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What methods will allow you to find an apartment to buy quickly


Where to stay in St. Petersburg for 2-3 days or a longer period together or with children for a sightseeing holiday and not only? Consider the prices of private housing in St. Petersburg from the owners with good accommodation conditions based on personal experience of booking and reviews of tourists, we will find the best deals in cheap hotels near the center, developed infrastructure and attractions.

Where to find housing in St. Petersburg?

Where to rent an apartment or apartments at an affordable cost and without intermediaries? We recommend looking for options from our own experience with the help of Booking and RoomGuru services, they will help you quickly find all the offers of interest to your needs and wallet.

  • Work with Booking allows you to view all hotels and rent private housing.

Look for where it is better to stay in St. Petersburg, then go to the main page of the service, in the window that appears in the line "location, name of addressee" select the desired city. Slightly lower indicate the date of arrival in the line “I arrive” and “I leave”.

Popular offers will appear on the screen by pressing the “see option” button of the hotel you like, the system gives you the opportunity to view photos, reviews and descriptions of the offered service, this is what the hotel has, staff services, and the room environment. Next, indicate the number of guests, adults and children. Click "check prices."

The system will automatically select the best options, it remains only to choose the one you like.

  • Other service Roomguru works by analogy, he also selects interesting offers.

To do this, go to the main page and enter the necessary data in the window that appears. If you are looking for a hotel, we recommend using this particular service, it compares prices among all hotel Internet bases and finds the cheapest rooms.

In the “where” field, indicate the city or region in which you plan to rent a house. “Arrival date” - indicate the date and month.

For those who have not yet decided on a date, there is a line “dates unknown”, this will help to familiarize yourself with the general available offers. There will be a large number of hotels to choose from, from 3 to 5 star level. Then you need to click "show offers".

Here you can evaluate a lot of hotels of various categories, indicating prices, services provided and see the amenities in the room.

By clicking the "book now" button and receiving a confirmation email, you can proceed to payment.

Where to stay in St. Petersburg inexpensively?

To rent cheap housing in St. Petersburg is not difficult, it is here that a large selection of hostels at reasonable prices. They are represented by mini-dormitories, where several people share one room. For convenience, all rooms have several categories - male, female and general.

The cost of housing depends on the number of guests - this may be a room for 12, 8, 6, 4 and 2 people. The smaller the number of people in the room, the higher the price.

Facilities - a toilet and shower are on the floor, usually on the entire floor there are 2 or 3 bathrooms - this depends on the number of guests the hostel is ready to receive.

Hostels in the city center

  • The inexpensive Wings on Nevsky hostel is located in the center, 45 Nevsky Prospect, next to Mayakovskaya metro station. It offers inexpensive furnished rooms for living, for couples with children and guests traveling alone.

Wings on Nevsky

The price of renting a bed per day is from 500 rubles per person, there is a common equipped kitchen where you can find all the necessary equipment. A washing machine and ironing facilities are also provided. Guarded own small area, heated floors in the cold. There is a satellite dish and wi-fi. Daily cleaning, meals can be selected as an independent (in the presence of a refrigerator and stove) or ordered organized (the hostel has a cook).

Nearby excellent infrastructure, shops, parks for walks, various attractions within walking distance of the metro.

Housing prices in St. Petersburg are different, for those who want to save money and relax for a couple of days, there are even cheaper options. To do this, consider the offers of hostels located further from the center.

  • For example, st. Baltic. A small mini-dormitory, where rents from 8 people with bunk beds for only 200 rubles per person per day. Clean, comfortable, inexpensive. If you wish, you can use public transport and get to any city attraction.

Hostel on Baltic

Facilities on the floor, shared kitchen with fridge, stove, microwave, a standard set of dishes, TV. In neighboring buildings there are two grocery stores, within walking distance - a shopping center.

Cheap apartments in the city for holidays

Rental housing in St. Petersburg without intermediaries at affordable prices implies options for renting an apartment from the owner. Great options can also be selected using the services described above. According to statistics, these are the most preferable and safest offers where you can stay in St. Petersburg inexpensively.

  • For example, a cozy apartment located on the street. Shuvalova, house 1. It is in this area that a budget, but equipped with all necessary housing, is rented out. Of the advantages: you can admire the city, enjoy the silence, but at the same time it is in close proximity to the main attractions.

Apartment on the street. Shuvalova

The main advantage of living in this area is the proximity of the Devyatkino metro station, for visitors within a short drive - the Severny bus station and the Devyatkino railway station.

A grocery store is located on the ground floor of the house, in the neighboring buildings there are also 24-hour grocery supermarkets where you can buy everything you need.

Near the house there is a children's and sports grounds, there is free parking near the house. This is a new building with a good repair, a spacious entrance, it also offers an unusual view from the balcony.

