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How to make money at school


The needs and desires of modern children can hardly be measured. And parents are far from always ready to satisfy the “Wishlist” of their minor wards. Then the child has a desire to save money or earn extra money for one or another dream.

Today we’ll talk about how to quickly save money in 12 years. This is not an easy task. Especially if the child has an entire week loaded with chores - sections, studies, tutors, circles. But if you wish, you can earn and save money. The main thing is to try and choose the right direction for the implementation of the task.

We save from pocket money

How to quickly save money in 12 years? At this age, finding a job can be problematic. In Russia, child labor is prohibited. And they can officially take work only after receiving a passport - at 14 years old.

Therefore, adolescents are often given pocket money. A certain amount is given to minors by their parents. For example, once a day or a week.

To quickly accumulate in this way, just spend less. For example, refuse optional and spontaneous expenses. It is better to keep a record of desires and spending on paper. This technique will certainly help to save and rationally spend the budget in adulthood.

We walk dogs

How to quickly save money in 12 years? For 1 week, savings will not produce a significant result. Therefore, it is worth considering how to earn a little pocket money.

In the USA, dog walking for money is popular among teenagers. In Russia, such an occupation is rare. A child can offer his services to friends, acquaintances and neighbors.

Payment in this area is negotiable. The advantage is that at the age of 12 a teenager can walk several dogs at once. If you take from 100 rubles per day for an hour of walking from a person, you can earn good money.

Sell ​​crafts

How to quickly save money in 12 years? Each person will be able to get 500 rubles or more by selling the hand-made. Handmade items are currently highly regarded. They are willingly bought from hands or from store shelves.

A similar technique involves the child having certain skills - knitting, sewing, cooking, turning and so on. For one hand-made accessory, you can earn from 200 rubles or more.

Such a technique does not work effectively immediately. First, the teenager will have to find customers. But if this can be done, the sale of hand-made may become the main source of income in the future. This is a good freelance for people of all ages.

Work as a promoter

How to quickly save money in 12 years in 1 week? On a phone or tablet, for example?

It all depends on how much you want to earn. Adolescents from 10-12 years old can be hired as promoters. The child will have to stand on the street or in shopping centers, handing out flyers. An hour of work is estimated from 150 rubles. At 12 years old, children are allowed to work 2-4 hours.

Accordingly, if you work as a promoter every day, in a week you can save a little money on a simple smartphone. Otherwise, you will have to work much longer. Especially if a teenager wants to buy a modern and powerful device.

Domestic help

How to quickly save money in 12 years for a dog or any other desire? In some families, parents use a system of encouraging domestic work and grades. If the child is a good student, he is given a certain (pre-agreed) amount of funds.

Housework is also paid. For example, for a major cleaning in the room they pay 100-200 rubles. This is a good option for part-time work and accustoming the child to domestic work.

Similarly, an adolescent can offer help services to the housework of acquaintances, relatives, and even neighbors. Busy people are sure to take advantage of such services.

How to quickly save money in 12 years? For 1 month, a teenager can start making good money. Especially if he is smart and different minds in certain school subjects.

Some students do homework and tests for money. The cost of one work depends on the complexity of the task.

If a teenager has free time, then he can undertake the implementation of laboratory work, essays and even coursework for students. There are a lot of such orders. And they are paid with dignity.

A talented student is able to earn in this way up to several thousand rubles a month. Sometimes a month is enough to work hard to buy yourself an expensive smartphone or a medium-sized laptop. The main thing is to find customers, not be lazy and develop your mental abilities. After all, the described method of earning is not suitable for everyone.


How to quickly save money in 12 years? The next option is to make presentations on a computer for a fee. It can be combined with the solution of homework.

The bulk of the “customers” are classmates and other schoolchildren. You can search for customers outside the educational institution where the teenager is studying.

Beautiful presentations pay well. On average, they require 300 rubles or more for a little work. The cost of the order is agreed with the customer in advance.

Surfing the Web

How to quickly save money in 12 years? For 1 week, every modern child who knows how to work with the Internet can get some pocket money.

The thing is that on the Web there is such a method of earning as surfing sites. You just need to browse paid sites by clicking on the links provided. To do this, you will have to register on special exchanges. For example, SeoSprint, VipIP or Wmmail.

This method of part-time job allows you to receive up to 2-3 thousand rubles per month from one virtual exchange. A child 12 years old may have problems withdrawing money from systems. This often requires an online wallet or credit card. Teenagers have trouble accessing such things.

