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What we, students, will not invent and invent, just not to teach painful science. And so to your attention we offer the twelve most popular ways write off unnoticed on the exam.

Twelve ways to write off the exam so you don’t notice

The training manual, hidden in advance in the audience under the desk, and formulas squeezed out in linoleum onto the floor, belong to the same category (the pen fell - looked, wrote off!).

The second method is purely female. We girls have a lot female piersthat will help to easily hide and quietly bring cheat sheets into the classroom: attach to a hairpin, shove it in a hairdo, glue the answers to the inside of the massive massive bracelets, put under the elastic of stockings, write on your knees, hide it in the shoe, twist the answer into a tube and put it in a ball handle with a gun, glue the cribs with adhesive tape to the sole, put the spurs in the bra in the end. In practice, even found formulas in small print in the form of manicure! In general, this is a matter of fantasy.

The third way is artillery. Write bombs - The best way to easily write off the exam, if, of course, you know how questions will be distributed on the tickets. You just write the answers at home on separate sheets, quietly bring the “bomb” to the exam, and until the teacher looks in your direction, you lay your creation.

The fourth way is progressive. We make cribs in printed form. To do this, print the spurs in the fourth font on a laser printer, cut them into squares so that everything fits into your pocket, number, pull out the necessary cheat sheet on the exam, put it under the leaflet and carefully rewrite it.

The fifth method is a languid look. There is a proven way to get the cheat sheet already in the audience, for this - building beautiful eyes close to the sitting smart neighbor know-it-all and just get answers for the fact that we are smiling so sweetly.

The sixth way - ala young Lenin. Invisible ink - everyone is allowed to take empty drafts for the exam, but it’s easy to make them not completely empty: carry a clean notebook as if for rough use, but before that write all the cheat sheets in invisible ink at home. Invisible ink is sold in any office supply store, and this ink appears under the influence of a special small purple flashlight that is built into the pen cap. What can I say - progress in the correct cheating on the face!

You can also squeeze out answers in a notebook with a rod - they will be noticeable only at a certain angle of incidence of light: you see the solutions, but the teacher doesn't.

The seventh method is telephone. Find in advance a person who knows how to solve problems well or who can simply help you with something. Having received the task, imperceptibly photograph it on your phone and went to the same person MMSand he will give you ready-made solutions in return. Next, try to write down from the phone unnoticed by the teacher.

The seventh method - telephone 2. Before the exam, just upload all the answers to your phone, sign what and where you have it, so that you don’t look for an exam for a long time, then discreetly open the necessary file and write it off from every opportunity to case.

The seventh method is Internet. Mobile Internet - that’s where the salvation of all students is! There you can find answers to any exam questions and even ask questions to online users, the main thing is to check and replenish the balance before the exam.

The tenth method is a substitution. If you are from that small mass that does not attend lectures - feel free to send someone to the exam instead of yourself. Just be sure to thank this person later and try not to miss classes anymore.

The eleventh method is fun together. Collective system cheating on the exam: the guys take turns distracting the teacher, ask questions while others cheat, then the students change roles.

The tenth method is a reception, a reception professor burdock. Micro headphones - while the most modern and safest method of cheating: even the most keen examiner will not notice this small wireless miracle, especially if you have long hair. You send or quietly call tasks to a friend on the other end of the wire, and he searches for answers on the Internet and slowly dictates.

An ordinary headset will do, too, just carefully mask the wire with the earphone hair and make sure that you are not opened.

Programmable calculator

Timeline of use: since the early 1990s

What is suitable for: math and science exams

In 1990, Texas Instruments introduced its first TI-81 graphing calculator. The gadget was destined to become one of the most common of its kind. Various calculator models over the next ten years appeared in almost every American school and university.

Features of the device have made a real revolution in the approach to using cheat sheets for exams. With the release of TI-81, the dependence of students in math classes and faculties on paper cribs has fallen sharply. Various formulas, solutions and even the text of pre-prepared answers - all this could now be stored in the internal memory of one gadget, the presence of which on the desk did not cause any suspicion among the teacher.