The apartment has all the necessary equipment for a long stay - a washing machine, dryer, ironing facilities, refrigerator, TV, hairdryer, stove, microwave.

Cost from 1500 rubles per day, for long stays of 30 days a discount is possible - 1250 rubles per day.

Rent an apartment in St. Petersburg in the center

All guests of the city can use the services of special agencies that will help to rent housing in St. Petersburg in the center. There are a huge number of options depending on preference and wallet.

The best streets to stay are the Fontanka River Embankment, Griboedov Canal, Nevsky Prospect.

  • Studio apartment on the street. Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 4 is located in the Central District, within walking distance from the Nevsky metro station, and also nearby Palace Embankment. Cost - 4000 thousand rubles per day. The apartment has 4 bedrooms, a quiet entrance from the yard, has all the necessary equipment. Within walking distance, one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg is Kazan Cathedral. Accommodation for up to 4 people, there are shops nearby, convenient transportation.

Apartment st. Bolshaya Konyushennaya

  • Apartment on the street. 4th Sovetskaya is located in close proximity to Vosstaniya Square and the Moscow railway station. The apartment has 4 beds, there is air conditioning, washing machine, internet, TV, wi-fi. To explore all the main attractions, it is enough to use the metro or ground transport. Cost per day - 3500 thousand rubles, accommodation is possible up to 4 people.

Apartment st. 4th Soviet

Renting an apartment in St. Petersburg for a long term is an offer convenient for a long trip or business trip. Many owners of private apartments are ready to make discounts on stays of 20 days or more. The longer the rental, the greater the percentage of discounts.

Prices for rental housing in St. Petersburg vary depending on the location of the object, its area and the number of guests.

selection of objects

First things first, you will start looking for apartments from the owners. And here you will find what you were most afraid of - the presence of a huge number of ads from realtors!

You will encounter the fact that the same apartment can have from several ads, to several dozen clones, depending on the popularity of the apartment.

Along with this, at the beginning of the search, you will see many options that suit you, but when viewed, half will be eliminated for a variety of reasons.

For example, because owners sell apartments, with little understanding of the readiness of documents or an object for sale, or trust negligent realtors who have not prepared documents or an object.

It is possible to identify non-selling objects already at the stage of calls. The main thing here is to ask the right leading questions. They can be very diverse. From such trifles as the non-conformity of the area of ​​the apartment in the announcement of the real space to the unauthorized redevelopment.

The second most common drawback is not an institutionalized redevelopment, which cannot be legalized in principle.

The buyer is likely to purchase such an apartment (if the purchase of the apartment is done in cash), and then pay a good fine, or puzzle over how to sell it later, or put up and live, hoping for a chance.

what suits you

Then, from the remaining half, you find a suitable location and condition (repair). You like it and you are asked for an advance / deposit. You deposit and it turns out that the option is exchangeable, i.e. your sellers are buying something in return and have to wait.

You wait, a week, three or four, and at this time the price rises, inflation depreciates money. Here, something does not grow together with the sellers with the purchase and they refuse. As a result, time is lost and you are again in the real estate market, but with new prices and new objects. Bast - we start all over again.

There is another option. You are told that the option that you want to buy is not an exchange, although there are such fingers on the market - if not here, then they will be exchanged for other regions and cities, and this is also an exchange.

You are misled, and if the seller is conducting a transaction on the part of the seller, then he can keep you as a backup option for as long as you like. In the end, again, you can not take anything.

"Underwater rocks"

Rather, this is not a stage, but another nuance that must be taken into account if you plan to find an apartment for purchase. Apartments "gray" - by proxy, by inheritance, by gift. This is almost the final screening of your chosen objects. It is better to eliminate suspicious options in order to mitigate risks.

But if you are not deprived of luck, then one of two things can happen - you find a really clean sale (as an option from the investor), or a bona fide realtor works on the part of the seller. Then everything can turn out well. You on top of Olympus get your medal (apartment).

But such cases are 5% in the market. Basically, before climbing a mountain, buyers go down and go through these very 9 laps.

Another important detail that should not be forgotten. Realtors who work for the seller. They respect the interests of only the party that pays and for the Russian market this is the norm.

What is this fraught with? Read on :)

How to find an apartment to buy: a catch in the seller’s realtor

Most buyers relax when they see that the seller has a realtor. They think something like this: - Wow, great, let the realtor do his job, now we have a free assistant!

Yes, there is, but not with you, but with the seller and he will observe only the interests of the seller, because he has an agreement with him, and therefore obligations that he must fulfill. Whether it’s selling the apartment at the maximum price or protecting the interests of the seller.

And if it is not possible to sell the apartment at the maximum cost, the realtor will be rehabilitated through protecting the interests of the seller - this is normal.