Social networks to help

How to quickly save money in 12 years? Handy girl sale is suitable for the girl. But teens can earn regardless of their gender. This will help them social networks.

On the Internet, you can earn income from simple tasks on social networks. This variant of the development of events allows you to earn extra money in your free time, spinning other people's pages and publics. Work does not require any skills.

The child needs to register on the promotion exchange in social networks, link their work accounts to the profile, and then take and perform certain tasks. You can get various tasks, for example, "Add to friends" or "Repost entries." Even a preschooler will cope with similar tasks.

In this way, you can’t earn too much. Maximum - 2-2.5 thousand rubles per month. Most often, users work with the exchanges VkTarget, Sociate, V-Like. Registration here is completely free, there are many orders, but they are completed very quickly.

Captcha and part-time job

How to quickly save money in 12 years? There are many ways to make money on the Internet without investments. For example, novice users can try themselves in the field of captcha input.

The child only needs to register on the exchange, and then enter text from the images that appear. Fast, easy and very convenient. True, the payment of such labor leaves much to be desired. One captcha costs from 10 to 60 cents.

At the moment, users most often work for "RuKapcha" and "Pound loot." As in the case of social networks, a child can earn here no more than several thousand rubles.

Texts to order

The last interesting method of earning and saving money is to work as a freelancer. Usually in this way adults earn extra money and earn their living. Freelancers offer their skills on specialized exchanges.

Students are encouraged to do copywriting. This is the writing of texts on a specific topic under the order. For example, about games or technology. For the text you can earn from 50 to 500 rubles. Sometimes even more. Payment is made depending on the complexity of the order and its volume.

The best freelance exchanges are Advego,, ETXT.

That's all. Now it’s clear how to quickly save money in 12 years. But adolescents at this age are better off looking for part-time jobs in real life, rather than over the Internet.

Magazine sections

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The simplest side job that any teacher can find is tutoring. Surely, there will be many who want to pull up his subject among the students. You can also search for people in other schools by posting ads at stops and porches. Good results come from ads posted in newspapers and the Internet. You can find thematic forums and place a description of your services and contact details in the signature. And thanks to Skype, you can give private lessons to a student who is in another city or country. However, there may be problems with payment, but you can always agree on a money transfer.

Earnings for schoolchildren: a dream or reality

Do not underestimate the enterprise of students. Many from the elementary grades are trying to make money, but have repeatedly come across deceivers. Yes, many adults lower the behavioral bar so much, deceive hardworking children who lose all faith in independent earnings and independence from parental subsidies.

Do not despair. In place of deceived victims, quite often there are adults, because it is common for them to succumb to deception. However, earnings for schoolchildren are quite real.

Earn in the following ways:

We will consider both of these ways of working in the article, because they are equally effective.

Network marketing

For many people, network marketing has become a major source of income. In this business, anyone can try their own strength. As a rule, investments are not required, only the ability to sell is needed. However, even this can be learned by completing the free training provided by any network company. The teacher can become a distributor of cosmetics, dietary supplements, clothing, and more. But before you decide to join the ranks of networkers, you should analyze your surroundings and understand what you can sell to relatives, friends and acquaintances. After that, you can safely contact your favorite network company and start making money.

The teacher can work online as a freelancer in his spare time. It is enough to register on several exchanges. There are placed orders from which you can choose the most suitable. The beauty of this work is that you can complete tasks when you have time. Of course, they should be done on time, but only when it was taken to work. It is worth noting that the tasks on the exchanges for freelancers are very diverse, so the teacher, regardless of specialization, will not be left without work.

You can, for example, write graduate or term papers, articles on websites, solve quizzes, and even write poems. However, you should agree on a payment method in advance, since not all customers have the opportunity to transfer money to a card, so most likely you will have to deal with electronic money. But you can learn how to handle them, and if it is not possible to withdraw them to a bank card, then you can always pay in online stores or pay for utilities.

Schedule follow

While talking about work, many children forget that the main area of ​​activity for them is not making money at all, but attending school and good school. To ensure that school grades do not suffer from excessive independence, it is necessary to comply with the regime.

