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Birthday surprise: the most original ideas


The main rule of a successful surprise is that it should cause just a storm of emotions. To guess, one must proceed from the tastes of a person, his desires and character. But a surprise for a girlfriend’s birthday should in no case mean buying a thing that she had wanted for a long time - this is a pleasant, but still just a gift. Give emotions better - they are much more valuable than any things.

For a surprise to be a real surprise, choose a moment when nothing distracts your girlfriend. And do not forget to prepare a few kind words. Well, so that you do not have a headache, we will tell you 23 original ideas on how to make a birthday surprise for a girlfriend that fits into any budget.

If you don’t have much financial resources

Surprise box. Present a gift box, just refuse the usual presentation, it is better to fill it with butterflies, flowers or balloons.

Balloon surprise. Inflate a lot of balls, hide them behind the door, wrapping them in plastic so that they do not fall out. When a friend opens the door in the morning, they will fall on her. Such a surprise for a birthday will be appreciated by girls with humor.

Many wishes. Make wishes with her name and print them on plain paper. Post them all over her daily itinerary.

Congratulation on the pavement. Remember your childhood and draw a festive inscription made of crayons on asphalt or on the wall of the house opposite.

Congratulation on a billboard. Rent a shield for advertising and place on it her portrait with wishes. Your friend will definitely appreciate such a surprise.

Money bouquet. If you plan to give money, instead of a standard bouquet present a bouquet of balls, hiding money, sparkles, confetti in them.

Song recording. Record a funny song with your friends and congratulate your girlfriend.

Skating rink or rollerdrome ticket. It will be a great surprise to secretly gather a few close friends, to invite a birthday girl and to go rollerblading or ice skating with a fun company.

Bowling alley rental. Book a track in advance so that you don't have to stand in line with her birthday on her birthday. And when the game is paid for, divide into teams and help win the hero of the occasion.

Congratulatory poem. Remember all the dates, nicknames, jokes that are important to you, and include all this in a personal congratulatory poem. It can be spoken orally or written on a beautiful card.

Fortune cookie. You can either buy it or bake it yourself, by putting pieces of paper with cool predictions inside the finished cookies.

Bouquet from sweets or a box with sweets. The bouquet can be made independently by purchasing all the necessary sweets, or purchased in a specialized store. Even if the birthday girl is an adult woman, she will be delighted with the big box with sweets, fruits and kinder surprises. If desired, an additional gift can also be hidden inside.

Huge snow sculpture. If a girlfriend’s birthday surprise is planned in winter, you can dazzle a huge snowman near her house by dressing him in a hat and giving a bunch of balls in his hand. And then, as in childhood, call her out and arrange a snow fight with a gift for the winner.

Oscar statuette. If a friend plans to celebrate a birthday, you can warn all the guests in advance and play the Oscars. Guests can give nominations, and the birthday girl - the main prize.

Quest for a gift. Arrange a holiday quest for a girlfriend on your girlfriend's birthday looking for a gift. For example, give her some small gift in which the first clue will lie. Then, when she finds the first surprise, you can hide the next little surprise (shine, shadows, handkerchief, notebook, pen, medal “Best friend”, everything that comes to mind) and another hint. So until she finds the main gift.

DIY birthday surprise

Surprise is a congratulation not only original, but also unexpected. A very big mistake in preparing a surprise is too mysterious appearance, avoidance of communication and other things atypical for you. Therefore, the first rule on how to arrange a surprise for a loved one is to do everything as usual.

Another question is how to surprise and charm a birthday boy. Since you are unlikely to make a surprise in the morning, pretend that you forgot about the solemn day. Of course, the birthday man will be confused and upset - this is more than compensated for him in the evening. If a person 100% knows that you could not just forget - make a congratulation-trick. A bouquet of flowers (or a bottle of inexpensive wine for a man) and a couple of on-duty phrases are something that will thoroughly confuse and confuse even the most discerning people.

But in the evening you can realize all the most creative ideas - a surprise party, a quest, a raffle and just a romantic evening for two. What kind of surprise is worth making, we will try to understand today.

If finances allow you to arrange something more

Limousine ride. Book with your friends an evening trip around the city in a limousine and celebrate her Birthday in it.

Rent a table. Book a table in the club and have a real party with close friends (tell a friend that you have taken care of everything, just warn in advance so that she can get ready. In addition to the club, you can choose a beach, a motor ship, just a booth in a cafe.