In the network you can still find various instructions for programming such calculators for the specific training material required for a particular exam.

Over time, teachers began to be more wary of having TI on their desks and even began to require students to erase everything from the device’s memory. However, even in this case, thanks to the ability to archive saved data, students could circumvent restrictions and successfully use the device while writing a test.

Timeline of use: since the early 1990s (currently difficult to use due to obsolete technology)

What is suitable for: any exam

In Russian schools and universities, programmable calculators were not so common, but each student had a 3.5-inch floppy disk at one time. A removable storage medium, also known as a floppy disk, for many years remained the main way to save and transfer to someone an abstract or term paper in electronic form. Given the high prevalence and familiarity of the gadget, the emergence of a method of cheating with its use was a matter of time.

To turn a regular floppy disk into a cheat sheet, it is enough to disassemble it, take out the magnetic disk located inside and stick a piece of paper with the necessary information on it. Then the disk must be reinserted into the case. A small sliding part of the media allows you to see the text pasted on the disk. Rotating the disc, you can imperceptibly for the teacher to read all the answers written on it, formulas or tips.

Among the additional precautions of this method, it is possible to highlight the application of additional markup on a floppy disk, which allows its use as a ruler. Unfortunately, even such a trick is unlikely to make the teacher today believe in the urgent need for a floppy disk in the exam in 2014.

Timeline of use: since the mid-1990s (currently difficult to use due to obsolete technology)

What is suitable for: any exam

Having become quite widespread in Russia, pagers were the first truly mobile gadget that began to be used for cheating. In many ways, the success of pagers as “spurs” was determined by the unpreparedness of the majority of teachers for them, who hardly understood what they were talking about when referring to the device. It took more than one year to realize the destructive effect of this gadget, which was placed in the palm of the student.

The method of transmitting information by pager required the constant presence of someone who would dictate answers over the phone. With the growing popularity of pager communication among schoolchildren and students, this has led to problems with telecom operators. Phone lines for sending messages during exams and sessions were overloaded and some customers simply could not get through to the company.

As a result, some providers even went for the introduction of special “examination rates”. For an additional fee, the subscriber had the opportunity to reset all the necessary data to his pager in advance, and then use it at his own discretion at the right time. Depending on the type of pager, it was possible to fit into it text equivalent to two or three A4 sheets.

Wrist Watch

Timeline of use: it is difficult to establish the time of the appearance of the method

What is suitable for: any exam

Perhaps, with the spread of the Apple Watch and other wearable gadgets, they will definitely be banned from entering the exam with a watch on their hand. In the meantime, in some cases, the accessory created for measuring time does not cause suspicion among the majority of the receiving commissions.

As in the case of a floppy disk, you can radically change the main purpose of the device using a small paper cheat sheet inserted inside. There are many techniques for turning a watch into a spur.

All of them are based on the same principle: the digital screen or dial of an accessory must be replaced with a scrollable paper tape, with the answers printed on it. The more convenient the scroll mechanism, the more convenient it is to use the advanced watch.

Otherwise, everything depends on the nature and volume of the material that needs to be placed inside.

Water bottle

Timeline of use: it is difficult to establish the time of the appearance of the method

What is suitable for: any exam you can take drinks to

Creating a cheat sheet in the form of a label on a bottle of soda or water is another common way to use gadgets for cheating on an exam. The method requires a scanner, a high-quality color printer, as well as knowledge of the art of image processing in Photoshop.

Having removed the label from the bottle and scanned it, it is necessary to cut out in the editor all the text written on it in small print (composition, energy value, and so on). Then the empty spaces can be filled with mathematical formulas or rules, after which the updated version of the label is ready for printing and re-applying to the bottle.

iPod nano or iPod Touch

Timeline of use: since the mid 2000s

What is suitable for: any exam

The method of cheating with Apple players is essentially a more convenient and modern version of cheat sheets on a graphing calculator or pager. After the release of the devices, it quickly became clear that the function of text notes in them can be used, among other things, to save important information in preparation for the exam.

