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How to cook a delicious mashed potato according to a step by step recipe with a photo


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It's hard to come up with a more classic side dish than mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are a welcome dish not only on the festive table, but also on ordinary weekdays. Mashed potatoes can be served with different dishes: fried chicken, baked turkey, stew or as the main ingredient in a shepherd’s pie. Mashed potatoes can be airy and creamy or more dense with a rich rich taste. In any case, mashed potatoes are not at all a uniform side dish. After reading this article, you will learn how to make delicious mashed potatoes.


To prepare a simple recipe for mashed potatoes with milk, you will need:

Potatoes3 kg
Milk200 ml
Butter100 g
  • Here lies the first secret of how to cook mashed potatoes: to make your dish tasty, do not use young tubers for this. The fact is that in young potatoes there is less starch, namely starch makes mashed air. Do you know?
  • To make sure that the starch content in the potato is sufficient, you need to cut the tuber into two halves and rub them together. If after this the halves stick together, then such a potato is rich in starch.


  1. Peel the potatoes, cut into pieces and wash in cold water.

Put the tubers in hot water. Cover and cook for 20 minutes. The readiness of the tubers is easy to check with a fork or a toothpick.

Drain the water. Boiled potatoes need to be dried a little.

To make mashed potatoes tastier, do not use cold foods. Before adding to the potatoes, the butter should be warmed to room temperature, and the milk should be hot, so the mashed potatoes will retain the correct white color and will not turn gray. Add the butter to the hot potatoes and start kneading. Gradually introduce hot milk, salt. Knead the boiled tubers thoroughly until the smoothie is smooth and without lumps.

Video recipe

In this understandable video recipe, you will learn how much you need to cook potatoes for mashed potatoes, you will clearly see all the stages of cooking and the finished result. Be sure to watch this interesting video to make mashed potatoes even faster and tastier!

Mashed potato without milk

A wonderful recipe for mashed potatoes without milk is suitable for vegetarians and for a lean menu. The nutritional value and calorie content of such a dish is slightly inferior to that prepared with dairy products, but this puree is no less tasty even without milk, butter and eggs.


Potatoes4 things.
Salt1 tbsp. l
Vegetable oil1 tbsp. l


  1. Peel the potatoes, cut into pieces. Rinse in cold water.

Place the potatoes in hot salt water. Cook for 25 minutes with the lid closed.

  • Drain 3/4 of the water from the pan, mash the remaining liquid with the potatoes.
  • For softness, add vegetable oil in mashed potatoes.

    Sprinkle the finished dish with herbs.

    Video recipe

    You can see a wonderful recipe for lean mashed potatoes in this video. It clearly demonstrates all the stages of cooking this delicious dish.

    Mashed potatoes go well with all kinds of main dishes. Serve this wonderful side dish for meat: meatballs, schnitzels, chops and sausages. Add vegetable salad or pickles to all this - and get a delicious home-made lunch from childhood!

    Mashed potatoes are also suitable for fried fish, fish fingers and canned food.
    This wonderful dish is also appropriate on the festive table: put the mashed potatoes in portions with the help of a pastry syringe, so it will turn into a beautiful and unusual edible decoration.

    Cooking in a slow cooker

    • If it’s more convenient for you to work with a slow cooker, you can prepare a dish in it. Mashed potatoes in the multicooker are cooked without changes in the components of the recipe and the cooking order, but in this case, the potatoes are not boiled in the pan, but in the multicooker bowl in the Cooking mode (can be replaced by the Soup mode).
    • The taste of the finished dish is no different from the traditional! Potato casserole with minced meat in a slow cooker will be another tasty potato dish that can be prepared with the help of this wonderful kitchen assistant, if you do not have a slow cooker, then prepare a potato casserole with minced meat in the oven.

    Cooking secrets

    Mashed potatoes will be a real salvation for those who need a truly not complicated, satisfying and inexpensive side dish. Following the recipe and knowing a few simple tips, even the most inexperienced culinary specialist can be sure that he will make mashed potatoes quickly and very tasty. Do not neglect even the most insignificant tricks, because it is from them that the secret of the correct puree consists!