Private dance. If you have a bachelorette party - order a birthday dance a private dance. But be careful with such a surprise if your girlfriend is married.

Spa Certificate. Buy a certificate for relaxing spa treatments and take her there after a hard day. This will greatly relieve fatigue and set you up for a real holiday.

Strip dance membership. Even if a friend never had a special love for sports, she would definitely like pylon exercises.

Fish Peeling Campaign. While Garra Rufa's fish remove rough skin from their feet, you can have a great chat in the company of your closest girlfriends over a cup of cocoa or fragrant tea.

Interest Master Class. On specialized sites you can buy an individual or group master class of any subject - from soap making to learning the basics of samba.

Day at the water park. You can feel like the queen of the beach even in winter. Moreover, in the water park you don’t have to ride the slides - there is also a jacuzzi, a sauna and a relaxation area.

And even if the idea is even the most reckless, it will surely become another reason for your smiles over the years. Do not make banal surprises like buying a huge bear - we have prompted you to more than twenty options for truly cool surprises for your girlfriend’s birthday. Think and exercise.

How fun is happy birthday?

Traditional words, gifts and feasts begin to slowly but surely remain in the past. Now creative is very important - the more original the way of congratulation you come up with, the better.

One of the coolest and ultramodern gifts is considered a video surprise. To do this, you yourself shoot a video with congratulations to all friends and relatives, process all the material and make a short video using the video editor. It will be he who will be your gift for the birthday man. You can post the video on social networks, send it by e-mail, or show it on the big screen at the place of study or work. The latter method has a simply stunning effect, but requires prior agreement with the management.

You can also record video greetings from completely strangers - just turn to random passersby with a request to say a few kind words to the birthday man.

Another option for congratulations with a surprise is suitable for a husband (wife) or close friends. These are short videos with tasks that the birthday party must perform. This is a kind of gift search quests. The principle of operation is simple - at the right time (and not at the height of the working day) you send the first introductory video to the birthday person, thereby starting the game. You need to prepare everything in advance - the script is very necessary here. Here the main rule: one location - one video tooltip. Of course, all puzzles should be simple and easy to solve - all the interest is in the pursuit, and not in the long disclosure of another secret. If the birthday man for some reason could not solve the riddle - send him a small clue, but he should pay for it - tell a poem, sing, dance, or kiss the first person he meets. Make sure that tasks are fun, but not offensive.

If the video option is too complicated for you, do the quest using SMS or regular letters. Thus, you can make a surprise for your husband - by hiding the prompts right in your home.

Surprise to her husband for his birthday

When choosing a surprise for your husband, first decide on the location where you will celebrate - in an apartment, restaurant or on the street. Among the surprises for the home - this, of course, is a romantic dinner or a surprise party. For young and relaxed couples, various kinds of games with erotic overtones are suitable. And what could be better for a husband than a wife in beautiful erotic lingerie, a delicious dinner and a good fun game in special cubes or roulette with tasks? The same surprise is quite suitable for the beloved guy, just make sure that friends or relatives will not come to congratulate him tonight (and he will return home himself).

A surprise for a beloved man can be of a very innocent content - for example, order a congratulatory banner near his work or buy a certificate for parachuting or flying on a hang glider (but this is only if your missus has a fair amount of fearlessness and endurance). For more balanced and quiet husbands tickets for a concert or reservation for visiting a club of fishing lovers are perfect.

If you want to surprise a young man whom you just started dating, team up with his friends and arrange a beautiful and noisy party for him. He will certainly appreciate such a gift.

Birthday surprise for wife

Surprise for a beloved is always a pleasant chore. And it doesn’t matter at all, this is the girl you just started dating, or have been married for more than ten years.

For girls who like to take care of themselves, you can give a certificate to visit the spa or give a day of unlimited shopping (note that the latter method is very expensive). Such a gift will be appropriate for the best friend - you can share with her all the hardships of relaxation. You can also give your girlfriend a professional photo shoot - any woman will certainly appreciate it.

For your beloved wife, you can also throw a surprise party or an exciting quest to find a gift (the same applies to a friend). And you can make a wide gesture and give a tourist ticket for two. This does not have to be a long vacation abroad - a weekend in another city is enough.

Many women like extreme sports, so skydiving, flying and ATV racing are also relevant.

