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Joker costume for the child: useful tips and important information


Halloween is a special holiday when every adult can fool around and go to one of the many costumed parties. The image for such a holiday is better to choose a gloomy and sinister. The costume of the Joker is perfect - a dark evil clown and one of the most famous anti-heroes of our time.

Character story

The Joker is a character in comics and films about Batman, one of the main opponents of the protagonist. According to legend, this villain really tried to become a comedian, but did not succeed in this profession. Once he changed into the Red Cap - one of Batman’s enemies - and went to rob a factory, during which he fell into acid. After this incident, the Joker went crazy, his skin turned white, his hair green, and an ominous smile froze on his face. The villain began to kill civilians, disfiguring their faces after death with a Chelsea smile, cutting corners of the mouth from ear to ear. More than once the Joker entered into a duel with Batman himself, using various traps and weapons against him, stylized as props of clowns and magicians.

Primary colors and clothing for the image

It’s not difficult to make a Joker costume with your own hands. Suitable for this image, things that are in any wardrobe. And best of all, you can make a Joker costume literally a couple of hours before leaving for the party. This character wears a classic purple pantsuit. The most important thing is to find a suitable jacket, but you can take any pants, black classic jeans are also suitable. The main colors of the Joker are green, yellow and orange. You should choose a shirt of one of the above tones, preferably from a smooth texture material like satin. It is very good if there is a handkerchief in tone that can be put in your pocket. A boutonniere will do. You can complement the costume with a contrasting classic tie or bow-tie. If desired, you can also put on a vest under a jacket - it should not be bright, it is better that it is combined with a jacket.

Makeup Joker. How to make Chelsea smile?

The most important element of the costume is makeup. You will need white, black and red paint. It is very good if you can find artificial scar tissue for modeling wounds or ready-made cuts glued to the skin. Start applying makeup is exactly with a smile from Chelsea. Roll two “sausages” out of scar tissue, place them on the cheeks, continuing the lips, but backing off 1 centimeter from the corners of the mouth. Using your hands or cosmetic tools, outline the cuts and work out the texture of the wounds. Next, the whole face should be covered with basic white makeup. Do not forget about the neck. The next stage is the allocation of red lips and wounds, and then black - the eye area. Look in the mirror, you probably already got a very realistic Joker costume. You can supplement it by depicting the wrinkles on the forehead in a dark tone.

Details that complete the image

After bathing in acid, the Joker's hair acquired a rich emerald hue. It is not necessary to repeat the feat of this anti-hero in order to achieve visual similarity. Just dye your hair with green mascara or body paint. Alternatively, you can complement the Joker costume with a suitable carnival wig. An excellent addition to the fancy dress will be a deck of poker cards. You can get it at any moment of the evening, and if you still learn to show a couple of tricks, you will probably be called to another party in this image.

Will a Joker suit suit a girl?

Batman's main enemy is definitely a man. But, according to the comics, very soon after his “transformation”, the Joker meets a girlfriend who happily accepts his lifestyle and tries to match his beloved in everything.

How to make such a suit for a girl? The most important thing is to choose clothes in violet-green-yellow-orange tones. It can be a pantsuit or dress. Try also to add some accessories: a bright handbag, a jacket or a wrap. You can supplement the outfit with false multi-colored strands of hair or a wig - and you will get a real Joker girlfriend! The costume of such a character, of course, is simply impossible without the appropriate makeup. If you want, you can repeat the male version of makeup. Or just whiten your face, highlight lips and eyes. Some girls also draw signs of card suits on their faces. You can complement the image with multi-colored contact lenses.

Dress up as a Joker and his girlfriend can a couple in love. This is a great option for those who are going to go to a costume party with their soulmate. The Joker costume is also useful if one of your friends decided to dress up as Batman. And you can gather a whole company of friends and portray all the main characters and villains of this comic book and film.

What is worth knowing about a scary hero?

Before you create a Joker costume, think about which of the famous characters in the film a child should look like. There are several ribbons that represent this character in different images. One of the last is the film “Suicide Squad”, where the Joker is represented by a very interesting and unusual character with a certain appearance.

A more well-known version of past years is the costume worn by the famous villain from the movie "Batman". Please note that the color scheme of things, as well as the style of these Jokers are noticeably different.

To avoid misunderstandings, we advise you to ask your child in advance which of the Jokers he wants to look like, so that after the child wears the costume that his parents created for him with joy and pleasure.

What is the simplicity of image development?

The Joker costume as a general image of a supervillain is quite simple. You just need to pick up things of a certain color scheme and style, as well as make plain makeup. Sewing additional items in this case is not carried out. This is one of the reasons that makes it easier for many families to bring this costume to life.

There are paid sites offering the purchase of a similar image for the child. However, they significantly increase the prices of products sold, and you have no guarantee that the costume will look the same as on the site where the order was created. In addition, in this case, it is quite difficult to guess the size for your child. This is the easiest prerequisite to begin to implement the image with your own hands, and not to order it.

All attention to style!

