a small fluffy ball.

Work process

When all the necessary materials and tools are found, you can begin to work on the original decor element. First, sheets of the same size are cut (you can make different colors, but plain ones look more effective) and stack them one on top of the other. What size each leaf will be depends on what size of pomponom as a result needs to be received. The width of the sheet is approximately equal to the diameter of the finished element. Next, we perform the following steps:

  1. A stack of sheets should be folded accordion across.
  2. Tie the finished accordion in the middle with strong threads, fishing line, cord and even tape.
  3. Now it's time to trim the edges. To do this, with the help of scissors, they must be given a rounded, pointed, trapezoidal, serrated, wavy or any other shape as desired.
  4. At the very last stage, the accordion is straightened out. It is necessary to take each separate sheet and slightly crumple it, lifting to the middle, where the accordion was bandaged.

One pompom will not look good in the interior and is unlikely to be able to decorate it for the holiday, so it’s worth doing several at once, and then decide what to do with them: collect in a garland, hang one at a time or come up with something else.

What is this decoration suitable for?

For what purposes do the products received be used? They are suspended one at a different level from the ceiling beams, and if there are none, then a fishing line is pulled through the room under the ceiling, and already finished things are hung on it. Also, sometimes they are collected on a fishing line and stretched like a garland.

  1. But the most original use of such an ornament is to decorate a box with a gift (instead of a bow). Why else use this decor?
  2. White pompoms of different sizes will look great on a wedding celebration. Moreover, it does not matter where the event takes place - indoors or outdoors: white decor will be appropriate everywhere. For him, it is best to take tracing paper.
  3. When a baby appears in the house, they always try to meet him festively. Balloons are often used to decorate a room, but they can burst and scare the baby. Therefore, pink, blue, lilac, yellow, etc., will be an excellent alternative to balls.
  4. Bright paper decor elements are suitable for a party in honor of the birthday of the child or for a holiday in the country. If the event has a theme, then the color of paper crafts should be selected specifically for it. Crafts from blue paper, white, blue and turquoise will decorate the sea party, green and brown are ideal for the Earth festival, red and black for the “gangster” celebration, etc.

Thanks to home-made pom-poms, photos from such holidays will turn out to be very bright and unusual. And if there is no desire to decorate the whole room with them, then you can arrange only a photo zone where everyone can take a selfie against the background of this original decor.

How and why else to use fluffy rustling balls, everyone can come up with for himself. And when you need to remove them, you just need to fold the accordion again and hide it in the closet until the next holiday.

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The tradition of making do-it-yourself topiaries - the trees of happiness - has appeared relatively recently. But there are already plenty of options for how to do this. One of the easiest ways is to use napkins for decoration.

They are greeted by clothes, and if we are talking about the holiday, then also by the bouquet that you brought. That is why it is important not only to choose the right flowers, but also to choose the appropriate packaging.

An ordinary bouquet has been known to everyone since childhood - a certain number of flowering and ornamental plants collected in a bunch and tied with a ribbon. Unusual bouquets - everything else that is enough for fantasy.

How to make paper pompoms with your own hands

There are people who like to decorate their home with such things, and some even build their own business on it, getting financial benefits. They provide a service for creating jewelry, people can fill out an application online or order by phone (it’s important not to break the law, that is, register yourself at least as un, then no one will interfere with this activity).

There are several ways to make pompons yourself. They may differ in the technique used by tools and materials. Here are some basic ways:

  1. Fold the paper with an accordion, round or sharpen the edges. The result is a beautiful flower.
  2. A ball similar to honeycombs, which is done by gluing sheets in a special way (the method is described below in the text).
  3. Make individual flowers (for example, from paper napkins), then fasten them together and straighten them, giving the shape of a volume ball (described below).
  4. Cut the paper into circles, fasten them in the center, cut them into strips from the edge to the center (without cutting them to the end), and then straighten them out: a magnificent pompom is obtained.

Tools and materials for work

For the manufacture of pompons, the main material and tools are paper: corrugated, quiet, crepe, napkins. There are several basic ways to make paper balls, in which the tools may differ. For example, in some crafts a hole punch, a stapler, or other device may be used. Parts of the product can be fixed with thread or glue, in some crafts it is better to use several tools at once.

For crafts, polystyrene and even a garbage bag can come in handy. Be sure to use:

Corrugated Paper Pompons

Corrugated paper is often used to create paper ball decorations. To make a pompom out of corrugated paper, you will need the following tools:

  • corrugated paper roll (creped),
  • scissors,
  • pencil,
  • ruler.