    • There are several other interesting ways to prepare a delicious mashed potatoes. For example, French chefs add egg yolks to the dish - this is done so that the finished puree dries more slowly.
    • Mashed potatoes with eggs and milk are prepared in the same way as traditional mashed potatoes, but in addition to milk and butter, an egg is added to it - 1 pc. per 200 g of milk. This component does not affect the taste of the finished dish, but adds a beautiful yellowish color to the side dish, which can also be obtained with turmeric or saffron.

    • Properly prepared mashed potatoes are a very tasty and satisfying dish, but this culinary classic can and should be improved. Add chopped herbs, paprika and garlic for summer dishes, for piquancy, you can add a few tablespoons of mustard to the finished side dish.
    • Potato puree with cheese is considered especially tasty: for 1 kg of potatoes you will need 100 g of good hard cheese, which should be grated on a fine grater and added to the finished puree. This component will add tenderness and creamy softness to your dish.
    • It often happens that mashed potatoes are not completely eaten. You can heat such a side dish, it is done in a microwave or in a pan, but it will be significantly inferior to fresh in taste. But from the remnants of mashed potatoes, you can cook a lot of delicious dishes, for example, fragrant potato zrazy with mushrooms or hearty potato zrazy and minced men that are so popular with men.

    How to cook a delicious mashed potato?

    From this article you will learn:

    Mashed potatoes are a delicious, hearty, nutritious, very popular and beloved side dish.

    It’s even difficult to say which dish our housewives prepare with such pleasure and as often as mashed potatoes.

    This side dish is truly universal: besides the fact that mashed potatoes are tasty and satisfying, small children, teenagers, adults and elderly people love it.

    Mashed potatoes are plastic, which allows you to fantasize and embody various ideas of its design when serving and add to various dishes and fillings.

    Mashed potatoes go well with almost any dish: it is ideal for any meat, fish, any vegetable dishes, salads from fresh and boiled vegetables.

    But for mashed potatoes to bring real pleasure, so that it tastes good and looks good, it must be properly prepared.

    No “special talent" is needed at all for this. Everything is extremely simple: from the ingredients that are needed to the devices that will be required for cooking.

    According to classical canons, this dish is prepared from boiled potatoes, butter, milk and salt. To turn mashed potatoes, you need a wooden “pestle pusher.” And that’s it. No more "secret ingredients" and no sophisticated electrical appliances.

    And yet, there are some nuances that you need to know in order to make your mashed potato perfect.

    What kind of potato is suitable for mashed potatoes

    To make mashed potatoes homogeneous and airy, choose starchy varieties. This is a round potato with a light brown peel and light flesh. Starchy potatoes are greatly boiled during cooking, which ensures a gentle consistency of mashed potatoes.

    But potatoes with a red peel is better not to use. It does not boil so much, and mashed potatoes can turn out with lumps.

    How to cook potatoes for mashed potatoes?

    You must properly cook the "right" potato.

    For the perfect mashed potato, of course, I want to buy the best potatoes, young, one that was just about to be dug up.

    But this is just not worth doing. Young potatoes, of course, have their own charm, but, unfortunately, it is completely unsuitable for mashed potatoes. Young potatoes are best simply boiled or baked, and for mashed potatoes it is better to take the potatoes of the previous harvest. Of course, it should be of the proper type and quality. No green or sprouted tubers categorically fit!

    You should choose elastic tubers with a smooth and dense skin.

    They must be thoroughly cleaned, rinsed with water and boiled until cooked, dipping in hot water. Salt should be done as soon as water boils.

    It is not necessary to chop the potatoes very finely, let the slices be of medium size.

    The main thing is that they be the same, this is necessary so that everything is cooked at the same time, and there is no part of the undercooked, and part of the digested potato slices. This will significantly affect the taste and appearance of mashed potatoes!

    Once the potatoes are ready, the broth must be drained.

    Everything must be hot!

    The process of turning mashed potatoes is incredibly simple: the potatoes are kneaded for a long time and thoroughly, and during this process, butter and hot milk are added in several stages.

    Do not wait for the potatoes to cool, the puree process must begin immediately.

    The most important point is milk. It should be exactly HOT, just boiling, but not warm, and even more so, not cold. What color and taste your mashed potatoes will critically depend on this.