But it’s normal not for you, as a buyer, because if your interests are taken into account, it is only on a residual basis.

This means that you will never be told the whole truth about the progress of the purchase of your favorite apartment.

They will say that everything is fine, in the process and we are about to make a deal, although the horse might not have been there (remember that I spoke about the presence of an exchange, when they can tell you out loud that the sale is clean).

A conversation on cleanliness is possible only between two realtors, or if you speak the same language with the realtor.

In this case, only business negotiations are conducted and sometimes hard levers are used for productive interaction.

In my practice, one day I reached the director of the agency, who personally vouched for his person that everything will be according to plan and we will buy what we want on the agreed terms.

This is very important because you may encounter an increase in the price of an apartment an hour after viewing it for 100-500 thousand rubles.

Now that you are warned about this - take what is happening calmly and positively. Emotions when buying an apartment are harmful and lead to the adoption of disadvantageous decisions for you. And you thought it would be easy to find an apartment ?! No, this is just the beginning of the path to the cherished square meters :)

You have learned how to find an apartment for purchase and now you have clarified for yourself what you will encounter. The big picture has become a little clearer and you already feel more confident.

Deception No. 1 "Private Announcement"

The Internet is a limitless stream of information. It is here that the main search for a rental apartment is conducted. Bulletin boards are full of attractive offers from “private individuals” and “owners” with zero commission and phrases such as “please do not disturb agents”. It is naive to believe that these ads are really from the owners. 99% of all ads are posted by agents. The commission will still have to pay. And the sooner you come to terms with this thought, the faster you will find an apartment.

Deception No. 2 “Big Lies Also”

Fairly believing that in such a sensitive issue from a legal point of view, it is better to work with a well-known and large real estate agency, I looked at the sites of the most popular of them. Offers in the section “renting apartments in Moscow” delighted me. Fairytale descriptions of apartments were supplemented by professional interior photographs, while prices were striking in their availability.

But the mirage faded with the first call to the agency. The manager kindly explained that most of the apartments displayed on the site are either fictitious, “advertising” in her words, or put up for sale and are rented up to this point. Nevertheless, hoping for the competence of employees of eminent companies, I left applications for several agencies, but none of them turned out to be useful to me.

The best hotels in St. Petersburg in the city center

Where it is better to stay for sightseeing - of course in the center, this gives a great advantage, not to spend a lot of time on the road to the main cultural sites, and also to enjoy a walk around the most beautiful city at any time.

The best hotels where you can stay in St. Petersburg are:

  • 5-star Petro Palace Hotel - the rooms have everything you need, all the amenities in the room. The hotel has a tour desk, ATM, administrator services for booking train tickets, airline tickets, and entrance tickets to various events held in the city. The hotel has a varied cuisine, there is room service, a sauna, a solarium, a massage room, a fitness center. Cost per day - from 5500 thousand rubles,

  • Arcadia hotel 4 stars, located on the embankment of the Moika River, 58a. In walking distance the main attractions of the city, convenient transportation, excellent views. Comfortable rooms and polite staff, where there are all the necessary services for relaxation. Cost per day - from 4700 thousand rubles,

  • a first-class hotel with a beautiful external facade is the 5-star Domina Prestige Hotel, located on the embankment of the Moika River, 99. The chic internal interior perfectly complements the external beauty and grace. The rooms are decorated in different styles and colors. The hotel has equipped rooms for people with disabilities. The rooms have everything you need, many additional services are offered for their guests. Several cuisines work, especially the exquisite Italian. Cost per day - from 6000 thousand rubles.

Domina Prestige Hotel

You can also rent a house in St. Petersburg for a long period in a hotel, many establishments provide a small discount for regular guests or those guests who stay soon soon after 30 days.

This information can be obtained from the hotel administrator.

  • Discounted accommodation options in the city:

Deception No. 3 “Ghosts of Fortune”

Throwing "fishing rods" to agents, I simultaneously conducted an active search for an apartment on my own. In a series of tiring offers, a grain of hope suddenly appeared in the form of an attractive apartment. I'm calling the agent. And then the play was played out in several scenarios.

Scenario 1: the agent reports that the apartment will be shown only after a week, two, three ... And asks to call back. I call back on the agreed day and hour, and the agent replies that the apartment has long been leased.

Scenario 2: I make an appointment at the apartment. Мы приезжаем и с удивлением вместо аккуратной и привлекательной квартиры находим сломанную мебель, запачканный санузел Оказывается, размещенные фотографии, были сделаны пять, десять, пятнадцать… лет назад сразу после ремонта.

Сценарий 3-й: we arrive at the meeting at the appointed time, we wait at the entrance (the exact address is reported at the very end, and the apartment number in general can be found only by going to it), and there is still no agent. We call back to find out where he is. In response, we hear arrogant lies. For example, an apartment has just been rented out. Or the owner just changed his mind about renting an apartment.