When choosing a material, you need to pay attention to its size. It is best to buy a standard one, 50 cm wide. In a regular roll, 2.5 m in length. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Work should begin with finding the middle of the roll, a line is drawn there. The roll must be cut along this line.
  2. Each of the two pieces must be divided into even smaller parts of size: 25x40 or 25x50. Get 6 or 5 pieces of paper.
  3. All the rectangles are stacked on top of each other, rotate the short side to the master.
  4. It is necessary to fold the blanks with the accordion on the short side. Then you need to find the middle of the stacked pile and put a mark with a pencil.
  5. At this point, the sheets are tied with thread or tape. In this case, one end of the thread remains long.
  6. The next stage of work on pompons is the design and shaping and splendor. On the folded paper at the top, you need to draw rounds resembling a flower petal, and then crop them.
  7. The same thing needs to be done on the other side.
  8. The moment comes when the pompom itself is created. First you need to turn away one side, like a fan, and then the other.
  9. It is necessary to carefully and carefully spread each layer so as not to tear the leaves.

DIY paper balls to decorate the room

For a festive event, do-it-yourself paper pompons are made as decorations. Based on them, you can make popular now full-sized numbers on the children's birthday: cut the corresponding number from the foam and wrap it in ready-made pompons, evenly placing them across the entire area. To make paper balls you will need the following tools:

  • corrugated paper
  • thin cardboard (2 sheets),
  • multi-colored markers,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • thread and needle.

Having prepared everything you need, you can step into the manufacture of crafts. For convenience and clarity, we offer step-by-step instructions:

  1. First, you need to fold a sheet of cardboard in half, and on one side draw a semicircle - so that it fits against the fold. The larger the semicircle, the larger the pompon.
  2. Cut a circle and cut it in half.
  3. Cut the excess part across the width of the corrugated paper.
  4. On the second cardboard, draw two lines with two different felt-tip pens (for example, red and blue). At the same time, they should be longer than the width of the paper so that the ponytails stick out from above and below.
  5. Grease blanks with red marks with glue and stick the first sheet of corrugated paper to them.
  6. Glue the paper in places where there are blue stripes, grease with glue and attach the next sheet.
  7. Continue gluing the sheets alternately to different lines.
  8. On a stack of corrugated paper, you need to put a cardboard semicircle and cut along its contour, and then paste the cardboard (hemisphere) on the first and last sheets.
  9. In one corner of the craft, you need to make a hole with a needle and fix everything in this place, at the same time leave a loop so that the ball can be hung somewhere.
  10. Taking the cardboard edges of the ball, you need to carefully unfold it so as not to tear thin paper.
  11. In the end, you need to glue the cardboard together, and a beautiful festive ball is ready.

How to make paper pompons in silence

To make pompons light, elegant and airy, it is better to use paper in silence. The technique of working with it differs in that it requires special skill and accuracy so as not to tear or spoil thin sheets. For crafts you will need the following materials and tools:

  • quiet paper
  • scissors,
  • rope, cord, wire or wire,
  • fishing line or thread for hanging,
  • Falzbane (a special brush for working with folds) - preferably.

Hard work will not take too much time, but it will require skill, patience and accuracy. The process consists of several stages:

  1. Lay the paper in silence on top of each other in a pile: the more sheets, the more magnificent the craft (the optimal amount is 10).
  2. The entire stack must be bent with an accordion, so that each revolution (side) is about 2-3 cm. Each fold is ironed with a Falzbane (you can use a ruler or work with your hand).
  3. The tip of each side should be rounded with scissors (cut off excess). As an option, you can make the edges sharp, which will slightly change the final look of the finished pompom.
  4. Find the middle and tightly bandage with a rope, ribbon, cord or any similar object that is.
  5. It is necessary to carefully bend all the petals of the pompom flower - first on one side, and then on the other. This is the most painstaking and accurate work: it is important not to tear a single petal.
  6. Attach a tape, braid or rope for hanging.
  7. It will be possible to finally fluff and shape the pompom only when it already hangs in its place.

Crepe paper ball master workshop

A very thin but durable material is crepe paper. It is very convenient to make pom-poms and other decorative elements from it, because it does not break from accidental movement, and it lends itself perfectly to shaping. To create a pompom from such a material, the following tools will be required:

  • crepe (tissue) paper,
  • wire, stapler or thread,
  • ruler
  • pencil,
  • scissors,
  • ribbon, braid or rope (to hang a finished craft).