  1. Work only in the evenings and weekends. Upon arrival from school, lessons are first done, then working hours begin, and not vice versa. Otherwise, a tired student will not touch the notebooks - very tired.
  2. Discipline is the key to success. Before work and during the time should refuse:
    1. internet surfing
    2. sitting on social networks,
    3. eating food. The first two points are clear. Why can’t you eat during work, especially not having time to eat after school? It's simple: eating provokes the outflow of blood from the brain. As a result, drowsiness and unwillingness to work arise.
  3. Hourly need to take breaks of 15 minutes, as the performance is gradually reduced and the brain requires rest. A break does not mean it's time to sleep or play a computer. It’s more efficient to do exercises or just warm up.

Tips: how to make money for students 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and older

First of all, we consider possible options for work that require the direct presence of a student in the workplace.

A promoter is a person specially hired by an organization that distributes advertisements in the form of bright leaflets containing information about the customer company and the action taking place on its basis.

Distribution occurs in two ways:

  • in the form of distribution
  • using sticky notes.

Naturally, the vacancy of the promoter does not imply formal employment, therefore, the salary will not be too high. You can earn from 80 to 300 rubles per hour, depending on the intensity of the work.

Delivery courier

Today, couriers are required in almost every organization. They are hired to deliver:

  • food
  • documents
  • postal items
  • clothes
  • drugs and more.

The more important the package, the higher the cost of its delivery. Applicants for the position do not show strict requirements. You can travel by public transport or bicycle, quietly getting anywhere in the city.

It is important to remember that the position implies a certain degree of responsibility for the applicant. Each parcel is valued at a certain amount of money. In case of loss and damage, its full cost is deducted from the salary of the courier, who is immediately dismissed.

In order to successfully move around the city and not get lost in houses, you should have a navigator or perfect knowledge of the city. Since the latter is rather rare, do not refuse technical support.

Car washer

Well, students are paid at car washes, where they always need an extra pair of dexterous hands. Rarely, when adults agree to work as car washers from morning to evening on an ongoing basis, so children and adolescents are happy to take over the evening shifts.

Of course, the participation of older children is preferable, however, a small age is easily compensated by high growth, which allows reaching the top of the machines. The offensive word "Kalancha" is transformed into a pleasant bonus, noticed?

In one hour of work as a car wash, a student can get up to 400 rubles. The evening shift lasts from 3 to 5 hours, therefore, the revenue for the day is very decent.

Mandatory conditions for employment in a car wash are:

  • consent of parents or guardians,
  • lack of allergic reactions to washing liquids,
  • age from 14 years.

Office Cleaner

You should not expect that the student will be hired to clean the multi-storey office buildings of venerable campaigns, however, small firms will be happy to pay for their work, if only not to hire a cleaner on an ongoing basis and not to engage in her employment.

Easy physical labor brings money and health benefits

Cleaning up a small office space takes from 1 to 2 hours, during which you must do the following:

  • wash the floors
  • wipe the dust,
  • to throw out the trash.

Sometimes customers are asked to do additional work, for example, wash windows, perform general washing of shelves, etc. Of course, such a load is paid extra. If you perform all of the above in a small office at a time, you can get up to 1000 rubles.

Dog walking for money

Even the smallest dog, which is called "decorative", must walk in order to receive information about the world around it and at the same time do its own thing. There are many people who are not able to walk their pets as often as we would like, due to lack of time and constant employment.

It is you who must come to the aid of the owners and please the dog. Walking one animal for an hour is paid from 150 to 200 rubles. If you were given not one, but two animals, the amount doubles accordingly.

Provided that the pets you walk are healthy, they can walk all together at the same time. Then in just an hour of work you can earn about 600 rubles

Important to remember! According to the law of the Russian Federation, a dog is the property of the owner. Among other things, she is still a living creature, loved by man. If the animal suffers, is lost or becomes ill, you will be to blame, therefore, you will have to pay the earned money to compensate for the damage caused. Be careful and attentive.

Leveling up game accounts and selling

A way for those who dream of becoming an e-sportsman. Do you know a computer game that is at the peak of popularity? Help others win a place of honor in the virtual world or pass the "impassable" level. Orders for boost-up gaming accounts are usually made by the same schoolchildren and teenagers. It happens that older people can pay for passing the level.

At the peak of popularity, the following games are now:

  • CS: GO,
  • League of Legends,
  • Overwatch
  • Prey,
  • World of warcraft,
  • Grand Theft Auto, etc.

In addition to pumping other people's game accounts, do not forget to collect points on your own. Having reached one of the highest levels, set up an account for sale. The cost of a successful account can reach 1000 euros, but it is much more realistic to get from 70 to 100 euros.

Resale items

You can resell both the personal belongings of the student, donated or bought by him for himself, or bought in stores.