SMS congratulations

To order a chic limousine under the windows of the birthday girl is a luxurious option, but not everyone has the means and the ability to organize something like that. Fortunately, there are lots of gifts and congratulations - they are easy to organize with your own hands, but they will surprise and please no less than the most expensive presents.

For the original SMS congratulations, you must agree in advance with people who will participate in the surprise. On the day of the holiday, they should send her an SMS with the appropriate text. It can be a classic congratulation or comic and original, in a certain style.

There should be a lot of such SMS, so you should ask all your friends to help you in advance. There are many holiday flash mob communities on the Internet where people will happily respond to your cry for help. The main thing is that all SMSs should go in the same time range - just imagine the expression on the girl’s face when she is filled up with such wonderful “spam”.

Birthday surprise for relatives

In order to make a surprise, mom does not need much - just beautifully congratulate her. To do this, record a video greeting, order a song on the radio, make a cake with your own hands or decorate the house beautifully.

A surprise for dad can be a joint trip to hunting, fishing or just to nature. Also a good gift would be the presentation of alcoholic drafts, chess or dominoes.

When preparing a surprise for your sister, build on her personal preferences. If she is a fan of a group, get an autograph or buy tickets for a concert.

Surprise for the daughter should be bright and cheerful. For a child, it’s not so much a gift that matters as the opportunity to share joy with friends. A fun holiday in your favorite cafe, a huge bunch of balloons, animators and other delights of a little crazy children's celebration - this is exactly what you need. The same celebration will suit the son if he is small. For a teenager, you should choose a surprise of interest.

What to give to the brother? Yes, anything - it all depends on his age. A surprise for a child will be a casket with a secret, a cool gift, and just an unexpected walk. But if your brother is old enough, give him a quest, video greetings, flying in a balloon or a test diving lesson. The main rule is more creative, because you are not preparing a surprise for a grandmother with a sick heart. By the way, these ideas can be a wonderful surprise for a colleague in the office. I must say that drawing a birthday at work is one of the most popular services of holiday agencies.

Surprise box

As a gift for a sentimental young lady, you can use a real magic box, created by yourself! It will take only a small cardboard box and a drop of imagination.

You can decorate the box as you like, but it is advisable to select the decor, starting from the preferences and interests of the hero of the occasion. If they love sports, wrap the box with bright paper and decorate it with stickers depicting bicycles, balls, tennis rackets, etc. If the birthday girl considers herself an ardent fan of Star Wars, a paper with a print depicting the characters of the film will bring it to real delight!

Inside, put all sorts of cute little things related to your shared memories. Joint photographs, a keychain brought from a trip, a dried flower, a bottle with her favorite fragrance, several nail polishes, etc. Let this small box become a container for pleasant impressions and good mood. Additionally, you can put in it your favorite birthday candy, small candies or chocolates.

Birthday surprise cake

A birthday present in the form of a cake with a surprise will suit absolutely everyone, regardless of age. It can be creative compositions from sweets that the birthday boy really likes.

Also in the form of a cake can be a box with wishes or gifts, a box or a ball with a surprise. The cake can be anything - 100 wishes or compliments, a declaration of love, boxing stuffed with kinder surprises and even a pet. In general, what you have enough imagination. A very interesting idea is a huge box in the form of a cake with helium balls inside.

You can also prepare a very unusual birthday surprise. No one canceled gifts-jokes - a cap with convolutions, an armored photo album or perfume with the aroma of money. Now there are many sites that specialize specifically in such products. There you will find cool, unusual and original things that simply can not be found in everyday life. And to a sane person they are unnecessary.

Birthday surprise for 20 years

If at 3 years old it is enough for a child to get several balloons, then at 20 years old you will not surprise anyone. At 15, the main thing is extreme and adventure, on the verge of a foul. But at 30 years old birthday people prefer quiet family entertainment without a noisy crowd and a bunch of relatives. Noisy and funny holidays will be appreciated by children aged 6-7. Remember that when choosing a surprise, it is important to consider age, as well as hobbies and even a sense of humor of the birthday person.

Hello from the star

What can surprise a friend more on her holiday, if not with a sudden video greeting from her idol? Find out what her favorite singer or actor’s name is and look for some video with a famous person to whom you can overlay a congratulatory text.

Ask your mutual friend to record the text on the recorder, and in a special video editing program it will be easy to reduce the sound track and the image. Well, if the pauses in the video match the voice: this can create the effect of professional voice acting.

A shocked girlfriend will forever remember such an original present. You can also collect a whole collection of similar greetings from different famous personalities, and each of the friends will present a disc with its own version.