The work should begin like this - determine what size the pompom should be: what is the width of the sheet, so will the diameter of the pompom. As an example, a step-by-step instruction of crafts will be presented: pompons from crepe paper created from 8 sheets:

  1. Put 8 sheets of paper in a stack and bend them with an accordion, so that the width of the strip was 2 cm.
  2. Using a ruler, you need to find the middle of the workpiece and bend it in this place.
  3. Tie at the bend with wire or rope very tightly so that the sheets do not crumble.
  4. The edges of the workpiece must be trimmed to make them pointed.
  5. At the end of the work, you need to carefully spread all the edges, you get an elegant flower with triangular edges. If you take multi-colored paper, you can get a colorful pompom.
  6. Another way to use it is to spread the edges on only one side, and do not touch the second, which will give the appearance of a bouquet that can decorate the holiday table or put in a decorative vase on a shelf.

Step-by-step instructions for making pompoms from napkins

Conventional wipes that are placed on the table to wipe your hands can be great material for making pompons. They are thin, supple, soft, so the decoration will turn out elegant and elegant. Due to the size of the paper napkin, you cannot make a big pompom out of it: you will get small ones that are suitable for decorating a gift or as a decoration for a festive table.

For the manufacture of crafts require the following tools and materials:

  • paper napkins (several different colors can be used, in example 2: blue and yellow),
  • scissors,
  • a pen,
  • hole puncher,
  • thread.

Getting started, you need to carefully consider for what purposes pompoms from wipes are needed. Below is a step-by-step diagram of working on a pompom for a gift box:

  1. Take 4 blue napkins, fold them in a stack and roll them up as you would for cutting a snowflake.
  2. At the edges of the folded workpiece, you need to draw a semicircle and cut off the excess on this line.
  3. Expand napkins, you should get small, neat flowers.
  4. Repeat the same process with 4 napkins of a different color.
  5. Collect all the flowers in a stack and fold them in half. Use a hole punch to make a hole near the bend point.
  6. Through the hole you need to stretch the thread and tie it tightly.
  7. Spread the resulting pompom - the craft is ready.
  8. A wonderful decoration will be a garland of pompons made of napkins: they are small and elegant.

How to make corrugated paper pompons

All paper pompons are made according to the same principle. Let's look at this method in more detail. We need corrugated or crepe paper. Crushed paper today is actively used to create crafts, although before its purpose was of a slightly different nature - corrugated paper laid out the linings for hats. Crepe is a type of corrugated material with a finer degree of compression. Crepe paper pompons are soft and airy, while corrugated products hold their shape better. Previously, children's crafts and elements for carnival costumes were made from crumpled paper, but today they are mainly used to create stylish decorative products: flowers, garlands, interior toys.

Making pom-poms out of paper with your own hands is very simple, because in addition to crepe or corrugated paper itself, you only need scissors and threads. If you are going to hang ready-made paper balls to decorate a wall or ceiling, replace the threads with tape or a long cord. Remember that for work choose a strong, uniformly stained and bright crumpled paper, which does not leave color stains on your hands.

Lush paper pompons: detailed instructions

So, if all the materials at hand are ready, we proceed to the creative part of the process. To create an original and catchy element of decor, it is best to use multi-colored sheets of paper, previously laying them on top of each other. Although some masters claim that it is monophonic pompons that look much more impressive, so choose colors based on your personal beliefs.

First, decide on the size of the finished product. The more magnificent you see the pompom, the large sheets of cut corrugated paper. In this case, take a note that the width of the paper sheet should approximately correspond to the diameter of the finished ball. Next, paper pompons are assembled step by step as follows:

  • fold the sheets of paper stacked in a transverse “accordion”,

  • firmly bind folded paper several times strictly in the middle with threads or with the dressing that you prepared (with a wire or tape, for example),

  • Now the most creative part of the process is the paper edge design. Scissors give them the shape you want: round the edges, make them wavy or jagged, cut with a fringe,

  • we pass to the most interesting - we "dissolve" our paper bud. First, we folded sheets of jammed paper into layers. Теперь осторожно отсоединяйте по одному слою, немного сминайте и вытягивайте к перевязанной ниткой сердцевине. Полюбуйтесь своим творением!

Не пожалейте времени и сделайте таких помпонов сразу несколько. One paper ball, of course, is good, but it will not be able to produce that amazing effect as several copies. Ready-made paper pompons can be easily assembled into a garland, hung one at a time from the ceiling or decorate the whole wall with them.