To make money on existing property, carefully disassemble cabinets and mezzanines. Select items in good, and preferably in excellent condition, and put up for sale on networked message boards. Of course, selling a thing at its original cost will not work, but you can get quite decent money.

The second way is to raid second-hand and social markets of the city, where good things are sold at a reduced price. Buy everything that looks really good and bring it home. Then put on the bulletin board, as new unworn things and wind a small amount for each item. By such a price increase, one can not only recapture the spent capital, but also significantly increase it.

Another place where you can buy quality things for ridiculous money is the Aliexpress website. This is a platform offering cheap products from Chinese manufacturers with good quality.

It is most convenient to buy on Aliexpress and sell cases for phones. Search the Internet and see which models are most popular right now. Typically this:

You can make a selection by popularity on the site itself. Then, identify specific models and order packs of covers for each of them. They can be made of plastic, silicone, metal, wood, etc. It is important to order covers for two categories of the audience - female and male, since, on both sides, the demand will be quite high.

Having bought several packages of covers, make a wrapping of 300-400% on them. Do not think that it is very much. For comparison, stores inflate prices exactly 10 times. It is best to sell the goods through bulletin boards, such as:

In addition to covers, you can order any trinkets, such as pendants, earrings, spinners, lasers and much more.

Newspaper delivery man

Women from 60 and above are tenaciously holding on to the posts of newspaper delivery men from editorial offices in Russia. The work is calm and not dusty, so competing with this brotherhood is not easy. However, many editions are more likely to give preference to a brisk and quick student who will cope with the work much faster and more efficiently.

The gender of the applicant does not matter. Newspapers and boys are equally willing to take girls and boys, from 10-11 years old.

You can find the work of a newspaper deliveryman through bulletin boards on the Internet, job catalog sites. Another way is to call the editorial office directly and leave your phone number, in case you need your services.

Sale of vegetables from a summer residence

Excellent part-time job for the summer period. Each grandmother will gladly give her grandson kilograms of grown vegetables, fruits, berries, which he quickly sells on the market. It is important to set the cost of the product per 1 kilogram lower than in stores. Focus on the prices of the traders located next to you, and set similar ones.

Remember, the goal is to sell profitably. But it’s not worth it to overstate. Better to make it lower than other traders. The goods are guaranteed to be sold out first, because the human brain is so arranged, clearly catching even a tiny difference in cost.

Doing homework

You can offer to do homework for money to classmates or children from parallel classes. Select items that you understand well.

Do you know the subject well? Help classmates get a good mark for a symbolic amount

Especially popular at school are homework on:

There are also “techies” who are completely unable to write essays or analyze the text. Therefore, good knowledge will come in handy:

  • literature
  • Russian language,
  • world art culture, etc.

In addition to homework, how hot cakes scatter answers to complex control and laboratory tests. Some schoolchildren not only share answers, but also souffle their comrades during the control using microearphones.

Lunch sale

This is not about selling food on the street, but about selling your school lunches to classmates or other school children. Yes, some children eat in school canteens, others do not, hoping to run away for a break to the nearest store. Sometimes it doesn’t come out to buy food, and the student is guaranteed to get a bad mood and a rumbling stomach.

This is where you appear - a saving hand of help, which made at home several ordinary sandwiches with butter, cheese and sausage. You can sell at 30-40 rubles apiece. The sum by today's standards is scanty, but for four sandwiches, which will take a maximum of 1/5 sticks of sausage, you will beat off the full price of the product.

The more beautifully decorated a sandwich, the higher the probability of its purchase. Make options for boys and girls, adding ketchup or mayonnaise for the former, and lettuce for the latter.

Removal of garbage for money

This method is the easiest of those presented. We are talking about small amounts, but as they say, "a penny saves a ruble." Look at who constantly puts garbage out the door at the entrance and does not take it out for hours. Knock gently and offer your services. Take away garbage from neighbors daily. If you take 50-70 rubles from the apartment for the service and agree, for example, with 10 such, then just going on business, you can earn 500-700 rubles a week.

Animator in city parks or children's rooms

Have you seen people in parks dressed in costumes of life-size puppets? The girl depicts a princess, a boy of a prince, etc. The task of these dressed-up schoolchildren is to entertain younger children by organizing various competitions.

Work as an animator will suit active and creative personalities

Animators organize leisure for kids in children's rooms:

  • coffee houses
  • coworking
  • specialized game rooms,
  • airports, etc.

