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How to open funny faces in the snapchat


First you need Upgrade to Snapchat to the latest version, as well as check for a connection between your Snapchat and Bitmoji accounts. After that:

  • launch Snapchat,
  • turn on the main camera of the smartphone,
  • tap once on the screen (anywhere)
  • then click on the little white ring,
  • select the Bitmoji World Lens filter,
  • take a picture or write a snap in the usual way.

In practice, the whole procedure looks as follows:

How to find and use faces and muzzles in the Snapchat app

  • Immediately after you downloaded Snapchat and installed the application on your own device running the platform IOS or Android, you need to start Snapchat, swipe from top to bottom and tap on the gear image, which is located in the upper right part of the screen.
  • By going to the useful services section and selecting the settings item, you need to allow the application to be aware of your current geolocation and activate all the required effects.

How to find faces in Snapchtai

After you have done the simple algorithm of actions described above, you need to go to the main section of the application, where the camera section will open by default. In order to take a picture, you need to click on the big white circle once or hold it in case you need to shoot a short video. Next, by tapping on the image of your face, you need to hold your finger on it until a framing grid appears along the contour. Pay attention to the bottom of the screen - a list of all available effects, lenses and other editing tools should appear here.

Here you can find the muzzles of various animals, transforming your face beyond recognition, laying on his face the dog, cat, mouse, raccoon or other beast. For some effects, for example, to put the muzzle of a dog with its tongue out, the application will ask you to open your mouth. After the mask appears on the screen, you can apply it and send it to your friends or share your work with the multi-million audience of the application.

By swiping your finger from right to left, you can “try on” all available lenses and view all the faces, a list that constantly changes with each subsequent update of the messenger. You are now well aware of how to open faces in the captcha and you can surprise your acquaintances, friends, and subscribers.

How to set up Snapchat

To enter the settings, you must perform the following steps:

Open the Snapchat app.

Swipe down on the screen of the mobile device with the active camera from top to bottom or click on the “Cast” icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

On the main page, click the gear icon to get to the settings menu.

Next on the list:

«Name"- the name with the surname of the user, specified during registration in Snapchat. Can be changed if desired.

«Username»- immutable data stored on Snap Inc. servers

«Birthday»- completed data during registration in the application. On the user's birthday, the Snap team will add a cake icon with candles next to the name so that friends can not forget about the bright holiday and please the birthday boy with special Snaps and other pleasant surprises. Age will be hidden for ethical reasons. If desired, you can change the data.

«Phone number»- by this phone number you can enable or disable the Snapchutter to find the user by phone number. Variable parameter.

«post office"- email address for the ability to protect and restore the account.

«Bitmoji"Are personalized personal emojis. You can create a memorable cartoon avatar and build a library of stickers with your face.

«Snapcodes»- Easier adding friends and unlocking new features in the application.

«Password"- the ability to change the personal password to enter the application.

«Login confirmation"- to improve the protection of the account with which you can access the Snapchat application on different mobile devices.

«Memories"Is a personal user archive where previously saved Snaps and Stories are located. And the Snapchat team, for reliability, keeps their backups.

«Spectacles"- this is the ability to connect sunglasses, which themselves can take snaps. This menu has detailed instructions from manufacturers.

«Shazam»- clicking on the camera screen and holding it to spell a song. Found songs will appear in this folder.


«Settings»- Activation / Deactivation of filters, Traffic saving mode, Emoji friends, Permissions, Advertising settings.

«Report a bug»- when this function is active, by shaking the mobile device, you can inform the Snap team about an error that occurred while using the Snapchat application.


«Contact with me»- a choice between your friends and all users of the Snapchat world for contacts and messaging.

«See my stories»- settings for selective viewing of personal stories or give the opportunity to view everything in a row.

«Show me on Add Now"Is a feature that helps friends find each other on Snapchat.


«Notification settings»- Turn on notifications / Turn on the screen / Indicator light / Vibration / Sound / Ringer.

«Snapchat Beta»- participation in testing the new version of Snapchat.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (Russian is not supported in these points).

«Support»- go to the official website of Snap Inc.