    The butter added in the puree should already be soft, softened at room temperature. Therefore, this moment needs to be thought over, and in advance to pull out oil from the refrigerator.

    The problem with the majority of mashed potatoes is its gray color and earthy taste. The taste, of course, also depends on the potato you have chosen, on its variety. The taste also depends on milk and butter. But, in most cases, the unpleasant color and taste of the mashed potatoes is obtained when the purification was made from already dead potatoes and non-hot milk.

    If the three components - milk, potatoes, butter - are used in a hot (and butter - in a warm) form, then you will get a tender, creamy white and most delicious mashed potato.

    What to put in mashed potatoes, except for potatoes

    Classic mashed potatoes will not do without milk or cream. If you want the dish to have an exquisite aroma, add a few twigs of thyme, rosemary or other herbs to the liquid and heat over low heat.

    Another product that makes mashed potatoes tasty and airy is butter. Do not spare it and do not skimp on the purchase: the oil should be high in fat. As an alternative, you can take refined sunflower or olive oil. However, the taste of mashed potatoes in this case will be slightly different.

    Both milk and butter should be at room temperature. If they are cold, then the potatoes will cool faster and the mashed potatoes will have to be mixed longer. And this means that it can turn out sticky.

    Some put a few tablespoons of sour cream, mayonnaise, natural yogurt or grated cheese in mashed potatoes. For taste, you can also add a raw egg, fried onion or mushrooms.

    If you want to give mashed potatoes an unusual color, cook potatoes with beets, carrots or pumpkins.

    Fresh greens will give a special aroma to the prepared puree. You can stir it with the rest of the ingredients or sprinkle it on the dish.

    The right choice of ingredients for mashed potatoes.

    Needless to say, the most delicious mashed potato, of course, is obtained only if natural products are used for its preparation.

    Ideal - homemade potatoes, homemade milk and butter.

    If this is not possible, then you must try to choose a more natural one from what is.

    It is unlikely that you will get a good mashed potato from the store ones, and even more so from the cheapest products.

    Even in a simple dish such as mashed potatoes, the choice of ingredients greatly affects its taste.

    And milk, and butter, and potatoes should have the most natural taste and aroma, otherwise the taste of mashed potatoes may be spoiled.

    What kind of mashed potatoes to choose is everyone’s personal choice, so you should experiment and determine for yourself which potato you get the most delicious mashed potato for.

    How to serve mashed potatoes?

    Any mashed potato prepared according to the classic recipe can be improved depending on the moment:

    1. It turns out very beautifully if you add curly parsley, finely chopped dill or carrot puree to ordinary mashed potatoes.
    2. Due to the fact that this dish is rather plastic, for children it is possible to build whole "pictures" on a plate, adding vegetables and greens.
    3. If you are a lover of something unusual and a true connoisseur of taste, then follow the advice of real gourmets, tinting the taste of mashed potatoes with ground black pepper, garlic, cheese, nuts, or add fried onions or fried mushrooms in mashed potatoes.

    How long does mashed potato last?

    It is important to know that mashed potatoes should not be heated.

    It will be completely the wrong taste. The shelf life of hot mashed potatoes is a couple of hours.

    Then its original taste is rapidly lost, and after that it can only be used to make potato pie, zraz, casseroles and fillings. But he will no longer become a side dish ...

    The secrets of delicious mashed potatoes: what else do you need to pay attention to?

    Pay attention to the following points in order to avoid common mistakes in making mashed potatoes and prepare a real masterpiece:

    1. Choose the kind of potato that is better boiled, which is more crumbly, for making mashed potatoes, otherwise your dish will resemble a paste and will have a “soapy taste”.
    2. To give the potato flavor and color to the pot during cooking, you can put a clove of garlic, a whole onion or a small whole carrot.
    3. Do not save on your efforts when whipping mashed potatoes. Potatoes are not enough just to crush, you need to actually beat it, pouring a little bit of hot milk into it. Never use a blender for mashed potatoes.
    4. The mashed potato tastes more delicate if you add a couple tablespoons of sour cream, unsweetened natural yogurt or cream cheese to it.
    5. Mashed potatoes will turn out to be more plastic if you add a raw egg to the crushed potatoes and beat the whole mass thoroughly again.
    6. Do not regret butter. It is thanks to the oil that the mashed potatoes are tender, with a creamy consistency and have a creamy taste. The main feature of the Stolovsky mashed potato is its water content, which means that there are few fats in the potato, or “the wrong” fats are added ...
    7. When the mashed potatoes have already been cooked, it is necessary to drain the water and return the pan (with potatoes, but without water) to the fire again and hold on a small fire under the lid for 2-3 minutes, occasionally shaking the pan. Thus, the absorbed water will evaporate from the potato, and it will become more crumbly and susceptible to absorb milk.
    8. In order to make the taste of mashed potatoes more piquant, add spices and spices to it. Black and white peppers, garlic, parsley, dill, mustard, thyme, rosemary, etc. will be a great option.
    9. Many advise to use a mixer instead of a manual “pusher” to facilitate the preparation of mashed potatoes. Here you definitely will not say until you try. This is an individual matter ... If you like the consistency of mashed potatoes prepared with a mixer - no problem, do so.

    How to cook low-calorie mashed potatoes?

    Mashed potatoes - a dish, although tasty, but quite high-calorie, you can not argue with this ...

    If you follow your figure, then your mashed potatoes can be prepared in a lighter version:

    1. Instead of milk, use hot potato broth.
    2. Alternatively, use milk + potato broth as a liquid.
    3. Add as little oil as possible. The taste will not be so creamy, creamy, of course, but quite acceptable.
    4. If you need to reduce the calorie content of your mashed potatoes, then, in addition to replacing milk with potato broth, you can replace half of the potato or one third of it with another well-cooked vegetable with a mild taste. Turnip, kohlrabi, parsnip, and artichoke are perfect.

    Recipes of unusual mashed potatoes.

    Surely you have repeatedly wondered how you can make this familiar side dish more interesting. It is possible!

    For you, some unique recipes for making mashed potatoes, which you can pleasantly surprise not only loved ones, but also yourself.

    Mashed potatoes with nuts:

    • Peel the potatoes, chop and boil in salted water.
    • Then thoroughly mash the potatoes, gradually pouring hot milk into it.
    • Add the butter and a handful of crushed walnuts. Shuffle.
    • Before serving, decorate the dish with halves of nuts.
    • Walnuts can be pre-fried in a dry pan or in the oven.
    • To chop nuts, you can use a blender or a meat grinder. But, if you like the pieces of nuts to be felt, then you can only slightly upset them.
    • Instead of walnuts, you can use those nuts that you like most.

    Mashed potatoes with green peas and mint:

    • Five minutes before the potatoes are ready, add a jar of canned green peas to the pot pan.
    • Drain and mash the potatoes and peas until smooth.
    • Dilute this mass with milk and butter.
    • Grind a few sprigs of mint and add to mashed potatoes.
    • Add salt to your taste, add black pepper.
    • Instead of canned peas, you can use freshly frozen peas.

    Mashed potatoes with corn:

    • To boiled and mashed potatoes with milk and butter, add half a jar of canned corn, previously whisking it with a blender until smooth.
    • Mix the mashed potatoes and salt to your taste.
    • The dish turns out to be slightly sweet, pleasant yellow.

    Mashed potatoes with garlic:

    • Prepare the garlic oil in advance: finely chop the garlic cloves and add olive oil to it.
    • Then prepare mashed potatoes according to the classic recipe and at the very end of its preparation add the prepared garlic oil to it.
    • Stir well and serve.

    Mashed potatoes with cheese and garlic:

    • First remove the sour cream from the refrigerator so that it is not cold.
    • Cook the potatoes and mash it in mashed potatoes.
    • Then mix sour cream with finely chopped garlic and grated cheese. Season the puree with the mixture and put in the oven for several minutes to warm the sour cream.
    • For this dish, you can choose any cheese that you like: hard, soft, processed.
    • Crumpled potatoes with grated parmesan are especially delicious.

    Mashed potatoes with mushrooms and onions:

    • Fry finely chopped mushrooms and onions in a pan.
    • In a mashed potato prepared according to the classic recipe, add mushrooms, mix, salt and add black ground pepper.

    We hope now, knowing how to cook a delicious mashed potato, you will cook it more often.