The work for schoolchildren is psychologically pleasant, since at such a young age it is easy to communicate with kids, they themselves have recently overcome this age limit. Plus there is where to spend the indefatigable energy of youth.

Look for the vacancy of the animator on the following online sites:

  •, etc.

In addition to searching for vacancies on the network, pay attention to paper ads posted at bus stops, coffee shop doors, streetlights, etc. Another option is to contact the institution of interest directly.

Advice - be sure to get a resume. Yes, there is nothing for a student to write without work experience, but you can specify a name, surname and contact information. Among all the applicants for the role of animator, the institution’s management will remember the most persistent and immediately call.

Counselor at the children's camp

Many summer health facilities experience a serious lack of responsible personnel performing the easy work of the counselor. This is because the remuneration during one shift (from 2 to 4 weeks) is not serious for an adult, but a student is quite suitable.

It should be mentioned right away that this vacancy requires compliance with a certain age limit. Counselors in camps are accepted from 16 years and above, respectively, only high school students can legally work in positions.

What are the mandatory requirements for job applicants:

  • love for children,
  • patience,
  • active life position,
  • lack of bad habits.

If some students may cheat with the last paragraph and their fraud will not be revealed, then the absence of other qualities will be noticeable from the first day. You should not deceive yourself and the employer, otherwise the counselor risks being fired with a complete loss of reputation.

The duties of the counselor include conducting organizational control and pedagogical work, for example:

  • organize collective creative activity,
  • monitor discipline,
  • to bring morality to the wards,
  • assist in expressing citizenship, etc.

If such a responsible job was liked by a high school student, this is a good start.

Summer continues for children, but adults are forced to continue to work. It happens that some nurseries and kindergartens are closed for several summer weeks to repair the premises. At this time, parents just go crazy, because there is no one to leave the child with. Problems at work, a bad mood, all this forces us to take extreme measures - to look for a nanny.

A good nanny can be found:

However, both options are guaranteed to result in high costs, as a professional with experience takes a lot of money for their services.

This is where the hardworking schoolchild or schoolgirl comes to the aid of the parents. We will not dissemble, the preference is most often given to girls, since society believes that even at a young age they have a certain maternal instinct.

An excellent option would be to sit with the child from the morning until the arrival of the parents. The work is very responsible and difficult, but they pay well for it. So, an unprofessional nanny receives from 50 to 150 rubles per hour when performing the following duties:

  • feeding
  • hygiene
  • laying down to sleep
  • entertainment, etc.

Nice work. Cope, become the very nanny that is recommended to friends

So, we examined as many as 14 ways to earn money for students from 10 to 14 years and above who are not connected to the Internet. Now let's pay attention to online ways of earning.

We earn on YouTube

To earn quite decent money, you need to get a video channel on YouTube. It will turn out to earn money on it if:

  • the channel gathered at least 1000 subscribers,
  • each video had at least 1000 views,
  • The channel must have at least 20 videos.

Observing all of the above conditions, you get a completely cost-effective enterprise. For students, this way of making money is also good because it stimulates self-expression.

You can talk about a variety of things on the channel, the main thing is that you get enough people interested in the topic.

In addition to creating your own channel, you can earn money on YouTube by creating video splash screens for other bloggers. This is done by combining pictures in editors such as:

  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator,
  • Corel Draw, etc.


Participating in online surveys is another popular way to earn money for students. For one survey they pay from 10-30 rubles. If you do at least 5-10 tasks a day, you get quite an impressive amount of money for the student.

The essence of the polls is this. The company places a commercial, a picture, a description of the products on the site, which you should carefully study. Then a questionnaire with questions is proposed, inside which you must choose the answers that are most consistent with your opinion.

We present a list of the most popular services for participating in surveys:

We open, register and start making money by answering questions.

Received money is transferred to an electronic wallet, previously established by the student. Such payment systems as:

Like and subscribe

Yes, in such a simple lesson, you can also earn a decent amount of money. The fact is that some users of social networks, for example, VKontakte, want to have a truly huge number of subscribers and likes. For help, they turn to intermediaries. For the money, they promise to solidly win the customer live subscribers (not bots).

Do not waste time on the computer in vain, it is better to earn some money

You will become one of these subscribers. Find tasks and a list of people you need to subscribe to, as well as a list of posts for likes, you will find on intermediary sites, for example, VKtarget.