1. It is necessary to find things, as well as additional accessories of those colors that the hero loves. These are green and violet shades. An ideal option would be a trip to the theater salon or a second-hand visit. There you can find the most interesting, bright and original things at the lowest prices.

2. Maximum attention to detail. The costume of the new Joker should not only look bright, but also be perfectly matched. To do this, you need to find the child a tie and shoes to match. They can be either brown or olive. If you want to create the perfect look, carefully study your baby’s favorite look, note the color scheme, characteristics and other details.

3. A required accessory is a knife. You need to visit the children's toy store and find a very frightening weapon with which the movie hero scared his victims. Such a Joker costume for the New Year can be a little scary, but this is the main task during its creation.

All attention to appearance!

If you managed to figure out how to make a Joker costume for children, consider the features of the appearance of this hero. What is worth considering?

1. Hair styling. The hero who appears in the modern film “Suicide Squad” has a green hair color. You can create the same shade for a child if you buy a light spray paint in a cosmetics store or purchase special hair crayons that are easily washed off.

2. The teeth are yellow. This is a mandatory addition to the overall image. There is no need to darken the enamel for the child, you can just pick up contrasting makeup.

3. War paint. A pale face, bright lips, red color that goes far beyond the contours of a smile. It is also necessary to paint on the hero's eyes so that they look darker and more intimidating. The plus is that the Joker’s makeup is created carelessly, so it won’t take a lot of time to develop it. In addition to this image, you can focus on the Joker costume, the photos of which are presented in this article. So, composing different elements, you can create an excellent appearance for a child.

Optional, but important!

It is necessary to supplement the image of the child with appropriate phrases and words, which it is advisable to rehearse with the child in advance. In addition, work on facial expressions, gestures and habits. This will help make the image more complete and complete. Please note that if the child has long hair, you can make the Joker version of “Batman” by performing a light “wet effect” on the hair.

Be careful with makeup and makeup. Before a full-fledged war paint, it’s worth practicing and checking whether the child really has an allergy to the substances that will be used.

The party will not cost without a card or an entire deck, as this is the visiting card of the protagonist. It is not necessary to go to the store immediately to find clothes - look at your deposits and things in the attic or ask your friends questions regarding the details you are interested in.

Given the above steps, as well as performing them exactly, you can create a great costume for a masquerade that the baby will absolutely enjoy and will set him apart from the rest. Good luck

Stylish villain

The Joker plays the role of a negative hero, but is quite stylishly dressed: he has a three-piece suit and black polished shoes. But the hero’s face causes fear and horror due to a wide and unnatural smile. And yet, if you chose this image, then let's figure out how to make a Joker costume with your own hands.

In the movie, our villain is dressed in a lilac suit. Therefore, if you want to look believable, appropriate clothing is needed. The shirt should be light in color, preferably with a pattern, but if there is none, the usual one will do. A green vest that is worn over the shirt can be purchased at the store or sewn by yourself. But this will require some sewing skills.

Pants that are suitable for the image of the Joker should be dark in color. Ideally, of course, you need to pick up the purple ones. But if this is not possible, use those pants that are in your wardrobe.

The tie must be matched to suit and shirt. You can choose light colors with patterns or dark. Try to pick one like the Joker wore (with dark green tones, khaki will do). The suit must be with an elongated jacket or lilac cloak. Of course, if you have sewing skills, you can sew such a raincoat yourself at home, but if not, you’ll have to get it ready. We do not recommend using other colors, because the connection with the image will be lost.

Now we move on to creating the face that the Joker has. We already made the costume, it remains to apply makeup. For this we use ordinary paint or special means.

The face must be made white, and powder or paint is suitable for this. After we bleached the face, we move on to drawing the eyes and lips. Circle the eyes with black paint or shadows to make two circles. Their diameter should capture the eyebrows of our hero.

The Joker's lips spread in a broad smile on almost his entire face. You can see the Joker costume, the photo of which is located below.

To create this effect, you can use red lipstick or paints. But remember, if you chose the option with paints, then you should do the rest of the makeup with paints, and if lipstick, then select special makeup products.

The image of the Joker is so popular that in the shops you can buy ready-made masks. They already depict the face of the villain with all the features, and in some cases with the hair, which we will talk about later.

The hair of the villain Joker in the film is green and shoulder-length. If the length of your hair is much shorter, do not worry: the main thing is to create the same color. To do this, we recommend using special crayons for hair. They are sold freely and come in all colors of the rainbow. We get a green-haired Joker, whose suit includes a vest of the same color.

You can simply purchase a ready-made green wig. But keep in mind that the hair of the Joker is slightly wavy, so if the length allows you, do not forget to tighten the hair.

The hero’s shoes can be considered a great privilege. It does not need to be bought in special stores or decorated in a special way, because the Joker wears ordinary classic black shoes. Well, this is not surprising, because the costume itself is an undoubted classic that even resembles a retro.

Black classic shoes can be found in the wardrobe of any guy, so you should not bother about shoes.