Friendly certificate

It is easy to make a unique certificate of wishes with your own hands, which the giver is obligated to fulfill at the request of the birthday girl. It can be made comic, with funny desires, for example, “The right to be the most beautiful at a party”, or more practical, say “Certificate for choosing a movie in a movie theater”.

Оформить такой подарок лучше всего в виде чековой книжки. Для ее изготовления потребуется блокнот, яркие маркеры и цветные наклейки. На каждой странице вы должны вписывать по одному желанию, и при надобности страницу легко вырвать. You can supplement the sheets with vivid illustrations and stickers.

If you want to keep the book as a souvenir, put a bright stamp on the pages with your wishes used, and on the reverse side paste photos from events or places that you visited fulfilling your wish.

Adventure quest

For fans of adventure films and lovers of all sorts of adventures, you should arrange a real treasure hunt. Such a quest may be thematic based on the plot of a movie or comic strip. In this case, all the details of the adventure must match the atmosphere and scenery of the film. For example, you can draw up paper tips in the style of fragments of an old treasure map from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

All hints must be carefully hidden, disguised or buried in the territory of the quest. Each of them should lead to the next. For convenience, make a map and write down all the places with tips: in which case you need to help the birthday girl find them.

The very first clue must be handed over or put in a prominent place so that it can catch the eye. At the end of the quest, the girl will have to find a gift, securely hidden where other people can not find it. Such a surprise will be remembered for a long time.

Sudden trip

If you have the means and save money for a long time in order to arrange a truly luxurious holiday, organize a truly grand congratulation.

You should choose the next weekend for the holiday and book two subscriptions to the spa complex or a boarding house in the country. Massages, spa treatments, a pool and bar will cheer you up and help you unwind after busy weekdays.

To make such a presentation unexpected, you need to be silent about your destination and ask your girlfriend to come with you under the pretext of helping at the cottage. Do not name the exact location, rent a car or ask a friend to let you down, but the driver is also obliged to keep a secret.

Just a few hours drive - and you will find luxurious apartments, helpful staff and two wonderful days of relaxation! There you will be surrounded by care and attention, and such an unusual weekend will give you both a well-deserved rest and a lot of new emotions.

For a real fashionista

For a girlfriend who wants to become an icon of style and conquer the Paris Fashion Week, gift shopping with a real stylist-image maker is ideal. It is advisable to prepare a gift certificate in her favorite store, in which a master class will be held.

Invite the birthday girl to go shopping with you on the eve of her birthday, on the pretext of choosing dresses for the celebration. Once you get to your destination, you will have to meet a stylist with a gift certificate.

Trying on and buying new things and shoes will cheer up any girl. Having picked up a festive outfit together with a professional, she will receive not only new emotions and impressions, but also a luxurious image for the upcoming event.

Portrait resemblance

An almost win-win version of congratulations is a portrait of the hero of the occasion from a professional artist. Let the master draw her in the form of a character from a movie or book that she likes. The specific background and authentic outfit in the style of the film will make the image recognizable.

Find a portrait photo of a girl in good quality, not necessarily in full growth, because the artist will independently think through the details of the clothes according to the theme of the image. It is important that the face in the photo was in a suitable perspective, and the quality of the photo allows the master to make out all the features and nuances of the appearance in order to transfer them to the canvas with maximum accuracy.

If the birthday girl is a creative person and versed in fine art, order a portrait in the style of her beloved artist. The modern “Mona Lisa” in the style of Leonardo da Vinci or “The Girl in the Mirror” by Pablo Picasso will become an adornment of any interior.

Special issue of the magazine

An exclusive present of a popular youth magazine with a photo of the hero of the occasion, released especially for the birthday girl, can become an original gift. Such a magazine can be stored on a shelf with books or in a frame under glass.

If you do not have funds for professional printing, make a DIY poster for your girlfriend’s birthday.

Such a magazine can be ordered at a print shop or photo studio. For the cover and spreads, you should choose the most successful and high-quality photos. In modern programs, you can easily correct small makeup defects and create a unique image that suits the theme of the magazine.

Let the content of the pages consist of articles dedicated to the birthday girl, her birthday and your shared memories. Come up with interesting texts, remember funny stories and fill them with a magazine. In search of inspiration, you can look through interviews with famous personalities and based on them create an interview on a funny topic, for example, "How do you manage to always be such a great friend."

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