Install the AppCent application

This application is installed on phones with the Android operating system from the Google Play application. Inside the AppCent there is a task ribbon that contains a list of applications available for download. For each downloaded application, from 3 to 30 rubles are credited to the account.

Money is withdrawn from AppCent through e-wallets. Without unloading hard-earned money, you can buy paid applications or pay a bill for using cellular communications.

Recognize captcha on Rucaptcha

An amazingly simple way to make money. It consists in solving the captcha that the Rucaptcha website provides to an employee who registered for it. The only negative point is the duration of the work and the small payment - in an hour the student will receive only 30 rubles. However, if he is not 16, but 10 years old, earning 100 extra rubles a day in such a simple and legal way - that's it.

Rucaptcha's work bonuses include:

  • instant payments
  • ease of captcha recognition.

Earned money can be withdrawn to the account through electronic payment systems or you can immediately top up your mobile phone account.

We write reviews on the Internet

Profitable direction of earnings on the Internet. Feedback orders are received on various freelance exchanges on the Internet, for example:

When receiving an order, it is necessary to leave feedback on various products on the websites of stores, manufacturers, etc. The originality of the review should be at the level. It is desirable to write at ease, as users easily recognize lies in “squeezed” texts.

In addition to exchanges on the Internet, there are otzovik sites for which people are also paid for reviews. This is first of all:

  • etc.

For one review they pay an average of 100 to 200 rubles, sometimes more. It all depends on the amount of text, resource allocation and other nuances.

We write and sell texts

The search for texts for writing is based on the same principle as the search for assignments for writing reviews. The same freelance exchanges listed above give orders for writing original texts with a specific theme. An example is the text that you read in front of you.

Table 1. Characteristics of copywriting and rewriting

well paidpaid less copywriting
you must write the original texts yourselfexisting texts are copied
a lot of work is givenlarge amount of work is given
need to study the subjectno urgent need to study topics
assignments are offered to people with experienceexperience doesn't matter
requires literacyrequires literacy

As for copywriting, its essence is different from rewriting. The concept came from the English language and consists of two parts: copy, manuscript, and writing, writing. Initially, a copywriter understood a person specializing in writing advertising and PR texts, but in Russia the concept of copywriting has expanded significantly. So, let's take a closer look at each type of activity.

Rewriting is a rewriting of an existing text. The word itself consists of two parts: re (English re) - re, writing (English writing) - to write. It turns out that the essence of the work is not in writing a new unique text, but in modifying the issued to you. Yes, as a rule, the texts of correspondence are issued by the customers themselves and you do not have to search for information on the Internet, which is a huge plus for beginners. In addition, there is absolutely no need to study the subject matter of the text you are writing on. Although it is desirable to understand here what it is about. Experience for rewriting texts is not required, but it is necessary to know the grammar and rules of the Russian language, otherwise the first errors of the author of the text will not be condescending.

Speaking of working as a copywriter, they imply some experience in rewriting, since in addition to technical issues, such as literacy, the compilation of the original text involves both imagination and the talent for harmonious writing. Among other things, it is necessary to study the topics before starting work, otherwise the customer will refuse to buy the article. The cost of 1000 characters of the original text is much higher than the rewritten one.

The average payment that a student can receive starts from 15-20 rubles at 100 characters per rewrite and somewhere around 30-50 characters per copyright. To get started, take the topic easier.

Articles must be submitted on time. Take an interest in receiving a task from the customer, what is the deadline for you to complete the work and hurry to send it before the deadline.

Transcribing audio files

На ресурсе размещен каталог заданий. Одна из категорий – транскрибация аудиофайлов в печатный текст. Школьник прослушивает звуковую дорожку внимательно и несколько раз, затем создает файл в формате doc или docx, и вдумчиво перепечатывает внутрь услышанный текст. За час переписывания платят до 100 рублей. Not much, but no one requires adulthood, good grades, good behavior, etc.

The tracks usually contain interviews recorded by journalists, which they have no time to reprint due to their busyness. It’s easier to pay the student, moreover, the editorial office often allocates money to pay for such a remote assistant.

To summarize

As you can see, earnings for students are not just real. It can become quite significant, especially if you combine several of the above methods. It does not matter what you choose: physical or mental work, in reality or on the Internet, most importantly, be hardworking and success will not take long. A nice bonus will be full independence upon reaching adulthood. While classmates with substantial amounts of pocket money will begin their career paths, a young man working as a schoolboy will already build a successful business.

Work for schoolchildren - start in a professional future