Since the sixth generation of iPod nano, notes have disappeared from the device, but students have found an alternative way to enter the necessary text on the gadget. To do this, the player was connected to a computer, and all information was stored in a section with the words of a particular song.

Another option is to save screenshots with the text of the cheat sheet on the computer and then load them into the player under the guise of ordinary images.


Timeline of use: since the mid 2000s

What is suitable for: any exam

Despite the active struggle from teachers on their part, earplugs are currently one of the most popular ways to help yourself in an exam bypassing the established rules.

The simplest earpiece is a small wireless device designed to transmit speech and other audio signals from a distance. For the earphone to work, you need a Bluetooth module connected to it (usually attached in an inconspicuous place under clothing) and a mobile phone that transmits a signal to the headset.

Due to its compact size, the earpiece inserted into the ear remains virtually invisible to the teacher observing the exam.

At the same time, on the Internet you can find many negative reviews about the use of the gadget. According to students, the connection during the dictation of answers may periodically disappear, and the volume of the device is difficult to adjust in advance so that it cannot be heard.

Nevertheless, the popularity of the device has led to the emergence of numerous groups on social networks specializing in the sale and even leasing of earmuffs to schoolchildren and students.

It’s not good to write off
Victor Stepanov,

Cheating methods

Human imagination has no limits. It is with this banal phrase that one can describe the huge number of methods of how to write off correctly or how to make a cheat sheet, which today can be found on many resources on the Internet. But there are not so many truly original options, and most of the well-known teachers and teachers are no worse than schoolchildren and students themselves. Therefore, the following methods should be used carefully, choosing a method for the situation.

1. Cheating from the cheat sheet

"Spurs" is one of the oldest inventions cheating, while the method itself is not the easiest. These are, in fact, pre-prepared mini-answers to exam questions or general course information if the questions are not known. During the development of this method, human experience has gathered enormous empirical experience.

The varieties of material are truly endless - the answers to the questions can be written on traditional "accordions", small pieces of crumpled paper, on sheets of A4 with blackened text, which can later be passed out as a draft. Such accessories are hidden anywhere - in shoes, folds of clothes, sleeves, in the lining of a tie, under bracelets or watches. It is old as the world and a way of applying text to the skin of the hand, followed by hiding under the sleeve of a shirt or sweater.

Despite such a large number of methods, writing off a cheat sheet is not easy at all. If there are many questions, then cribs are harder to hide, a certain time will also be needed to find the right answers. But there are some advantages: working on creating a cheat sheet, some of the information will be deposited in your memory. An important factor is the confidence factor, because you feel calmer with a cheat sheet.

2. Cheating using technology

For many schoolchildren and students, making paper cribs today is the father's method. The rapid development of technology allows you to write off using a mobile phone, player, tablet, e-book, earpiece. Even 10 years ago, the average cheating and could not dream of such a variety of devices. In our time, cheating using these devices has become widespread, which led to the fact that during the exam, other important exams, the use of technical devices was banned. But it is possible to write off, for example, from a telephone during a test or standings.

There are many methods:

- Cheat sheets in electronic form. Most modern mobile devices read basic text formats, so downloading such a file is easy.

- SMS / MMS. The technique is simple and effective. Test questions are sent to a friend who searches for information in books previously left with him, the Internet, etc., and then types and sends the answers.

- Mobile Internet. Independent search for answers using the Internet connected to the gadget. It’s not always fast, it’s not always possible to find the right answer, so it’s not always convenient. A more convenient form is sending replies to e-mail, in ICQ or Skype.