Additional Attributes

So, we figured out the image and the necessary clothes, now we turn to the question of how to make the Joker costume special. This is possible with additional attributes.

These primarily include leather gloves. Ordinary black ones, which are also available in the wardrobe of almost every man, will do. But for lack of such, you can use fingerless gloves or fabric.

The joker is the prototype of the card character, so the deck of cards does not hurt. To use cards with the Joker image as an optional accessory, put them in the breast pocket of your jacket.

Since we have chosen a negative hero who is used to killing and destroying, they choose a knife as an addition to the image. It can be a folding pocket accessory, which can be folded if necessary.

If you want to add a twist to your costume, we advise you to try on a bright-colored hat or pick up a cane.

The joker, whose costume we examined, is a great way to party.

Make up using professional tools

Today in many cities there are specialized stores where you can buy professional makeup, various latex linings and other things necessary for a beginner make-up artist.

To make up the Joker, you will need:

  • special wax for scar formation (you can take ready-made stickers, immigrating scars),
  • white makeup (if it is not possible to use makeup, you can take white hair spray, but it’s more difficult to work with it),
  • black and red face paints.

Consider how to apply joker makeupdescribing in stages all necessary actions:

  • Step one - we form scars. If scar tissue is used, then it must be applied to clean skin. We form a “sausage” from the wax and glue it, stepping back about 1 cm from the corner of the mouth towards the ears, forming the Joker’s signature smile. No need to try to make the pad as even and smooth as possible, it should be somewhat “clumsy” to resemble a scar. If you buy ready-made scars, then they are glued after the white base is applied to the face.

  • Second step - apply the base. The easiest way is to use makeup, it is applied with a brush or sponge. White varnish can achieve a wonderful effect, but it is more difficult to apply. Firstly, measures must be taken not to spray varnish around, therefore it is better to do this makeup step not in the room, but, for example, in the bathroom, protecting the surfaces on which the varnish can get into with polyethylene or newspapers. Secondly, you need to protect the person who is doing makeup. It is necessary to wear glasses that fit tightly to the face (wrap the lenses of the glasses with film or paper), insert cotton swabs into the nostrils and ears. The mouth during the spraying of the varnish, of course, should be closed, so it will be necessary to act intermittently so that the person has the opportunity to breathe. So that the varnish does not get on the neck, you can stick strips of wide tape on the chin line under the jaw (if makeup is done by a young man, then he should first shave his neck so that it does not hurt to remove the tape). The upper body should be covered with a towel, like a peignoir in a hairdresser, and the hair should be protected with a plastic shower cap. Now you can spray varnish. To get wrinkles on your face, you need to wrinkle your forehead and stretch your lips during application. The varnish is sprayed from a distance of about 10 cm, it must be applied in three layers.
  • Step three - draw black eye sockets. Using black face paint and a brush, we draw black circles around the eyes, slightly shading along the borders so that the transition is less sharp. You can paint over the eyebrow. It’s easy to work with paint, if you “drive” further than necessary, the paint can be easily removed. Черным цветом можно подчеркнуть и «морщины», но слишком усердствовать не нужно.

  • Шаг четвертый – формируем «улыбку». На губы и наклеенные шрамы наносим красную краску. На шрамы краску можно наносить пальцами, не нужно стремиться, чтобы краска заполнила все щели и трещинки «шрама», так он будет выглядеть реалистично. Губы можно дополнительно подчеркнуть карандашом.

Make-up is ready! You can do the same Joker makeup for a girl.

We do makeup using conventional cosmetics

Not everyone has the opportunity to buy special makeup products for Halloween. But abandoning the idea of ​​creating an interesting image is not worth it. It is enough to know how to make a similar make-up using conventional cosmetics. Of course, the make-up will turn out not so spectacular, but it will not reduce the fun at the party.

To make at home lite option joker makeup, you need to prepare:

  • mask for cleansing the skin,
  • light skin tone
  • gel eyeliner,
  • black eyeliner
  • bright red lipstick.

To create the effect of a deathly pale face, you can use white gouache, in which several drops of shampoo are added. But such a composition is harmful to the skin, so it is recommended to apply gouache on the skin for no more than three hours.

If the party lasts all night, it is better not to take risks, but to take the most ordinary foundation of the lightest shade.

How to create makeup? Here is a step-by-step description of the process:

  • a mask in the form of strips from the corners of the mouth to the ears is applied to the cleansed face skin. Before applying the product, you need to slightly retract the cheeks and stretch your lips, and you will have to hold such a grimace until the mask hardens with a film. Then, you will need to make a little more facet so that cracks appear on the formed film,
  • then a light tone is applied to the face, including on the cheeks with the film,
  • circles around the eyes are drawn with a brush and gel eyeliner, first you need to bring the eyes with a pencil as close to the eyelashes as possible so that there is no light strip of skin,
  • red lipstick is applied to the lips, and then with a brush and lipstick draw a "smile". To achieve a scar effect, strokes must be applied not only horizontally, but also vertically.