Such cases are annoying. It is clear that the person on the other end of the wire is lying, but alas, nothing can be done about it. It remains only to go home. And the next day, my phone was torn from the countless calls of obscure agents to whom my number was simply sold.

Deception number 4 "Small liars"

I was upset and offended by unreasonable deception.

For example, the description indicates that the apartment is one-room. I call, specify, make an appointment. And only upon entering the apartment, I discover that this is a two-room apartment with one locked room. For me, this is a powerful argument not to even look at the apartment, but they did not warn me in advance, and I spent my time.

Or else: we basically did not consider the old panel houses. The agent calls, offers an apartment. I ask about the house. In response: "This is a modern 17-story building." Checking the address over the Internet. In the photo I see a decent high-rise. Again, make an appointment, I'm going again. Waiting for an agent at the entrance of the house. An agent comes up and happily tells me that the address is different. It turns out that the apartment is located in the neighboring 12-storey panel building, where the apartments have sedentary baths.

And what do you want to do?

Deception No. 5 "Puss in a Poke"

At some point, I stopped considering offers without photos. Several times, yielding to the entreaties of agents, I went to see these apartments. The result was depressing. The oral description was completely untrue. Sometimes the agents themselves were unpleasantly surprised by the state of the apartment being shown, because they first got to know it firsthand when they came with me.

And here we come to the main and incomprehensible question - the scheme of work of real estate agents in the housing rental market in Moscow.

"Black hole"

Being very sociable, my husband once talked to an agent with whom we were waiting for the owner of one of the apartments. By the way, then another 7-8 couples crowded with us at the entrance. Fortunately, the apartment was useless and a fight did not happen.

The scheme of work of rental agents is as follows: there are agents from the landlord and tenant. Under normal conditions, whoever hires an agent pays him a commission. However, we always pay employer. Typically, the cost of an agent’s services is 100% of the monthly cost of a rented apartment.

The duties of the agent from the landlord include: to photograph the apartment in the best perspectives, make an attractive description, place an ad, receive calls from the afflicted and their agents, appoint and coordinate the screenings of the apartment, draw up an agreement.

The agent from the tenant must: write down the wishes for the apartment, search for the apartments and conduct the initial selection, arrange meetings, accompany the client when inspecting the apartments, check the owner's documents and the proposed text of the contract in order to comply with all the rights of the client.

But agents are also people and perform their work duties anyhow, if at all. Therefore, the photos will be irrelevant, and there will be errors in the description, some of which are deliberate ... If there is no mood, they will say that the apartment has already been rented, they will never go to the apartment before, they will be late for a meeting with the client or will not appear at all, they will print the first contract that came across the Internet and the documents for the owner’s apartment will not be checked, and much more can be done. And their customers have to pay for everything.

For a successful transaction, agents still have to agree among themselves on the amount of remuneration. Since only the tenant pays, his agent must share his commission with the landlord's agent. If they do not reach consensus, you will not receive an apartment. Typically, such an arrangement occurs without the presence of clients at the initial stage of negotiations for a meeting. And when inspecting the apartment, the tenant’s agent kites around his clients so that, God forbid, they don’t agree directly with the other side for a smaller commission.

If you yourself have found an apartment, you still have to pay a commission to the landlord's agent. Perhaps you will get a discount.

We did not receive discounts, but promised that if within six months the contract is terminated due to the fault of the landlord, we will find an apartment for free. I am skeptical of this “bonus”, as experience has shown that in most cases, agents searching for an apartment do not differ in attention to details, and their proposals are often contrary to the wishes of the client. It’s even scary to imagine what they will find if they work for free!

How to find an apartment from the owner

Yes Easy! You just need to know how! Of course you expect to get a magic wand.

There are such services. But they cost money and access to them, as a rule, on the recommendation of realtors who deserve a good reputation.
In these services, robots shovel thousands of ads on Avito and other similar sites to separate real estate ads from landlords.
And sometimes they are mistaken.
Too skillfully realtors mimic the owners.

I will give you a link to one such service at the bottom of the page. However, it has not been working for a long time and does not give out all the objects from the owners.

You can also listen to my video consultation, in which I tell you how I act myself, if I need to find a property from the owner.

I give recommendations in this video tutorial how find an apartment from the owner which of course seem naive and useless to you.

In fact, it is precisely these techniques that are used by experienced realtors in search of real estate.
Even if they have access to special services. After all, robots can make mistakes and skip the desired property.

In the era of the Internet, almost all apartment sellers place ads on sales sites.

But for one ad from the owner there are more than a dozen ads from realtors.
And this creates serious difficulties for the Buyer.
In order not to make dozens of useless calls, you need to make a selection of the most likely ads from the owners.