Experienced paper craftsmen went further. See what wonderful pompons in the form of flowers are obtained from jammed paper!

How to make paper pompoms in silence

To create lush holiday pompoms, paper as quiet as paper is used as often as corrugated paper. Unlike classic squeezed paper, quiet is very delicate material. This is a thin, weightless and surprisingly airy paper, which, according to the masters, is a pleasure to deal with. The material is chosen when they want to decorate the room with very lush and large paper pompons.

So, to make a beautiful volumetric ball, we will prepare the following materials:

  • quiet paper (about 15 - 19 sheets for a large product, about 7 - 8 sheets for a small pompom),
  • scissors,
  • strong thread or thin wire,
  • satin or other elegant ribbon to hang the finished product.

After completing this step-by-step master class, you will get incredibly beautiful paper pompons in silence:

  • Fold the sheets of paper evenly. If you plan to get a volume pompom, take more sheets. However, keep in mind that the thicker the stack of paper, the more difficult it is to work with a future product. Roll the paper in half and cut it clearly along the edge,

  • wrap the paper "steps" 2 - 3 cm to the end,

  • fold the paper package in half

  • tie a paper “fan” exactly in the middle with wire or thread. In the same place, tie a tape with which you can then hang the pompom,

  • shape the edges of the “fan” - give them a round, trapezoidal or pointed shape,

  • to make a pompom, carefully begin to separate the petals of the paper from the edge to the center. Gently spread layer by layer,

  • when 5-6 layers of your pompom are straightened, turn it over and separate as many layers on the other side,

  • when there are very few left layers, turn the product sideways and open the last petals,

  • this is what a fluffy and cute decoration you will get when all 16 layers are straightened.

When hanging pompons, do not limit yourself to one color and the same length of tape.

How to make a pompom out of paper in the form of a hemisphere: detailed instructions

If you wish, you can make an unusual pompom with which you can decorate any surface. For better stability, the paper product is not created round, but in the form of a hemisphere.

For work, you can choose paper napkins, but we will stop on paper molds for cupcakes. The latter became the object of close attention of the craftswomen thanks to their corrugated edges, which gives the decorative element additional volume. The work plan is as follows:

  1. Fold the cake pan in several layers so that you get an acute angle of about 45 degrees. Do the same with all forms. So we will make the petals for the decorative flower pompom.
  2. Now collect all the petals together: alternately lay the edge of one petal on the edge of the other, making sure that the sharp corners of the petals meet at one point, and they themselves do not completely overlap.
  3. Use a hairpin or a single thread with a needle to fasten the petals.
  4. To make the fluffy hemisphere very voluminous, fill the finished circle with a few more rows of petals. Remember that all elements must be strung on a thread (hairpin).

Decoration of the interior with paper pompons

When the foam of the finished paper pompoms hides your workplace, the time will come to decide what to do with the unusual creation next. For example, paper balloons with silence are a worthy replacement for ordinary balloons, because they can be fixed in many places without worrying that the balloon will burst from careless movement.

Paper pompons are attached to walls, floor beams on the ceiling, on a chandelier, chairs. Medium-sized pompons are decorated with bow-type gift presents, and mini-pompoms will be a great addition to large fluffy balls. We offer you some more interesting options for decorating with paper pompons:

  1. As decorative elements, white pompons of different sizes will be appropriate at a wedding celebration. Such products are best crafted from tracing paper. They will look elegant both outdoors and indoors.
  2. When relatives and friends are preparing to meet a new family member from the hospital, multi-colored pompons can also be dispensed with. Classic balloons burst, which often spoils the overall picture of the holiday, so it is best to “dress” the room in pink, lilac, blue, lemon and mint pompons.
  3. With the help of paper pompons, you can arrange a holiday in honor of the birthday of the child. Homemade products will become even more cute if you decorate them with the faces of cartoon characters.
  4. Themed parties are often decorated with paper balls: blue, blue, white and turquoise pompoms will be appropriate for a sea party, against the background of brown and green paper balloons, you can celebrate Earth Day, and red and black pompons are suitable for a gang “gathering”.
  5. Memory photos will be unusually positive and vibrant if paper pompons get into the frame. So that everyone can make an original selfie on the background of paper decor, pompons make out a special photo zone.

What to do with paper balls made by yourself, everyone can think for himself. We offer you a selection of photos of paper pompons for inspiration:

When the holiday is over, do not rush to throw out paper pompons. These products can easily be folded into an accordion again and hidden until the next celebration.