- Earpiece or hands-free headset. The method with humor shown by L. Gaidai in the comedy "Operation" Y "and Shurik's other adventures." At the beginning of the application of the technology, it was quite effective, but today, teachers and teachers have already learned enough to identify cheaters in this way. The essence of cheating is recording answers to questions on a voice recorder and then listening to them or real-time mode - dictating answers to a friend from, for example, a neighboring audience.

- Electronic organizer. Significant volumes of information can be entered into such a device, while the appearance of the organizer does not differ much from the multifunctional calculator. Of the minuses - a very long time to write a cheat sheet on the device itself. Suitable for decommissioning only on the subjects of the technical cycle.

3. Cheating and improvised means

Now more and more often during the exam or test, it is forbidden to have anything with you that is not related to the procedure. But at the usual control or independent work at the end of the seminar, this method may be useful. The trick is to use the means at hand as a crib or to hide it:

- Additional materials. On control and even school exams in history, geography, biology, chemistry, geometry, you can often use maps, charts, tables. If you want and the ability to use them, such material becomes an indispensable tool in revealing many issues. If you can use, for example, your own atlas, then it will prudently make small notes with a pencil on the enclosed drawings and maps.

— Если сообщение о контрольной застало вас врасплох, то крайним методом (который, к слову, мы не одобряем и не рекомендуем применять) может стать быстрая мелкая запись на парте основной информации – дат, формул, фамилий и прочего. It is also used when the audience where the exam will be held is precisely known. It is enough to arrive early, take a convenient place and write on the table or chair the necessary cheat sheet.

- Here are just some examples of how to use improvised cheating tools: write a spur on the back of the bottle label with opaque soda and glue it back slightly, hide the cheat sheet in an empty juice box, after cutting a specially opening niche in it, and scratch it with a needle formulas, any other necessary information on a bar of chocolate and put it in front of you, from time to time eating a small piece.

Useful Tips

  • If you are making a cheat sheet, then it is better to write it by hand. Special studies prove that when reading only 10% of the information is absorbed, but when writing this figure increases significantly. Therefore, writing a cheat sheet “by hand”, and without printing it, your chance of passing the exam, credit or control will be higher, even if she fails to use it.
  • Never make cheat sheets with whole answers to a question. Write the main thing - abstracts, formulas, dates, keywords. It is on the basis of this, and not “water,” that the answer is built, and it is sometimes much easier to hide a smaller cheat sheet and write off from it than from a small volume of completely prepared answers.
  • Always make the numbering of cribs convenient and understandable, hide them in a structured way so that in a matter of minutes you can be able to find exactly the material you need from the entire array.
  • Remember that the teacher will almost certainly know what you are writing off, but may not show it, and will give an assessment based on your academic performance over the course of a semester. Therefore, it’s good to have a rear from at least the final “troika”, as well as try to collect minimal information about the examiner, in particular about his attitude to cheating.
  • Be creative. The original cheat sheet, hidden creatively, even if it is found, can take its rightful place in the personal archive of the teacher or teacher and you may be lucky enough to finish the exam and pass it the first time. And vice versa - arrogant cheating in the hope of “maybe blowing and the teacher will not notice or show” can cause just indignation and greatly harm.
  • For confident cheating, you need to at least master the skills of acting, at the same time, to behave as relaxed as possible. This will avoid the suspicion of the teacher.
  • Always remember, the best cheat sheet is its absence. Knowledge of the material gives much more self-confidence than the most cunning and informative spur.

1. Transparent printing

Today, in almost any print center, you can print an A4 page on a folia - transparent film. The advantages of such a crib are that it is practically not visible on a varnished wooden table. But on the painted desk she stands out. The disadvantage is also the relative high cost of such a printout in comparison with conventional printing.

3. Invisible text

The spur is written with a pen with invisible ink (sympathetic), the text disappears after a while, the usual blank sheet remains. As a rule, at the other end of such a pen there is a special flashlight, when you hover a beam of light on a piece of paper you can read it. The disadvantage is that you have to spend money on buying a pen.